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How Do You Categorize Servers?
The term 'PC Server' encompasses a wide range of computing hardware features and functionality. So, how can the entire range be subdivided into more manageable

exceed x11  configured systems can easily exceed $500K Typical Uses : Data warehousing, large database management, and heavy-duty transaction processing. Functionality : Much larger emphasis on reliability, performance, and functionality. Additional Comments : At this level, servers are sometimes architected to have functionality moved outside the box . For example, hard disk storage within the server may be minimal (just enough to hold the OS), and the server is designed to be rack-mounted with a large RAID array Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Bringing Metrics and Measurement to Welfare Program Management
In order to meet new performance targets mandated at the federal and state levels, the Department of Human Services in Chemung County, New York (US), deployed

exceed x11  agencies to meet and exceed the targets. Read More
Strategix’s integrated business solutions approach leverages our deep Microsoft server and infrastructure expertise tounlock the synergy between Microsoft’s

exceed x11  The results continue to exceed our expectations. Read More
Millennium III
Millennium III (M3) is a complete Enterprise Software Solution created to meet and exceed the requirements of small and medium sized businesses. Rover Data

exceed x11  created to meet and exceed the requirements of small and medium sized businesses. Rover Data Systems has worked with our clients to incorporate the changes needed to stay current with new processes and business requirements, and to provide a complete set of software applications that are easy to implement, easy to learn and easy to use. M3 provides the ideal software solution for small to medium sized companies. The system includes every critical component necessary to manage a growing organization, Read More
How PPM Provides Direction in Uncertain Economic Times
Project portfolio management (PPM) is a process to obtain project management information of all resources, time, budget, and labor skills in order to align

exceed x11  ”: “PPM spending will exceed annual revenues of $1 billion in 2009.” Given the strong market potential for PPM software products despite a sluggish global economy, here are a few selected vendors featured in the TEC Vendor Showcase that are worth looking at: Deltek Systems Deltek provides an integrated toolset for PPM with Deltek PPM and EVM Products. Modules include portfolio analysis, risk management, planning and scheduling, project collaboration and complete earned value management (EVM). This Read More
Aviso Brings Predictive Science to Sales Forecasting
Aviso recently introduced Aviso Insights, a solution that arms sales teams with predictive tools to meet and exceed quarterly targets. Using machine learning

exceed x11  tools to meet and exceed quarterly targets. Using machine learning and portfolio management frameworks that Wall Street experts use, the goal is to enable sales, finance, and business leaders at any time to confidently report on the current state of business.   Sales forecasting is the most important process in a sales organization, yet traditionally it has been supported by rudimentary tools, techniques, and systems. Sales executives and finance teams continue to manage forecasts on a series of Read More
DSL Provider Scoops up Netscreen Firewall Goldmine
In a $905million exchange of stock, Efficient Networks has acquired a more than efficient security solution with its acquisition of the Netscreen line of

exceed x11  ASPs. Netscreen's appliance firewalls exceed the Checkpoint/Nokia Firewall-1 appliance firewalls in possible number of simultaneous connections by a staggering amount. Where the high-end Nokia IP650 has limitations of a little over 2000 maximum simultaneous connections per firewall, the Netscreen-100 exceeds that capability by nearly 60 times that amount - an astounding increase. Efficient Networks made a brilliant acquisition. The Netscreen line of firewalls are the only firewalls on the market that are Read More
TurtleSpice ERP! (Week 1)
Welcome to TurtleSpice ERP, our new series on software selection!We’ll follow one company’s software selection process, from beginning to end—with your help

exceed x11  delivery volume started to exceed the capacity of its single delivery truck. Useful TurtleSpice stats: manufacturing, warehouse, and corporate HQ facilities all located on one site $50 million in revenues for FY 2007 120 employees, 85 system users budget for licenses, implementation, and maintenance: $500,000-$750,000 seeking training, support, and yearly maintenance implementation time frame: 6-12 months Back-of-napkin business requirements (in no particular order): automate financial processes tracking Read More
Dell to Factory-Install Red Hat Linux on Servers
Red Hat, Inc., and Dell Computer Corporation today extended their strategic alliance, with Dell committing to factory-install Red Hat Linux on all future and

