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Software Size Units
The conventional unit of measurement for software size is the point. Unfortunately, the point-based measurement system fails to account for many of the

estimations  for more accurate software estimations and easier productivity assessments. Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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How to Start a No-fail Project, Part 3: Planning for Success
An estimated two-thirds of IT projects aren’t completed on time or budget, while 15 percent are cancelled entirely. But your IT project doesn’t have to be a

estimations  This plan should make estimations of effort and time needed, mapping out work at least several weeks in advance to ensure that resources are properly allocated. At this stage, it is important that project team members and all stakeholders have a common understanding of how the project will be managed. To promote this understanding, create a document that details how the team will address issues, scope, quality, risk, and communication. Useful Tips Try to avoid creating tasks longer than sixteen hours in Read More...
What Size Is Your Business, Really?
I deal with many software professionals, technology business users, consultants, and analysts, and it is interesting to observe that everyone uses the same

estimations  in parallel with traditional estimations. Besides the three major traditional groups—small, medium, and large businesses—there are also many subgroups to classify companies with a higher level of granularity: upper segment of medium-sized business, or small-but-not-a-micro business, etc. The gradation of businesses by size is quite important for many reasons. For example, governmental authorities may use this differentiation for taxation purposes. Also, the application of special professional, Read More...
Talking to (and Learning from) a Retail Store Execution Software Leader - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series introduced Reflexis Systems, whose task execution solutions have helped over 110 retailers and their suppliers worldwide execute

estimations  on average hourly pay estimations. PJ : Given your huge R&D investment (40 percent of your revenues) and hardly any marketing investments, how do you ensure that the business will be sustainable in the long run? Reflexis : Actually, about 60 percent of our business is due to customers who left one retail company, went to another one, and recommended Reflexis. As long as we keep meeting customer expectations by implementing solutions on time and on budget that solve their business challenges (as mentioned Read More...
Daptiv Project Portfolio Management Selected By Delta Dental
Daptiv has announced that Delta Dental of New Jersey (DDNJ) selected the Daptiv Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution to help it improve efficiency and

estimations  as capacity planner, resource estimations and preparing for what-if scenarios appealed most to senior management.” The Daptiv solution stands out in the PPM space in that it has strong capabilities for organizations looking for both a top-down (or strategic) PPM tool and also the bottom-up (or execution) functionality. The solution can  be tailored to fit individual companies organizational needs, and using Daptiv Connect product, Daptiv can be readily connected to leading enterprise resource planning Read More...
NextGen Health Care: How Technology Can Help Make Consumer-directed Health Care a Reality
Software technologies can provide a single point of entry for prospects and health plan providers to educate new or renewing prospects on the full value of each

estimations  information collected. g) Perform estimations on the relative value of each upgrade and downgrade to the richness of a plan to see precisely where the intersection points are between value points and prospects' willingness to pay for them (increased premiums, increased co-pays...). h) Detect perceptual correlations in how prospects think about plan offerings (e.g. how much willingness to pay increased premiums does a client correlate with your brand). The reporting expressed here runs against all Read More...
The Magic Behind Planning and Executing (Optimal) Service Supply Chains - Part 2
<!--StartFragment-->Part 1 of this series established that service supply chains have many planning levels and time horizons, which can be roughly divided into

estimations  to customers. Linear travel estimations cause excessive travel costs and harm customer satisfaction because field resources can arrive late (or not at all in the worse-case scenario). And it takes just one deviation from the planned travel time for a chain reaction (the domino effect) to begin and cascade throughout the schedule. Conversely, street-level routing takes into account obstacles such as rivers, lakes, mountains, bridges, one-way streets and speed limits, giving a more accurate estimation of Read More...
Paradoxes of Software Estimation
Software development has spawned an independent industry in its own right. But the processes of asking for service, offering service, and pricing are all

estimations  we carry out software estimations? Typically, for three reasons: to price software development and maintenance contracts; to estimate resources; and to manage delivery commitments. When we estimate for resource estimation or delivery commitments, we can always estimate for each of the activities—say, for coding, for code walk-through, for testing, and so on—to arrive at the resource requirements for each of these activities. And by summing up the individual requirements, we can arrive at the total Read More...
How to Reduce Business Risk through Secure User Access for SAP
Unencrypted communication between users’ workstations and the backend SAP servers is a significant vulnerability to your SAP environment. This can put the

estimations  managing the security breach (estimations point to at least 25-50$ per customer record), but also by the negative impact on the company's reputation. Attack Patterns are Changing — Moving to ERP Systems Change is inherent to the nature of IT security risk management. Once a vulnerability of an IT solution has been detected and tools have been developed to remove the vulnerability or to prevent any use of it, potential attackers are likely to move on to a new approach for their attacks, looking for Read More...
CMMS Templates for Effective Implementations Part Three: 7 Steps to Rapid More Successful Implementa
With the advances today in technology it has become obvious that there is a need for maintenance management theory and practice to catch up with the advances

estimations  include: increases in the estimations accuracy index increases in maintenance preparedness increases in planned and scheduled work better communications between the warehousing and maintenance departments better internal client focus from the human resources department to the maintenance department overall reduction in information management systems 3. Define the operating environment of the business The operating environment of the business forms the base of the requirements statement we will need to Read More...

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