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eMachines to Buy FreePC
Low-cost PC maker eMachines announced it will acquire FreePC Inc

emachines e620  - Low-cost PC maker eMachines announced it will acquire FreePC Inc., the company that last February helped touch off the 'free PC' craze by giving away personal computers to users willing to share private marketing data. Instead of giving away its PCs, eMachines will launch a new service, based on FreePC software, aimed at connecting first-time computer buyers with services vendors. eMachines will attempt to build that relationship via an Internet portal site created by installing FreePC's client and Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » emachines e620

eMachines to Ship Appliance
eMachines, the computer company that made its name on low-priced desktop models, has stepped into the Internet appliance ring with its 'MSN Companion' system.

emachines e620  to Ship Appliance eMachines to Ship Appliance R. Krause - October 25, 2000 Event Summary October 9, 2000 eMachines and Microsoft announced that eMachines expects to begin shipping an Internet appliance in October, 2000. This appliance, called the MSN Companion , will - amazingly enough - use the Microsoft Network (MSN) as its Internet gateway/portal/service. eMachines will price the Companion at $349 (without monitor), but customers will be eligible for a $400 rebate if they sign up for 36 Read More
Here Come the
The hot products at Comdex 99 are expected to be in the up-and-coming area of

emachines e620  having to buy an eMachines et al. system), should take a close look at appliances. Corporate users who intend to make a major infrastructure change from PC to appliance should carefully review the advantages and disadvantages associated with reducing costs at the expense of user flexibility. By definition, most users with appliances will not have the typical set of applications resident on their machine, as corporate appliances are expected to be tied into the ASP/software rental model of business Read More
It’s a Portal...AND It;s a Gateway
AOL has partnered with Gateway to develop a line of Internet-ready Linux desktop appliances based on the Netscape 6 browser.

emachines e620  Inc. [NASDAQ:EEEE]. Under the eMachines deal, new eMachines PC's ship with preferred access to AOL & CompuServe via the CompuServe 2000 ISP service. But AOL hasn't even mentioned eMachines in its press releases since November 1999. Well, all's fair in love, war, and strategic alliances . We've yet to see a major consumer, front line device that uses Linux enjoy wide success. Despite great strides, Linux still needs major improvements in interface and application support to win favor as a desktop OS. Read More
New Internet Appliances Coming from Compaq
Compaq has jumped into the home Internet Appliance game with its latest iPAQ offering. Is this a continuation of computer manufacturers attempting to create a

emachines e620  cash , we'd get an eMachines low-end model with a 15 monitor, and pick our own ISP. (No endorsement of eMachines is implied, they are just the best-known low-price PC manufacturer.) Read More
eMachines Considering Internet Appliance
eMachines, Inc., is considering a foray into the

emachines e620  Summary [ZDNet News, 11/18/99] eMachines Inc., the Irvine, Calif., company best known for making cheap PCs, is eyeing appliances. Its top executive hinted that the company is ready to jump into the market for even cheaper, special purpose Internet-enabled devices. eMachines will put one in our roadmap soon, said president Stephen Dukker. I do believe there is a market for these devices. We view it as truly a different market from the PC space. (It is) for the other 40 percent that don't want a PC, he Read More
GNOME Will Try to Buff Up Linux
In its fight to catch up to Windows for desktop mindshare and market share, Linux has received a boost from the Gnome Foundation and a number of key systems

emachines e620  of Dell, Gateway and eMachines (less likely, but still possible), this will mean they have the support of all the top PC manufacturers in the US market, which will lead to increased market share - not enough to topple Windows, but enough to turn Linux into a legitimate desktop contender. We have deliberately omitted discussion of KDE, the other main Linux desktop environment. More Linux developers presently use KDE than use GNOME (although many use both), so KDE is a strong player. The difference is the Read More
How Do You Categorize Notebooks?
The notebook computer market has become one of the remaining battlegrounds for computer manufacturers. Our purpose here is to define the notebook market

emachines e620  super-low-price PC, epitomized by eMachines offerings. The eMachines model, however, is merely a pricing difference, not a technological one. This consigns it to the idea of gaining desktop market share through reduced prices/margins, which is (to us) not very interesting. This brings us to the notebook/portable market. If handheld devices (Palm, Pocket PC, smart cell 'phones) are included, then this market has arguably the broadest range of product features. In this note, we will focus solely on the Read More
Desktop PCs: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss… (Dell)
This year, the market can be summed up as 3D: Dell Direct Desktop. In comparison, Compaq and IBM are looking a little flat.

emachines e620  6% 3,274,000 7% -2% eMachines 2,467,500 5% 1,519,500 3% 62% Apple 2,198,745 4% 1,679,000 4% 31% Other 14,995,924 29% 15,791,600 35% -5% All 51,565,653 100% 44,941,000 100% 15%   Another trend to watch in 2000 is the move toward slimmed-down desktops, such as the Compaq iPaq and HP s e-Vectra. Call them appliance PCs. They are more potent than earlier nods toward diskless, Java-based Network Computers, or NC s. These systems promise easier manufacturing and support costs, but it remains to be seen if the Read More

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