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The Interview: Having an Experience with Joe Pine
Today's business climate is all about competition - we're lean, we’re mean, but competing on price is not where it’s at. How do you create a lasting identity

elementary accountin  Worked on computers since elementary school in the 1960s, obtained an Applied Mathematics degree, went to work for IBM analyzing the performance of computers. But I soon found I liked being a generalist more than a specialist, and so angled myself toward jobs where I could have influence over a wide breadth of activities. I left IBM over ten years ago, and as co-founder of Strategic Horizons LLP, I still work on influencing a wide breadth of companies. My personal mission is to figure out what is Read More
Small Business Software (SBS)
The Small Business Software (SBS) evaluation model targets functional requirements for fully featured solutions designed to support all business requirements of a typical small business. Extending ...
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Program Management Office: A Term Not Fully Understood
The term program management office (PMO) has been around for some time. Its core concepts, methods, and benefits have remained constant, while resources and

elementary accountin  Member for the local Elementary District of 4000+ students. For further information, Contact; Al Uretsky, Managing Partner Estrella Partners Group, LLC Tel.: (623) 594-9283 auretsky@estrellapartners.com Web site: www.estrellapartners.com Table of Contents INTRODUCTION THE PROBLEM PROGRAM OFFICE ASSESSMENTS PROGRAM OFFICE COMPONENTS PROJECT OFFICE SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM OFFICE RESOURCES PROGRAM OFFICE TOOLS ESTRELLA PARTNERS GROUP SOLUTION ABOUT ESTRELLA PARTNERS GROUP ABOUT THE AUTHOR. FOR FURTHER Read More
Continuous Data Quality Management: The Cornerstone of Zero-Latency Business Analytics
No matter how well an enterprise implements a CRM, ERP, SCM, Business Intelligence, or Data Warehouse project, poor data quality can destroy its utility and

elementary accountin  While this would seem elementary, missing fields and values are perhaps the most common data quality problem. Completeness examines these areas: Integrity . Does the actual data match our description of the data? In other words, is our meta-data actually accurate? An unused field in a Cobol file is a good example of an integrity problem. Accuracy . It is often necessary to examine the degree of agreement between the data values and a source that is assumed to be correct. Comparing rollup tables to the Read More
Leave No Farmer Behind
Insights on the evolving policies and socioeconomics of the two largest countries in the world--China and India--and the impact for global business.

elementary accountin  for determining prices of elementary factors such as raw materials, energy, labor cost as well as quantity and prices of their products, the managing of enterprises' funds and performance, the distribution of profits, the relationship between employers and employees, and the availability of loans, etc. Whether there are different interest rates for different enterprises, industries and domestic and international trade departments. Whether exchange rates are determined by the market as far as exporters Read More
IT Vendor Management in Hard Economic Times
During a recession, successful businesses change their approach to managing information technology (IT) sourcing. The challenge is to become more efficient and

elementary accountin  Member for the local Elementary District of 4000+ students. For further information, Contact: Al Uretsky, Managing Partner Estrella Partners Group, LLC Tel.: (623) 594-9283 auretsky@estrellapartners.com Web site: http://www.estrellapartners.com/ Table of Contents INTRODUCTION THE PROBLEM A BETTER WAY ABOUT ESTRELLA PARTNERS GROUP ABOUT THE AUTHOR(S) FOR FURTHER INFORMATION   Searches related to IT Vendor Management in Hard Economic Times : Best Vendor Management | Strategic Vendor Management | IT Vendor Read More
The education industry (often referred to as the educational services industry) has grown exponentially over the last decade, as more and more organizations

elementary accountin  is education. This includes elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities, business schools, and vocational, technical, and trade schools, as well as companies that provide educational and training services. These establishments may be privately owned and operated for profit or not for profit, or they may be publicly owned and operated. The emergence of new technologies and changing student demographics is driving dramatic changes in the delivery of services by educational Read More
Your ERP System is Up and Running-Now What?
Congratulations! In your role as middle market CEO, COO, CFO, or CIO you fought the good fight and sponsored your company's ERP project. First you survived

elementary accountin  Aruba, Barbados, and/or Curacao. Elementary, you say? All of this is just good network management, and it's needed with or without an ERP system. True enough. But your end users may not understand why your backup failed. They just know that they had to spend three straight weekends re-entering lost transaction data into that #*&?%@!! ERP system. Cultivate Your System Your ERP system is capable of performing many functions-and the greatest of these is all of them. At the go-live date, your users are adequa Read More
Engineering Change Management 2.0: Better Business Decisions from Intelligent Change Management
Traditionally, change management in product development and engineering has been viewed as a way to control cost and improve efficiencies. But companies are

