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Contextual Workflow Modeling
Activity-based workflow modeling (AWM) is a common and useful modeling technique, whose fundamental drawbacks limit its effectiveness in modeling complex

escalation clauses  a state becomes completed Escalation Rules - define escalation actions associated with time-sensitive states, e.g., sending email reminders or overdue notifications Transition Rules - govern the transition from one state to the next Triggers, on the other hand, are external method invocations that occur as a result of some workflow event. For example, a trigger can be attached to the activation of a particular state so that it is invoked whenever the state is activated. At times, one may be interested in Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » escalation clauses

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction
Organizations often rely on surveys and questionnaires to determine customer satisfaction ratings, but such methods merely offer a perceived customer rating

escalation clauses  is not uncommon for escalation clauses to be built in to contracts. When the vendor chooses to apply an escalation clause and to bill more money, it greatly inconveniences the customer. The customer must obtain sanctions and approvals for the extra payout, as well as answer quite a few questions in the process. In short, price escalations irritate customers. 4. Issue factor Most projects have issue resolution mechanisms (methods to solve problems). Some vendors, in their eagerness to always interpret the Read More
Paradoxes of Software Estimation
Software development has spawned an independent industry in its own right. But the processes of asking for service, offering service, and pricing are all

escalation clauses  fixed bid, with an escalation clause, after receiving the building plans. In the construction industry, unit rates are mostly offered against a detailed tender document that gives great detail about each of the items. The total cost of the building depends on the actual quantity of the different components of the building. Software is more like the construction industry! Here's why: It is difficult for the users to visualize the final deliverable from the design documents (drawings). Users continuously Read More
Siebel Rallies Its Integration Alliance Troops Part 2: Market Impact
The era of Siebel's uncontested supremacy in the CRM market seems to be nearing the end. However, Siebel's idea of its Universal Application Network seems

escalation clauses  e.g., problem reporting and escalation will work and who will be in charge/owner of which part of the solution. Given a number of conceited competing vendors in case, one should expect a contest for the most favored integration partner in this arrangement. In order to diffuse consternation and vendors' attempts to embed their proprietary technology as to create dependency on their product (which would defeat the purpose of touted universality), Siebel might want to select a preferred provider for certain Read More
Project Management Communication: Developing a Plan (Part 2 Of 3)
Frequently when project teams convene to discuss post-project reviews, project team members feel that if communication had been better, the project would have

escalation clauses  where issues that require escalation (additional resources) can be discussed. More formal meetings with executive management can occur on a weekly or monthly basis. Project team members’ day-to-day work requires a decentralized, less micro-managed approach to permit the flexibility and latitude needed to obtain information that drives issues forward. 3. Additional Examples of Project Management Communication Internal newsletters help to generate enthusiasm and awareness of a project. Visiting other Read More
Enterprise Resource Planning Giants Eye the Shop Floor
Because production systems on the shop floor are typically not synchronized and integrated with the planning ones, there is a lack of timely and accurate

escalation clauses  to allow the timely escalation of threats to order delivery performance and overruns on manufacturing costs. In fact, the importance of using shared equipment and production data models to provide shared visibility of planned maintenance and its impact on production scheduling cannot be overstated. Nonetheless, the product design data available in product lifecycle management (PLM) systems is still disconnected from plant-level systems, which should know intimate details of the manufacturing process and Read More
The Strengths of a Vertically Centric Enterprise Software Provider
Verticent, a revitalized reincarnation of the languishing public mid-market enterprise applications vendor PowerCerv, seems to be thriving under a financially

escalation clauses  desk support, case management, workflow/escalation, knowledgebase, contracts/warranty, product registration, return & repair, quality reporting, etc. SFA Plus supporting telesales/field sales, account profiling, contact management, calendar management, activity management, marketing campaigns, opportunity management, forecasting/pipeline management, quotes/sales orders, inventory availability, remote synchronization, Microsoft Office Integration, etc. While this list of features is not earth Read More
These are the Times of CRM Vindication and Validation - Part 3
Part 1 of this series analyzed two white papers entitled “Customer Relationship Management: The Winning Strategy in a Challenging Economy” and “Maximizing CRM