exceed x11  does the NT price exceed that of a Linux system. Similar premiums are charged on other systems. This leads us to question why a free OS FIS on a Dell server ends up costing the user more than an OS as (relatively) expensive as Windows NT. Read More
Are ASP Applications Right for You? Part 2: Decision Criteria
Whether an application is best implemented as an ASP provided application or service, built in-house or purchased, generally depends on the same criteria as

exceed x11  resources will equal or exceed those at the implementing firm simply because it is their core business. Even when this is the case, there are situations where a specific bug may affect a minority of the ASPs users or, where regardless of the ASPs capabilities it is wise to not risk liability for loss or disclosure of data not under the firm's direct control. Failure Recovery Requirements    If an application has very strict requirements for recovery in the event of a failure, the nature of ASP Read More
INDUSTRIOS Software-All About Make-to-Project Manufacturing
I recently had the pleasure of talking with Mr. Jacques Decarie, Vice President of Oakville, Ontario–based enterprise resource planning (ERP) company INDUSTRIOS

exceed x11  and promises not to exceed that in reality. The company is Canadian owned, and provides local support. This is an important consideration for many customers, which may have a negative experience or preconceived notions with laggard outsourced support. INDUSTRIOS prefers to include all customer-suggested modifications into its core applications, for the benefit of all its clients, and the vendor is armed with all necessary technical tools to do so. So then to summarize what came out of my discussion with Read More
Will Intel Take a Loss on Each CPU, but Make It Up in Volume?
There are reports that Dell may buy AMD’s Spitfire chip. If the reports are true, then look for competition to produce lower prices.

exceed x11  MHz), its performance should exceed that of the Intel Celeron - the chip against which it's designed to compete. If AMD can post great performance numbers against Celeron, and keep prices down, then that's another market where Intel will feel AMD's breath on its neck. When AMD produces Sledgehammer, there's a reasonable chance it will give Itanium/Merced (Intel's future 64-bit CPU) a run for its money. In fact, Sledgehammer may hold a slight edge, due to its announced backward compatibility with x86 Read More
Is IoT Changing the Face of Omnichannel Retail?
Omnichannel retail has forever changed the face of retail. And now, another recent innovation, the Internet of Things, is poised to change the face of retail

exceed x11  And, that information may exceed the profile created by the smart fridge. The collected information may also include other device data that the fridge connects to. This can definitely open doors to hackers and spammers, especially if the retailer did not invest heavily in security. (Recent retailer site breaches that exposed credit card information show that this is not an exceptional event.)   In combination with omnichannel, IoT can lead to saturation—and resemble the current state of social media. Read More
The Seven Keys to World-class Manufacturing
What does it mean to be a world-class competitor? It means being successful in your market against any competition@regardless of size or country of origin. It

exceed x11  Operations Costs Speed Time-to-Market Exceed Customer Expectations Streamline Outsourcing Processes Manage the Global Enterprise Unlocking the Potential About Infor   Executive Overview What does it mean to be a world-class competitor? It means being successful in your chosen market against any competition-regardless of size, country of origin or resources. It means matching or exceeding any competitor on quality, lead time, flexibility, cost/price, customer service and innovation. It means picking your Read More
Will User Enterprises Ever Get onto an Easy (Support and Maintenance) Street?
Vendors' traditional pricing strategies aren't going to work much longer. Sooner or later, prices will be determined by what the market is ready to bear rather

exceed x11  caviar, meaning their profits exceed original profit margins). The situation is somewhat analogous to shopping for a big screen or plasma TV set, a washing machine, or a car at a major retail outlet or dealership. Prospective buyers might be impressed with the nominal sales price of the goods and believe that they've landed a great deal, but before the deal is signed, most of them have been thrown a sales pitch (subtle or otherwise) to sign up for the extended warranty contract. This warranty contract Read More

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