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Positioning Makes Your Marketing Budget Go Further-and Hit the Target
Many business-to-business (B2B) software companies don't have a formal positioning process, and it's costing them time, money, and much more—a marketing message

editing copy  ton of time reviewing, editing, and debating copy every time they create a new marketing piece. I call that positioning on the fly—attempting to learn to fly while the plane is in a nosedive. With so many opinions, beliefs, and favorite benefits inserted into the ad copy, brochure copy, etc., the message invariably gets watered down, and becomes inconsistent. There's no central theme or idea, nothing that locks in on the prospect's problem. Instead, the ad or brochure makes some tired and totally Read More
Product Development and Portfolio Management
The Product Development and Portfolio Management Knowledge Base covers the execution processes of new product development projects and programs, including phase-gate processes. It also addresses...
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Documents related to » editing copy

Source Code Translation
Everyone who writes computer software eventually faces the requirement of converting a large code base from one programming language to another. But source

editing copy  the Language menu. After editing Java code specific details like data types and function arguments select a Java class on any diagram and click the Generate Code button to generate a Java code file. Translate Function Logic MacTranslator has an option to simplify the language translation process by creating the Java details section of each dictionary entry from a cloned copy of the Objective-C details. From the Details dialog, select Clone Language Details for checkbox and select Java from the language Read More
How to Start Down the ERP Selection Path
A decade ago, about 70 percent of major software initiatives failed, and nearly a quarter were cancelled. Today, with better data management, more flexible

editing copy  know what's happening, so editing the company line costs management hard-won credibility. More often than not, companies of any size adopt a fire, ready, aim approach to ERP solutions by specifying the vendor first, then hoping...somehow...that everything will balance out in the end. While it's good for the chosen vendor, it may not be for the manufacturer. And the loss of marketplace momentum that results from misdirected, stop-and-start implementations can be staggering over the long term. Your best Read More
Mid-Market ERP Vendors Doing CRM & SCM In A DIY Fashion Part 1: Recent Announcements
While the ERP mid-market has seen more vibrant intra-market merger & acquisition activity during 2001, it appears that 2002 will, for some more tenacious Tier 2

editing copy  making available the full editing, spell check, formatting and other facilities that Outlook provides. The contents of sent email messages are automatically copied as activities in IMPACT CRM. In addition, incoming MS Outlook email messages along with any document attachments can be automatically copied into matching account records. Furthermore, when tasks and appointments are created in IMPACT CRM, an option Write to Microsoft Outlook, is offered. When this option is engaged, IMPACT CRM will Read More
Two Stalwart Vendors Discuss Mid-market Issues
In continuing our first-time ever questions-and-answers series for software applications vendors, Infor and IFS, two upper mid-market, stalwart vendors, express

editing copy  except for some minor editing with regard to style and grammar. Contrary to presidential debates, however, the two vendors have had virtually unlimited time to respond to these questions, and no real limit was imposed regarding the length of their responses. Neither was any repartee possible regarding some of their allegations and statements about competitors (at least not at this stage, given that this is the very first article of its kind). As is the case for voters, it is up to each reader to form his Read More
Implementing an Enterprise Content Management System What is in it for the organization?
Employee efficiency can greatly increase if information, currently scattered throughout a company, is structured through an appropriate enterprise content

editing copy  is updated by the editing department, and other departments cannot to change or save these documents in the portal or put them through the workflow. Content.com also has several web sites where it publishes new content on a daily basis. Content consists of text, images, banners, and has links to archived documents etc. Besides these web sites, there is also a newsletter that is sent out, which also refers to new, daily information on the site. Content.com uses its own dynamic web pages to display this Read More
CIO Test for Enterprise Agility
Find out how to assess your company's ability to change and how to improve it in the Forrester report Assess Your Enterprise Agility.

editing copy  Test for Enterprise Agility The pace of change in the marketplace is constantly accelerating. Can your company keep up—with rapid changes to your strategies, operations, and products—in order to remain competitive? Find out how to assess your company's ability to change—and how to improve it—in the Forrester report Assess Your Enterprise Agility . You'll learn the approaches to change that work—and those that don't the two basic types of changes, and how to handle them how to measure and Read More
Data Quality Trends and Adoptions

editing copy  Quality Trends and Adoptions In today's highly competitive and volatile business climate, data quality (DQ) software is no longer perceived as a nice-to-have. As business pressures increase, more and more midsized and large organizations are looking to DQ solutions to improve operational efficiencies reduce costs and risks improve customer experience and loyalty increase revenue provide data transparency and audit ability achieve greater regulatory compliance In the Forrester survey report Data Read More
With FirstSpirit™, e-Spirit provides a leading platform for the standardization, management, and publishing of existing data, applications and processes in

editing copy  the office integration for editing Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents directly in the CMS as well as the optimized user navigation and intuitive usability make content management even more comfortable and time-saving. Read More
Kentico EMS
Kentico EMS is a Web content management system and Web marketing platform based on ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server. The product supports automating Web

editing copy  users to create flexible editing forms for custom document templates without programming; and Page Templates, that allow users to reuse page layout and create new pages based on the template. Read More
Survey Shows TEC Clients Have More Successful IT Implementations
Click here to download your free pdf copy of TEC best practices for software selection.

editing copy  Shows TEC Clients Have More Successful IT Implementations It's alarming—the failure rates for new software implementations continue to be as high as 70 percent. Companies ask me every day what they can do to avoid having their projects fail. Your best bet is usually to tap into the knowledge and expertise of people experienced in software selection and implementation—and not try to go through it alone if you don't have the expertise in-house. The hard fact is, selecting and implementing software Read More
Virtual Appliances: Improve Manageability and Automate Provisioning
Any organization that deploys multiple same-application servers with regularity could benefit from virtual appliances. Virtualization solutions eliminate the

editing copy  Appliances: Improve Manageability and Automate Provisioning Any organization that deploys multiple same-application servers with regularity could benefit from virtual appliances. Virtualization solutions eliminate the need to copy an operating system (OS) and application into each virtual environment, by creating a single, centrally installed master copy instead. It saves time on installation and enables greater levels of efficiency, manageability, flexibility, and resource use. Read More
Profit from Emerging Web 2.0 technologies
In How Web 2.

editing copy  from Emerging Web 2.0 technologies If your company is looking for a competitive edge , you can find it in powerful new marketing tools enabled by Web 2.0 technology. Learn how your company can use social media sites, wikis, blogs, mashups, and videos to build stronger relationships with your customers, get critical customer feedback, enhance customer service and loyalty, penetrate new markets, and grow and strengthen your brand(s). In How Web 2.0 is Transforming CRM , you’ll also discover how to Read More

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