escalation clauses  need to reassess their escalation and approval paths. By automatically generating customer service cases from incoming e-mail messages, with the relevant details already populated, organizations can save significant data entry time. Customer support cases can be automatically assigned to the most qualified resource based on pre-defined criteria or triggers. Escalations should be made seamless with automatic transfer of customer details so that the supervisor can smoothly engage with the customer where Read More
Competuition: Teach Competition to Your Procurement Process
High-profile corporate scandal has resulted in laws such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, to monitor business practices. To help safeguard against unethical practices

escalation clauses  Teach Competition to Your Procurement Process 1. Ethical Procurement Ethics dictates that business be conducted with integrity , fairness , and openness , which require open communication within and among both buying and supplying organizations, and thereby give any organization a chance to compete for contracts and win. It seems like a week does not go by without one hearing a story demonstrating lapses in business ethics stories, where lucky contract winners share close friends in strategic Read More
Traceability in Food and Beverage Processing
Food safety has been top-of-mind for both consumers and industry executives for a number of years. Clearly traceability plays a large role in overall food

escalation clauses  Supporting Traceability Initiatives Standardized escalation procedures for quality, non-compliance, and recall events are across the enterprise 75% 81% 64% 56% Standardized procedures for handling customer complaints 92% 96% 81% 69% Mock recalls are performed regularly and benchmarked to improve performance 18% 74% 12% 56%   Tech Enablers To support the above business capabilities Best-in-Class manufacturers have leveraged software in a number of different areas of their operations and, not Read More
EAI - The 'Crazy Glue' of Business Applications
When companies create or change trading relationships or when they swap out business application systems, information systems professionals are required to

escalation clauses  Event monitoring, response and escalation Establish capacity, performance and availability requirements for the system that will be built using the technology. Define an implementation timeline linked to business system deployments. Create a selection team with clear roles and responsibilities. Build the Business Case Identify the potential time and cost savings of the future model. Include anticipated maintenance and product application extensions. Design a Future System Create a concise picture of how Read More
IQMS Prospers by Helping Enterprises Work Smarter
IQMS has certainly succeeded in helping hundreds of midsized plastic processors and other repetitive manufacturers increase their

escalation clauses  supports a structured call escalation procedure that involves the testing and development departments at IQMS. It boasts that when customers call for support, they will speak to knowledgeable technical support personnel, who will make every effort to resolve any issues right then and there. If it cannot be resolved, then the call is escalated through the system. The goal is to get to the heart of the problem as quickly as possible, provide a solution, and keep IQMS customers running. To reduce costs, the Read More
Apparent BPM in the Cloud—Analyst Roadshow
Apparancy was born out of the idea to create a fresh business process offering that takes the best of what traditional BPM suites can provide—from workflow and

escalation clauses  security, access, alerts, and escalation strategies within this environment. Apparancy’s sister company, Corefino, provides business process outsourcing, and the extensive experience it has accumulated with both technology and process development has been incorporated into Apparancy. One of these elements is the built-in collaboration capability, which integrates a number of collaboration elements within the core of the process, reinforcing and extending the capability for real interaction between all Read More
Click Commerce Acquires Allegis
Click Commerce, a provider of partner relationship management (PRM) software for the Global 2000 companies, announced it reached an agreement in principle to

escalation clauses  tracking lead management and escalation strategies' direct impact on sales and forecasting), and analytics (e.g., as financial performance of channels and programs), but it has been exactly deficient in Click Commerce's capabilities like sales configuration and sell-side e-commerce. Conversely, Click Commerce customers should leverage many Allegis' partner life cycle management functions (such as partner recruitment and certification) and lead management functions. To that end, Allegis Sales Partner Read More

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