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TEC Helps Companies Compare, Select, and Evaluate Learning Management and E-learning Software
Enterprise software analyst firm Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. (TEC) recently launched its Learning Management Evaluation Center to help project managers

element k courseware  management including Intelladon Corporation, Element K, GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc., Horizon Wimba, KMSI, and ReadyGo® Inc. The knowledge base consists of more than 700 criteria for analyzing learning management products. The Learning Management Evaluation Center ( http://learning-management.technologyevaluation.com ) covers a broad range of features from classroom and e-learning management, resource allocation, creation of e-learning content, management of learning content, technology for synchronous Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » element k courseware

Content as a Service: a New Model for E-learning Content Delivery
How can a company ensure that users are taking the “right” course if they do not identify and understand their strategy for content delivery? Can content be

element k courseware  has third-party titles (SkillSoft, Element K, Brightline, etc). The company also has self-created custom content that is vital to business operations. The users are geographically dispersed around the world and require access to all of the content. Solution Plateau assumes the management, testing, validation, and delivery of all third-party and custom titles via iContent. All courses are loaded into the LMS and assigned to the desired catalogs. The Akamai CDN ensures that the geographically dispersed Read More
Optimizing The Supply Chain Network And Reducing Distribution Costs - An Andersen Point Of View
The objective of supply chain logistics - to provide goods to the right place at the right time in the right quantity - is easy to understand, but achieving

element k courseware  comply. For example, an element of the Supply Chain Strategy might require that customers be delivered to within one day of ordering for certain items. This strategic element has a clear impact on transportation planning, as well as on inventory planning. Other network design elements also have a clear impact on operational planning elements. Optimizing these network design elements will improve the basis on which operational plans are built. For more information about Optimizing The Supply Chain Network Read More
How Missing Metadata Affects Text Optimization
When portable document format (PDF) documents are used for medical records, insurance policies, judicial statements@or anywhere that timely and efficient

element k courseware  Metadata Description , Metadata Element , Metadata Files , Media Metadata , Finding Metadata , Metadata Management , Metadata Mapping , Metadata Practice , Metadata Problems , Metadata Publishing , Metadata Quality , Metadata Repository , Metadata Schema , Metadata Services , Metadata Software , Metadata Standard , Metadata Standards , Metadata Tagging , Metadata Types , Metadata Utility , Picture Metadata . Amyuni White Paper Missing PDF Fonts: How Metadata Affects Text Optimization   Introduction This Read More
Is Selling Software in China Really as Hard as It Seems?
You’re a North American software vendor. You’re considering setting up shop in China.  You know that the risks are formidable, but so are the potential rewards.

element k courseware  western products is one element in SAP’s favor, but the vendor also seems to have understood that Chinese consumers are powerfully attracted to a company’s character (unlike western consumers, who are generally drawn to the what’s-in-it-for-me factor). That’s certainly a gross oversimplification, but the website titles for various local SAP About Us pages provide perfect examples: US : Our Role in the World's Largest Business Software Company Canada : Committed to Excellence in the Canadian Market Read More
iPad, Fashion PLM, and the Connection Between Fashion Designers and Customers
I recently had the opportunity to meet with Centric Software and get to know more about Centric 8 Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Sourcing Solutions for

element k courseware  iPad app an eye-catching element that will serve as a door opener for Centric Software as it approaches customers. Of course, the iPad app itself will become a new revenue source for the software vendor, but more importantly, the iPad app gives one more appealing reason for customers to adopt Centric Software’s PLM solution. To fully realize what the iPad app is capable of offering, you need a PLM system up and running. Read More
TEC Helps K-Tron Select New ERP Solution
K-Tron is a leading global supplier of feeders, pneumatic conveying components and bulk material handling systems. K-Tron needed help with deciding upon a new

element k courseware  K-Tron,Hillenbrand,ERP solution,TEC case study,TEC Advisor,software selection Read More
VersiFit Technologies Equips Teachers to Customize Each Student’s Education
VersiFit Technologies LLC provides data warehousing and business intelligence (BI) applications to kindergarten through grade 12 (K-12) school systems. The

element k courseware  SAP,education,bi,business intelligence,data warehousing,jobs in education,ministry of education,secondary education,education and training,national education,institute of education,free education,journal of education,what is education,pearsons education Read More
Will the Real ERP Please Stand Up?
Scroll to bottom for contest details! Sometimes the software selection process reminds me of that children’s game, you know, the one where you blindfold the

element k courseware  order to facilitate every element of the manufacturing process. ERP groups traditional company and management functions (such as accounting, human resources [HR], manufacturing management, and customer relationship management [CRM]) into a coherent whole. Manufacturing management also includes inventory, purchasing, and quality and sales management. My point: how you define “ERP” is actually a critical component of your software selection process. After all, to select a system that meets your needs, Read More
The Future of Secure Remote Password (SRP)
The Secure Remote Password (SRP) holds great promise as a way to strongly authenticate a user without the usual risks of dictionary attack(s) faced by other

element k courseware  a password verification base element and a verifier (a password-based public key), are stored. Multi-Channel Support Provides secure authentication mechanism for insecure network channels. Herein lies the greatest promise of SRP. With the plethora of channels in today's world, a need for a way to authenticate a client based on a small' secret is critical. For instance, clients need to access their enterprises and e-business sites via cellular phones, PDAs, set top boxes, voice gateways, and potentially ot Read More
Dell Uses its Muscle to Beat Side-Effects of Taiwan Quake
Dell Computer Corp. chairman Michael Dell said Thursday the company's financial performance should not be affected by September's earthquake in Taiwan.

element k courseware  dell,earthquake,hardware integration,hardware migration,hardware migration plan,hardware software,internal migration,migration,migration policy,migration routes,migration software,migration to new hardware,update hardware Read More
Cloud ERP for Manufacturing: 6 Considerations
There is no shortage of cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offerings nowadays, for almost any vertical manufacturing market segment. But

element k courseware  remember that the weakest element of security has never been the data center but rather the software end user—and this element remains the same, whether the user is accessing an on-premise or off-premise system. Some cloud ERP vendors may address end user security risk within their service level agreement but the price of such a service should be factored into the system’s total cost of ownership. Leasing versus purchasing. Although leasing may seem to be more affordable in the short term than Read More
Case Study: Asset Management Software Provides a Strategic Solution for the Chicago Public School District
As part of its effort to improve literacy in grades K-3, the Chicago Public Schools District needed to manage thousands of personal digital assistants (PDAs

element k courseware   Read More
ERP for School Districts Software Evaluation Report
The ERP Software Evaluation Report for K-12 school districts and municipalities focuses on back-office functionality, including financials, human resources (HR)

element k courseware   Read More

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