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ERGO Users Guide

ergo  Users Guide
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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How Some ERP Vendors Demonstrated - Warts And All Part 2: Results
This is part two of a case study from a recent selection engagement for an ETO mid-size manufacturer; we assess Oracle, J.D. Edwards, SAP, and IFS in terms of

ergo  TEC's decision support tool ERGO 2001. For more information on ERGO 2001 see ERGO 2001 IT Evaluation Tool ). If your company is interested in TEC in knowledge based selection contact sales@technologyevaluation.com . Read More...
How Some ERP Vendors Demonstrated - Warts and All Part 1
Contrary to what vendors may contend, not all of them are able to provide an effective out-of-the-box solution that satisfies the critical requirements of an

ergo  customer-specific decision support model. ERGO 2001, TEC's decision support tool, was used to record and analyze the results of the scenarios (For more information on ERGO 2001 see ERGO 2001 IT Evaluation Tool ) The vendors presented the business scenarios on their live products using mock-up data - tailored to the way the organization does business as defined in the scenarios. The scenarios allowed the organization to see how the live product operated in its specific environment, according to the Read More...
How Kelly Moore Paints Simplified Its ERP Software Evaluation and Selection
Kelly-Moore Paints, the largest employee-owned paint company in the US, was looking to consolidate all business activities into one company-wide platform. The

ergo  Support , Ebestmatch , Ergo , Software Selection Process , ERP Software Evaluation , Software Selection Decisions , Vendor Software Evaluation , Enterprise Software Selection , Compare Business Software , Business Software Evaluation , Software Evaluation Center , Software System Evaluation , Software Selection Best Practices , TEC Software Vendor Selection , Software Evaluation Methodology , Website Evaluation Software , Request for Information Templates , Software Evaluation Guide , Easy Selection Read More...
ERP Selection Facts and Figures Case Study - Part 2: Qualitative Assessments and Analysis
This is part two of a note describing an opportunity TEC had to evaluate and compare the four top ERP vendors for a client. Each vendor’s offering differed in

ergo  weaknesses of each product. ERGO 2001, TEC's decision support tool, was used to record and analyze the results of the scenarios (For more information on ERGO 2001 see ERGO 2001 IT Evaluation Tool ). About this note : This is a two part note. Part One includes the Business Scenarios Model and Results. Part Two contains the Qualitative Assessments and Analysis, and User Recommendations. Qualitative Assessments  Each vendor also had qualitative advantages and disadvantages captured outside ERGO 2001. IFS Read More...
Are you BI Lingual or Just BI Curious?
Lost in TranslationIf your organization was a celebutante, who would it be? Well, comely or not, let’s hope that when it comes to BI, you’re not a bemused

ergo  customers more efficiently and ergo, making you more competitive. Parlez-vous BI? Besides project collaboration, what collaborative tools does BI offer? The trend towards enabling all users within the organization (ie. BI for the Masses) to make use of BI without necessarily engaging IT every step of the way is tied to the new social media tools that are emerging. Modern, mobile, interactive and end user-empowered markets dictate it, and the need for BI to be demystified comes in to play as BI vendors Read More...
TEC Lean and Green Manufacturing Buyer’s Guide
While the need for sustainable development is affecting how organizations do business, the idea of environmental and corporate responsibility as value drivers

ergo  www.technologyevaluation.com TEC, eBestMatch, and ERGO are trademarks of Technology Evaluations Centers Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. © 2009 Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. All rights reserved. LAG000032609 Searches related to TEC's Lean and Green Manufacturing Buyer's Guide : Environmental Management | Lean Manufacturing | Lean Manufacturing Principles | Six Sigma Manufacturing | Lean Manufacture | Green Manufacturing | Green Manufacture | Lean Read More...
ERP Selection Case Study Audio Conference Transcript
This is the transcript of an audio conference conducted by TEC on May 22 and again on May 30. The conference discussed the recent experiences of TEC

ergo   the test engine (the TESS/ERGO model that TEC brings to the party) already set up, those differences can be brought to life. In any case, when the decision is being driven by a small difference that fact causes us to look closely at that area. To see if it is the right criteria that is being applied and if we have really seen what the product can do. So we don't measure one package against the other. All packages are benchmarked against an idealized model in a new business practice. The customer also Read More...
Gibson Consulting Group, for Katy Independent School District (ISD)
To select a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Katy Independent School District (Katy ISD) turned to Gibson Consulting Group to manage the project’s

ergo   Decision Support Software , Ergo Decision Support System , Decision Support Engine Ebestmatch , Software Selection Services , Software Evaluation , Online Evaluation Tool Ebestmatch , Ebestmatch Decision Support System , Decision Support System Software , Decision Support Technology , Decision Support System pdf , DSS Information , Powerful Decision Support Engine , TEC Ebestmatch System , Ebestmatch Online Enterprise Software , Group Decision Support System , Marketing Decision Support System , TEC Read More...
Fed Gives ERP A Shot In The Arm
There has been a hubbub in the public sector, with all major players fiercely competing and eventually winning important new federal contracts, primarily for

ergo  Decision Support System (DSS), ERGO being one (see ERGO 2001 IT Evaluation Tool ). Agencies should therefore seek assistance in the selection process from unbiased service providers, preferably with experience in public sector or similar industries, and base their decisions only on existing functionality that the vendors are able to demonstrate during scripted scenario sessions. Put vendors' software through its paces during scripted scenario demonstrations (detailed sequences of near real-life Read More...

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