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Application Erosion: More Causes and Cures
Application erosion is real and it has a significant impact on the long-term value of technology. It can have various causes, but there is a possible solution

erosion  a symptom of application erosion is the decline in the quality of the data in the system. That decline can be measured in terms of its latency, the time between the physical action (shipping a product) and the time that the database reflects that action. In a real-time system, the latency is zero. In good implementations, the latency is minimal, measured in minutes or maybe hours. As erosion sets in the latency increases to hours or days, as the users find it less important to update the system. The Read More
Web Content Management (WCM)
Web content management (WCM) systems manage content creation, review, and approval processes for web site content. This may include public Web sites (Internet) or private web sites (intranet or ext...
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Stock Build Optimization in Food and Beverage Manufacturing: Are Your Profits Suffering Due to Stockouts or Expired Stock?
For food and beverage manufacturers, the failure to meet demand peaks can result in poor customer service, lost revenue, stockouts, brand erosion, and—in

erosion  lost revenue, stockouts, brand erosion, and—in extreme cases—being delisted by a major customer. However, with stock build optimization, manufacturers can minimize the time and total value of the stock being held, and realize higher profits and working capital. Read More
Application Erosion: Eating Away at Your Hard Earned Value
Application erosion starts the day you turn on any new system, and it continues constantly. To prevent it, you need a plan. If you suffer from it today, you

erosion  relationship. Why Does Application Erosion Happen? Many factors lead to application erosion, and in most cases, most of the factors play a role. The old saying use it or lose it applies to existing users. Functions not frequently used tend to be forgotten. These users did not decide to stop using these functions, but since users are human, they just forgot. The CIO group reported that many user requests for enhancements end up with a look under option 7 reply with the requesting user saying, Oh yea, Read More
BLM: Buzzword Life Cycle Management
The management of buzzwords represents a significant area of improvement for both the buzzword users (BU) and the buzzword consumers (BC). Buzzword life cycle

erosion  with the buzzword. E Erosion Buzzword erosion begins once the buzzword attains the status of compliance. Full compliance means that it no longer has any meaning. The word has been twisted in so many directions that no meaning exist. The buzzword begins to lose its ability to produce financial gain in the marketplace. D Derivations As erosion is detected, the buzzword is extended or modified with the addition of one or more additional words. Typical words are based , centric , compliant , etc. Thus, we Read More
Adaptive Planning and Optimization for Supply Chain Networks
Dynamic efficiencies can help companies combat margin erosion and cope with compressed product lifecycles. By shifting from advanced planning to adaptive

erosion  help companies combat margin erosion and cope with compressed product lifecycles. By shifting from advanced planning to adaptive planning, enterprises can increase their top and bottom line. Integrating the demand planning network, optimizing the supply chain network, and strengthening execution planning will help this move to adaptive planning and eliminate pockets of waste. Read More
Outsourcing-The Pros and Cons
Outsourcing’s in the news these days, what with the US presidential election and all, but it’s usually covered from an “is it good for us” angle—where “us” is the American people or the national economy. But how about you? Is it good for your organization?<!--more--> I’m interested in your current perspective on outsourcing—please let me know what you think by responding to the poll at the

erosion  outsourcing is leading to erosion of the middle class in North America, as it is in serious trouble beginning with high fuel costs, the problems in the sub-prime mortgage market, rising health care costs, and the decline in public education. This comes at a time when in record numbers babyboomers are retiring. Unfortunately for us in North America we have a cold climate and we need housing and heat and shelter, and since many of us live in urban areas we cannot grow crops. Therefore we need to call upon Read More
Demand Management Software Evaluation Report
Demand Management Software Evaluation Report allows you to compare and analyze the features, functions, and services of multiple enterprise software solutions. Vendor responses are comprehensively rated on their level of support of for each criterion (supported, not supported, customization, future releases, etc.) to ensure you make and accurate and informed decision.

erosion  term impacts of price erosion, and other issues in event model Metrics and Reporting , Demand Management Software Evaluation Report Metrics and Reporting Metrics and reporting capabilities today must be forward-looking to report, but more importantly prevent negative business performance. Beyond having excellent modeling and simulation capabilities, metric systems must be real-time and predictive. They must not only record real-time events and their impacts, but also use techniques such as pattern Read More
CRM: A Business Imperative during the Economic Downturn
The economic downturn means that businesses must capitalize on every opportunity to gain revenue. With the right customer relationship management (CRM) solution, you can protect current revenue streams and unearth new customer revenue opportunities—despite the most challenging market conditions. CRM helps ensure you deliver exceptional service to your current customers, building their long-term loyalty. Find out how.

erosion  business/shareholder value Reduce margin erosion Reduce cost-of-sale Reduce customer attrition Reduce administration cost Eliminate process bottlenecks Reduce budget variance Reduce performance variance Why Sage? Unlike any other company in our industry, Sage has focussed exclusively on the business software needs of small and medium-sized organizations for the last 28 years. With over 5.8 million SMB business applications customers around the world today, Sage is globally recognized as the market leader Read More
Alternative Software Support and Maintenance Options
Smart companies are investigating all possible software support and maintenance (S&M) options. Alternative software S&M is not for all businesses, but it seems a logical option for technologically conservative (and savvy) companies that do not need all the available upgrades.

erosion  more susceptible to application erosion for not being used than to becoming obsolete. TomorrowNow claims to have delivered more than 1,000 fixes and 500 tax updates around the world. Furthermore, the provider employs veteran software engineers with averages nearing a decade of experience on Siebel, JD Edwards, and PeopleSoft applications. The major premise behind TomorrowNow s value proposition is that most user enterprises seeking non-cutting-edge solutions should stay on the sidelines until future Read More
Are Sales Incentives Even In Tune With the Corporate Strategy?
With sales being the lifeblood of virtually any company, selling should be an accurately accountable process forming the basis of overall strategic objectives. Still, the question remains: how much enterprise incentive management (EIM) do enterprises need, and in what form?

erosion  in the customer base erosion. A much better strategy might be to reward agents not simply for call volume, but also for meeting customer expectations (surveyed by a third party), and ideally for the creation and accumulation of new improvement ideas from customers. Another illustration is provided by an apparel retailer that often fell short of expectations when launching new lines of jeans. This prompted its decision to test market in-store jeans fitters, who were trained through e-learning about the Read More
SaaS-ing the Manufacturing Opportunity
The software as a service (SaaS) delivery model is here to stay, and most vendors have noticed. Recently, the endorsement for SaaS in the realm of manufacturing enterprise resource planning has come from a veteran vendor and SaaS pioneer.

erosion  traditional counterparts (see Application Erosion: Eating Away at Your Hard Earned Value ). Further, although it is arguable that on-demand software and services are not necessarily a cheaper total cost of ownership (TCO) option in the long run, they seem much less expensive and less capital-intensive in the short term, and they are easier to get up and running. In other words, a SaaS deployment may not be an eventual lower TCO value proposition, but it does allow for more predictable expenditures for Read More

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