elementary accountin  making. At an almost elementary level, the Best-in-Class are 37% more likely to use virtual meetings or meeting collaboration technologies as Industry Average companies (Figure 3). This gap extends to over three times when comparing the Best-in-Class to Laggards. Given the trend towards global design and manufacturing, the need to extend personal collaboration and decision-making to the virtual team is critical. As identified earlier, Best-in-Class take a more structured approach to their change process Read More
Gibson Consulting Group, for Katy Independent School District (ISD)
To select a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Katy Independent School District (Katy ISD) turned to Gibson Consulting Group to manage the project’s

elementary accountin  school year, at 31 elementary schools, 12 junior highs, and 7 high schools. used Technology Evaluation Centers for one project, I didn't want to go back to doing software evaluation the hard way. Analysis that once took me 3 weeks with Access databases takes 3 days or less with TEC's cooperation. - Kim Scambilis, Project Manager and Senior Consultant, Gibson Consulting Group.   Reading 'n' Writing 'n' ERP: The Challenge of Software Selection Projects for ISD For many independent school districts, one Read More
Retained IT Staff: On e Size Doesn’t Fit All Models
Retaining good IT staff for clients is no easy task. They face issues regarding competitive rates, contracts, benefits, liabilities, and more. So how do

elementary accountin  Member for the local Elementary District of 4000+ students. For further information, Contact; Al Uretsky, Managing Partner Estrella Partners Group, LLC Tel.: (623) 594-9283 auretsky@estrellapartners.com Web site: www.estrellapartners.com Table of Contents SUCCESSFUL SIZE / RATIOS FOR A RETAINED STAFF MODEL DIVISION OF RESPONSIBILITIES BILLING METHODS FOR APPLICATIONS SUPPORT WORK COMMUNICATION / ESCALATION BEST PRACTICES FOR OUTSOURCING VENDORS ABOUT ESTRELLA PARTNERS GROUP ABOUT THE AUTHOR FOR FURTHER Read More
2008 Software Re
A new year is upon us and with that, the word “resolution” comes to mind...res-o-l-u-tion – [rez-uh-loo-shun n] - noun 1. a resolve or determination: to

elementary accountin  separating into constituent or elementary parts. 5. the resulting state. 6. a solution, accommodation, or settling of a problem, controversy, etc. 7. reduction to a simpler form; conversion. Taken from: Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1) Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006. “Well, there’s always next year…” Some people call this time of year the “holiday season.” Others just call it winter. And then there are those of us who call it the Read More
Cross Aluminum Selects SYSPRO ERP
Cross Aluminum Products has chosen SYSPRO ERP to facilitate growth, improve employee productivity, and ease the training of new employees. The Michigan-based

elementary accountin  in universities, secondary and elementary schools, waste water treatment plants, prisons, and other institutional facilities. Its stile and rail doors provide entrances for office buildings, schools, churches, and mall entrances.   After an extensive search, the company chose SYSPRO ERP over Infor Visual, Sage 100 , and FeneVision by Fenetech , the latter being a door, window, and glass industry-specific software solution. SYSPRO’s close relationships with its customers and partners was an additional Read More
An Introduction to E-learning and Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Not so long ago (or, back in the early ’90s, when I was a first-year college student) there were two ways to get a post-secondary education: by attending

elementary accountin  just for universities. Many elementary and high schools are also implementing learning management systems (LMS) in their classroom, for attendance tracking, creating and administering tests, e-mail, grade posting, and many other administrative and teaching tasks. And certainly no less important—probably much more important to readers of this blog—is the fact that businesses of all sizes are changing the way they perform certain operations as a result of implementing e-learning and learning management Read More
Cash Management 101
Cash management is an essential business process all organizations must perform to survive. Though cash management uses automation for much of the “grunt” work,

elementary accountin  ERP system offers some elementary accounting functions. To get started in cash management, a few basic sets of reports that every ERP and accounting system provides include the following: open sales orders, aged analysis, open and closed purchase orders, shipping reports, inventory evaluations, fixed assets, and general ledger statements. Bring this information together with other financial information to the ubiquitous spreadsheet program. Produce a cash-flow analysis schedule. Look at all areas of your Read More
Function Points: Are They Really the Right Unit of Measure for Software Sizing?
Function points (FPs) are the most popular unit of measure for measuring the size of software. But because FPs were developed in the 1970s, are they not now

elementary accountin  EI and EO are elementary processes, where data crosses either into or out of the system boundary. EQ—also known as external inquiry —explicitly mentions an input and an output. Today all applications are event-driven, meaning there is always an input associated with every process. So does that mean EI and EO processes are inquiries? Add, Modify, Delete, and Inquire In the past, these four functions needed different programs, and hence were counted as four distinct FPs. Now, given improvements in Read More

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