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Case Study: Envision Credit Union
In 2006, Envision Credit Union’s new chief financial officer (CFO) was looking to improve the visibility, efficiency, and accuracy of the company’s accounting

envision  Study: Envision Credit Union In 2006, Envision Credit Union’s new chief financial officer (CFO) was looking to improve the visibility, efficiency, and accuracy of the company’s accounting and finance functions. Find out how a new business intelligence (BI) and analytics solution helped Envision reduce administrative costs, increase the average amount of overnight cash investments, and improve operational visibility, without adding staff. Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Enterprises Must Look To Scale Mobility With a New Platform Approach
The intersection of mobile, social, analytics, and cloud technologies is transforming industry, commerce and human social behavior in an unprecedented way. For

envision  this requires them to re-envision interactions with employees, partners and customers across business processes, and to rethink the IT services and methodologies they use to support these processes. Read this white paper to learn more about the specifics of how greater mobile maturity can benefit your company. Read More
IFS Field Service Management Is Now a TEC Certified Solution
TEC is pleased to announce that IFS Field Service Management is now part of Technology Evaluation Centers’ (TEC’s) field service management (FSM) certified

envision  possible ‘what-if’ scenarios to envision what is actually required to resolve spikes in future demand, for example, or low performance. To achieve TEC Certification, IFS completed TEC’s detailed questionnaire (download sample  FSM RFI template ) and delivered a comprehensive product demonstration. During the demo, IFS allowed me to view a large number of the IFS Field Service Management features and functions. In addition, I appreciated the presenters’ willingness and efforts to present Read More
Dell Jumps Into Internet PC Arena
Dell Computer Corp. has announced that it is taking orders for its new Webpc, Dell's first product from its Web Products Group, and its first foray into the

envision  colors. We do not envision corporate customers purchasing the Webpc just because they must have a Napa Purple machine to complement their dcor. In other words, we believe penetration of this product into the corporate market will be a shadow of that in the consumer market. User Recommendations Users who decide to follow the internet appliance path will be interested in Dell's offering. In general terms, this product is not very different from Compaq's iPaq - basically a stripped-down PC with fast setup Read More
Turmoil in CPU-Land
Intel announces a recall of the barely-shipping 1.13 GHz Pentium III, and AMD announces the head of its PC processor unit is 'leaving to pursue other interests'

envision  Intel-architecture market. We don't envision AMD surpassing Intel any time soon (especially because of AMD's non-presence in the server market), but this stuff does make life interesting. For AMD , we envision a slight loss of momentum (as generally happens when a key person leaves), but we do not presently believe the long-term effects will hurt AMD greatly. User Recommendations The normal suggestion would be to check your PC to see if it's using the offending CPU. Since only IBM (of the major vendors) h Read More
How Winners Trap Their Competition
Using the highest degree of professionalism and integrity, you can protect your value proposition from competitive attack by setting traps for the competition

envision  read through this example, envision how you would set a trap for a competitor in your own situation. One of my client's sales-reps found out that the competition was severely undercutting my client's price. The competition was deliberately under-analyzing customer requirements, ignoring areas where their software didn't quite fit. Apparently when questioned about their deficiencies by the prospect, the competitor lied. The competitor asserted that my client was too expensive and that there was little Read More
Interview with Louis Suárez-Potts of OpenOffice.org and CollabNet
Louis Suárez-Potts speaks about the political and social architecture of open source communities as well as practices for successful oversight of a project. He

envision  or how do we envision developers getting engaged in the project and as a general statement, I would say that the most effective way is to actually make the process the coding, the process of decision making, more transparent, and that is what I hope to help accomplish in the coming year. Not only focusing on OpenOffice.org or any other project per se, but in general if you want a really successful project what you need to do is make key decisions transparent so developers are able to participate in them Read More
Two Force.com Apps Joining Forces at Dreamforce 2010
<!--StartFragment-->One of the major takeaway messages from salesforce.com’s recent Dreamforce 2010 conference was the company’s diversification within the

envision  process scenarios that you envision being enabled by the integration of FinancialForce.com and Appirio PS Enterprise? Are there any joint customers? JR : Our strategy is to continue selling both modular and end-to-end solutions. So in the back-office space, we will continue to do accounting, billing, sales orders, etc. We will continue to offer PS Enterprise as a best-of-class PSA application and expect to continue to integrate to other finance apps. We will not close it off to just FinancialForce Read More
Are PLM and Global Sourcing Related? Duh, And How! (Part I)
A number of TEC blog posts have discussed benefits but also the inevitable caveats of white papers (including all too common vendors' self-serving marketing

envision  any sourcing project, fully envision your idea of a successful contract manufacturing relationship. Critical sourcing projects are normally spearheaded by the operations/manufacturing organization. But be careful not to exclude major stakeholders such as engineering, product management, quality control, and finance. Outsourcing your manufacturing is not a traditional buy/sell arrangement, and it must be managed in a strategic manner. Your CM is an extension of your business and has personnel that must Read More
Three Things You Need to Know before Investing in Mobile HCM
Mobile technology has reshaped the functioning of human resources and talent management departments due to its ability to reach people in real time and at any

envision  benefit that organizations may envision is improved employee retention, as mobile apps keep employees engaged and updated. For instance, alerts and notifications, and invitations to company events can be sent on mobile devices. Or, employees can react and present opinions vis-à-vis work routines and conditions in real time. Also, HR professionals see mobility as a way to offer real-time access to learning materials for their employees. This is becoming increasingly important for field service employees Read More

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