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Great Plains on a Shopping Spree
On January 6, in an effort to expand its customer base and reseller partner channel Great Plains, a provider of financial management software for midsize businesses, announced it plans to acquire RealWorld Corp., a developer of accounting and business solutions. In a separate move, Great Plains also unveiled plans to acquire Fixed Asset Management LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Forestar Group to gain the rights to Forestar's Fixed Asset Management product, which allows a company to record, track, depreciate, and analyze its fixed assets.

EDI MAX EXACT GREAT PLAINS: foothold in the coveted small-to-medium (SME) ERP market segment and fill the current gaps within its product portfolio. We believe that the company is striking a good balance in extending its offering by both acquisition and partnering with best-of-breed vendors. However, the company will be faced with two challenges. First, it will have to undertake full integration of the acquired applications, since some of its fierce competitors within the SME market, like Solomon Software, promote their single code

Great Plains – Getting Greater and Less Plain
Great Plains Software, Inc., a leading provider of e-business solutions for the mid-market, announced financial results for the fiscal quarter ended February 29, 2000.

EDI MAX EXACT GREAT PLAINS: partners. Great Plains announced immediate support for the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system with its leading e-business product solutions, eEnterprise, Dynamics, and Great Plains Siebel Front Office. Great Plains continued its European expansion with the establishment of offices across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Through acquisitions, Great Plains added 100 team members, 80 partners, and more than 1,600 customers across this European region. Great Plains acquired PWA Group, Limited, a

Exact Faces Challenges
Exact Software faces significant challenges ranging from competitive challenges to user education, and product definition. Nonetheless, it is still a stalwart vendor within the small and mid-markets of accounting, manufacturing and distribution software.

EDI MAX EXACT GREAT PLAINS: e-Synergy, are common in dedicated business process management (BPM) packages such as Ultimus or IDS Scheer . However to be fair, many true BPM vendors offer much more comprehensive BPM solutions, given the myriad of interconnected components that underpin a full fledged BPM system, such as workflow, enterprise application integration (EAI), middleware, user interfaces (UI), rules engines, process-centric workflow, document-centric workflow, data transformation, connectivity services, access management,

Great Plains Unveils New E-Commerce Solution
eSell is targeted at businesses looking for a quick road to the Internet.

EDI MAX EXACT GREAT PLAINS: solution designed for businesses needing a fast, easy and economical way to bring their businesses to the Internet. eSell will enable both business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales via the Internet and offers pre-configured hooks to other parts of Great Plains e-business solutions. Great Plains partner Impressa, Inc . provides the underlying technology for eSell through its BizGear solution for building web sites. eSell consists of the following components: eSell Site Builder : an expert

Process Manufacturers--Great Batch, Every Batch
If you run one hundred batches, some will be great, some will be terrible. But what causes some to be great and some to be terrible? Knowing the answer to that question can mean no more terrible batches, many more great ones, and making more money.

EDI MAX EXACT GREAT PLAINS: see a series of ingredient inputs (A, B, C, D, etc.), each with a set of quality parameters (ingredient D with quality parameter D1, D2, etc.) For example, if an ingredient is a fruit juice, the quality parameters may be acidity, percent of solids, sugar content, etc. Figure 2 We also see a series of process variables (temperature, pressure, etc.) that can impact the ranking of the batch. All of this information produces a great deal of data. For example, for a single batch comprised of ten ingredients,

Microsoft to Add Encore Functionality to MBS Great Plains 8.0Part Three: Challenges and User Recommendations
MBS' current strategy of letting extension functionality proliferate spontaneously largely resembles the current development practice of the open source community. This can be be considered ironic, because open sourcing is something Microsoft loves to hate.

EDI MAX EXACT GREAT PLAINS: User Recommendations Small and medium size organizations using MBS Great Plains back-office modules, which might have moderate to significant needs for nonprofit and public sector accounting capabilities, should react positively to the announcement of Encore s annexation by MBS. They should evaluate the upcoming functional enhancements as a way to add value to their existing applications. However, they should bear in mind that many other peer vendors might currently offer more mature and functionally

Ultimate Connection Seeking Its US Retail Connection Through Solomon Software Partners
Great Plains announced at the Solomon Partner Conference in August, a number of new product enhancements and/or product alliances for its recently acquired division and former archrival, Solomon Software. Solomon Value Added Resellers focused on the retail industry or interested in addressing this dynamic growth sector, have been invited to partner with Ultimate Connection, a South African retail software vendor.

EDI MAX EXACT GREAT PLAINS: South African software vendor dedicated to the development of retail software and related technologies, has decided to enter the US market more aggressively. The company distributes the ActiveRetail suite of products through a global channel of retail certified service and implementation partners. Ultimate Connection won the Microsoft Retail Application Development 99 Award for the most innovative retail solution. During a Solomon Partner Conference in August, ActiveRetail 4 Solomon, an international

The Retail Industry: Improving Supply Chain Efficiency Through Vendor Compliance - Part 2 An Andersen Point Of View
A vendor compliance database can range from a complex system built within the retailer's existing architecture to a smaller, stand-alone desktop database application. Find out what's Andersen's take on vendor compliance programs.

EDI MAX EXACT GREAT PLAINS: business problems will increase. EDI documents, routing, carton labeling and quality control are areas that have significant impact on the efficiency of the supply chain. By focusing on high impact requirements and working together to solve problems, both retailers and vendor partners will benefit. It is the partnership and the increased efficiency that give vendor management the power to create proactive business change.

Case Study: Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation
Milwaukee Electric Tool, in business for 85 years, was using an electronic data interchange (EDI) solution that had been outsourced at very high cost. When the company chose a new EDI solution, the focus of the conversion was on reducing costs while improving accuracy and increasing trading partner adoption. Learn more about how the company put EDI order processing back in-house and reduced cost per order by 86 percent.

EDI MAX EXACT GREAT PLAINS: company chose a new EDI solution, the focus of the conversion was on reducing costs while improving accuracy and increasing trading partner adoption. Learn more about how the company put EDI order processing back in-house and reduced cost per order by 86 percent. Case Study: Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation style= border-width:0px; />   comments powered by Disqus Related Topics:   Managed Data Network Services,   Middleware,   Electronic Data Interchange (EDI),   Networking,   Network
5/11/2009 12:24:00 PM


EDI MAX EXACT GREAT PLAINS: Established in 1984, Exact Software provides solutions comprising traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP), as well as related software solutions such as human resource management (HRM), customer relationship management (CRM), project management, business intelligence and business analytics (BI/BA), and electronic workflow.

USWEB Weaves Great Quarter, turns up the heat in the Market Place
USWEB/CKS has announced it fourth quarter results. Its performance is on the money, and continues to drive forward as it goes through expansion by mergers and organic growth. The expansion is directed at providing end-to-end services, for which the merger with Whittman-Hart is a key component. For users, this means that USWEB/CKS can address high-end projects and leverage its position as a leading internet creative services provider. However, it faces issues of staff retention and retaining its technology agnostic stance.

EDI MAX EXACT GREAT PLAINS: strong growth and closely predicted performance, including a clear net profit. As well, USWEB/CKS reports changes in the market place that place it in a position of strength as the market moves from the mid- toward high-end. Market Impact USWEB/CKS is an end-to-end Internet services provider that provides Intranet, Extranet and Web site solutions and services to medium-sized and large companies. The company has brought in a stronger than expected quarter, making total revenues for the year of $511M, and

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