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Case Study: Pixel Velocity
Pixel Velocity, provider of video automation systems to governments and other organizations, grew from having one supplier to having dozens with which they

excel formulas filetype ppt  Velocity Moves Away from Excel to use Arena to Gain Great Efficiencies in BOM Management and Reduced Risk Situation Pixel Velocity has leveraged decades of experience in the defense industry to create the world's first end-to- end system specifically optimized to provide highly reliable automated threat detection and multi camera tracking over very large areas. The Pixel Video Fusion™ System utilizes a distributed processing methodology that provides contiguous coverage while allowing automated Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » excel formulas filetype ppt

Lyza desktop software can help analysts synthesize, explore, and visualize data@and publish reports@all without the reliance on lengthy IT development cycles

excel formulas filetype ppt  
Dashboard Development and Deployment-A Methodology for Success
A dashboard is a vital tool for monitoring the daily health of your organization. From a single interface, decision makers have access to key performance

excel formulas filetype ppt  Indicators Dashboard , Easy Excel Dashboards , Performance Dashboards , Dashboard Development Guide , Semantic Web Dashboard , Dashboard Development Internet , Generation of Dashboard Development , Dashboard Project Development Log , Key Performance Indicators Dashboard , Dashboard Development Kit Provided . Introduction The successful implementation of a dashboard is complex and requires a step-by-step process—a methodology that considers all aspects of the project life cycle. This document outlines Read More...
Technosoft Solutions Inc.
Technosoft is an offshore software development company with stringent quality control and a software development delivery system, offering software development,

excel formulas filetype ppt  Experts in each area excel in their specific fields, and cross-functional teams can be created for client projects. Offshore and onshore teams are connected using recent technologies and techniques to communicate requirements and project dynamics. Technosoft has experience in .NET technologies, and has delivered many VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, SharePoint, and Biz Talk projects. On the J2EE front, the company has developed Java, Struts, Java Server Faces (JSF), Hibernate, and Spring projects, with Sun-certified Read More...
Organizational Readiness
Today’s executives have more challenges and concerns than ever, from compliance to use of technology. To thrive and ultimately excel within a competitive

excel formulas filetype ppt  To thrive and ultimately excel within a competitive landscape, an organization must have a technology framework capable of meeting today’s marketplace requirements while positioning the company for future growth and challenges. Find out how to better leverage technology investments and become a best-run business. Read More...
IBM Cognos Express: Easy BI?
On Monday, IBM gave me a sneak peek of its new business analytics software tool for midsized clients. The name of the new product is Cognos Express, and IBM’s

excel formulas filetype ppt  to enhance the traditional Excel spreadsheet with an in-memory analytics engine. This will enable midsize companies to transform Excel into a business analysis tool with features like “what if” scenarios and in-memory capabilities. Figure 2. Cognos Express graph layout capability [click to enlarge]  As mentioned above, all these features are managed by a central administration and data management tool. The intent is to integrate all core capabilities into one administrative module. This will enable Read More...
Netvibes MisoData-Curing the Big Data Hangover
At the recently held E2 Conference in Boston, Netvibes launched MisoData as a way to chart, automate, and compare any internal or external data and reports for

excel formulas filetype ppt  place by picking any Excel spreadsheet or comma-separated values (CSV) file from virtually any enterprise system or database. MisoData will chart all the reports on one dashboard—complete with forecasts, linear regression, and average curves—without the need for IT staff involvement or custom data connectors. Let it marinate —Make sure everything is automated, and then grow automatically—users can then watch last week’s estimates get replaced by this week’s actual numbers. MisoData syncs all Read More...
Process versus Discrete ERP Systems
Sorting out the differences between the two main types of manufacturing software can be mind-boggling for companies when searching for an ERP system. Companies

excel formulas filetype ppt  the highly-regulated process industry. Excelling in the small to mid-sized market, ProcessPro® Premier provides an affordable solution to those who must adhere to strict QC and government regulations including FDA, cGMP, 21CFR Part11, Bioterrorism, HAACP, and more. ProcessPro® Premier seamlessly integrates all aspects of plant operations, from beginning order entry through manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and accounting. This fully-integrated, real-time solution rises above other industry software Read More...
Exploring Epicor Productivity Pyramid - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series introduced Epicor Software Corporation’s set of tools called the Epicor Productivity Pyramid. The Pyramid enables one of Epicor’s

excel formulas filetype ppt  the Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel , and Microsoft Word office productivity applications. That is to say, Epicor IW allows business users to access enterprise data from within their Microsoft Office applications without having to interrupt what they are doing. Microsoft Office Task Panes provide document templates and Excel mapping and updates. As explained under Epicor Portal in Part 1, comprehensive Content Packs allow users to create their own data import and views based on pertinent data fields . Read More...
How Carolina Color Chose abas ERP
Abas-USA recently announced that Carolina Color Corporation has chosen abas Business Suite for its future planned growth and business. Carolina Color provides

excel formulas filetype ppt  Carolina Color Chose abas ERP Abas-USA recently announced that  Carolina Color Corporation has chosen abas Business Suite  for its future planned growth and business. Carolina Color provides accurate matching services and eco-friendly, proprietary colorant solutions for unique customer applications. Carolina Color reportedly started an enterprise resource planning (ERP) selection process in 2007 to replace a homegrown system. Abas was invited to participate and was shortlisted with two Read More...
What 2010 Meant For Microsoft Business Solutions
In 2008, I wrote a four-part series that explained in great detail Microsoft’s platform technology pieces, commonly used in Microsoft Dynamics and many

excel formulas filetype ppt  the following: New  Microsoft Excel 2010 features such as Slicers  and  Sparklines . These features make Microsoft Dynamics (and many other ERP and CRM products for that matter) information more visual, helping with information overload and supporting deeper insights into what is happening in the business. PowerPivot  for Microsoft Excel , allowing Microsoft Dynamics customers to quickly create PivotTables or PivotCharts that pull in data from Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions in real-time. Bus Read More...
Case Study: Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems
Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems was having problems with its product development processes. The company’s home-grown system of Windows folders, Excel

excel formulas filetype ppt  system of Windows folders, Excel files, and Access databases was causing data inconsistencies that led to costly rework. Learn how Astronics chose a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution that eliminated data inconsistencies, streamlined communication, and helped save the company time and money. Read More...
Integrated Innovation in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
As one of the very early adopters of Microsoft products and technologies, Microsoft Dynamics NAV continues to use Microsoft products and technologies to help

excel formulas filetype ppt  with Word, Outlook, and Excel helps employees work faster The tight integration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Microsoft Office enables employees to draw on the functionality of familiar programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Excel. Users can build queries that will extract data directly from the database from within Microsoft Word to create customer letters. Or users can export data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV directly into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to produce reports or cr Read More...
J.D. Edwards On The Mend; This Time Might Be For Real
Although not quite yet out of the woods, by having product flexibility 'in the bag', and by providing now much more of its own 'must have' collaborative

excel formulas filetype ppt  real-time. A real-time Microsoft Excel client and new Web enhancements for Production & Distribution Planning (PDP), which facilitates sharing of supply chain planning information with all trading partners, regardless of their level of collaborative software sophistication. A key enhancement to PDP allows customers to share supply chain planning information using Excel as an interactive reporting tool. To enable information sharing with a partner who only has Excel and e-mail capabilities, the software Read More...
Process ERP vs. Discrete ERP Differentiation
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