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Let the (Excess) Inventory Flow!
Because companies focus primarily on new product development and promotion, the problem of excess and obsolete inventory, once addressed, often leads to both

excess spares inventory  things: One can have excess spares inventory that another service organization within the company or the distributor channel needs, but hardly anyone has any way of knowing about it; or there is excess stock of the product throughout the company and one must go to the open market to dispose of it. Other sources of excess inventory come from safety stocks, inventory buildups for seasonal and promotional items, bigger order sizes due to volume-based discounts, consignment inventories, returned goods, and Read More...
Help Desk for the Health Care Industry
Help Desk is an application for assisting and managing calls for support from computer users. It also includes computer and software inventory tracking along with technical support knowledge bas...
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Documents related to » excess spares inventory

Is There a Smarter Way to Handle Excess Active and Obsolete Inventory?
Imagine the convenience of a 24x7 intranet marketplace where companies could sell off their inventory to the highest bidder. FreeFlow is one such business

excess spares inventory  the usual destination for excess spares inventory is to the scrap bin. However, with recycling legislation—and costs—on the increase, scrapping excess inventory is not as smart or as easy as it once was. Imagine the convenience of having a 24x7 intranet marketplace within a global service organization, where each location can advertise excess spares inventory or flag shortages to all other locations. The intranet provider can immediately send an e-mail to the other registered member locations, Read More...
Supply Chain Management Systems for Service and Replacement Parts: Players, Benefits, and User Recommendations
Improved service management boosts revenue from both service offerings and new product sales, while improved customer service and enhanced offerings increase

excess spares inventory  table in terms of excess inventory carrying costs or missed potential sales opportunities. On average, spare parts planning systems lower inventory levels by up to 35 percent while simultaneously improving customer service levels, decreasing expediting costs and increasing field service technicians productivity, for example, increasing first-time fix rates. Some enterprises implementing these systems have reportedly seen payback times of six to nine months, while some have subsequently found out that as Read More...
Managing Business Risk in Industrial Equipment and Supply
Industrial equipment manufacturers and maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) distributors can’t afford to miss bidding deadlines, delivery dates, product

excess spares inventory  is ending up with excess inventory during economic declines. To minimize the risk of inventory shortages and write-offs, industrial companies can learn lessons from the consumer goods sector. These firms are accustomed to high volumes and large product lines, and have turned to event-driven demand and inventory planning functions as well as market analytics to determine profitable product mix (see Figure 2). Services Expansion: A solution provider stance nearly always entails offering services. Component Read More...
Supply Chain Management: Morphing the Functional Scope of Service Parts
The quintessential business challenge is to minimize downtime on assets while minimizing the cost of spare and replacement parts inventory. To meet these

excess spares inventory  supply chain management,SCM,enterprise asset management,EAM,replacement parts,original equipment manufacturers,OEM,maintenance repair and overhaul,MRO,service,aftermarket,inventory management,service and replacement parts delivery management,supply chain execution (SCE) Read More...
Taking Control: Improved Inventory Visibility Leads to Lean Success
While inventory reduction is a worthy goal for manufacturers, with less “cushion” mistakes and surprises can be costly. When looking at inventory levels and how

excess spares inventory  inventory,manufacture,inventory reduction,inventory management,inventory control,inventory management system,inventory management software,inventory control methods,inventory software management,inventory control software,warehouse management,software inventory management,what is inventory,vendor managed inventory,inventory management techniques Read More...
19 Steps to Maintain an Accurate Inventory What You Must Know About Your Inventory
It takes $2,500 in new sales to make up $100 in lost inventory, assuming a 4 percent return. Keeping an orderly warehouse with up-to-date processes and informed

excess spares inventory  is no room for excess costs in any economy! In order to show a profit, you need a complete understanding of where the money goes and how to run your operations more efficiently and effectively than your competition. This means you can't just address problems during your annual physical and then think they will not happen again throughout the year. By assigning someone to address reports throughout the year, the reports will be a manageable the week before the annual physical. I see it all of the time. Read More...
What Makes Process Process?
The systems dealing with manufacturing, inventory, procurement, and customer order management systems are among the systems that often prove to be the hardest

excess spares inventory  enterprise resource planning,ERP,supply chain management,SCM,process manufacturing,discrete manufacturing,inventory,procurement,customer order management,process enterprise,ERP system,bill of material,BOM,process module Read More...
How Inventory Optimization Can Increase Your Profitability
One of the largest expenses for distributors and wholesalers is stock. Many have difficulty finding the perfect balance between ensuring products are available

excess spares inventory  of stock, seasonal trends, excess, lead-time analysis, demand variation analysis and automatic user-defined purchasing suggestions. It is also important to have a fully integrated system that captures true demands and requests instead of simply uploading delivery statistics from the ERP system. The system needs to be 'clever' enough to know that if a customer is asking for a blue pen from one warehouse but, because these are unavailable they receive a red pen from another warehouse, the demand figures Read More...
Merchandising Systems RFI/RFP Template
Inventory Management, Inventory Optimization, Price Management, Revenue Management, Master, POS, Reports and Inquiries and Product Technology

excess spares inventory  
Challenges and Future Plans of a Product Inventory Disposition Vendor
Despite FreeFlow's success at helping organizations regain some margin of profitability for excess inventory, the company still strives for expansion and

excess spares inventory  sell their at-risk and excess inventory, FreeFlow aims to help companies improve their product life cycle profitability. The vendor also offers a comprehensive, inventory asset management suite to meet the needs of its customers. Zooming into an Inventory Free Flow Room for Expansion and Improvement Remains As seen thus far, FreeFlow's Internet-based bidding technology solutions and related business services have been deployed across the broad technology sector including computer hardware, consumer Read More...
Customer Success Story: Batchmaster Provides Superior Inventory Control
Superior Quality Foods was growing, but poor inventory control was impacting its profitability. To ensure there was enough stock to meet production needs, it

excess spares inventory  
Establishing Standards for Automotive Inventory Visibility and Interoperability
As globalization, competition, and downward price pressures show no signs of easing, lean manufacturing—matching supply to demand, eliminating waste, and

excess spares inventory  project,phase,QAD,inventory,automotive,data
Can Webplan Reconcile Planning and Execution? Part Four: Challenges and User Recommendations
Webplan appears to be ahead of the pack in applications for concurrently optimizing demand, order promise, and inventory management, taking constraints into

excess spares inventory  events as to avoid excess inventory and obsolescence exposure on one side and stock-out and low customer service exposure on the other side, should place Webplan on their short list. However, at this stage, ideal manufacturing prospects would be those that mostly build to order and ship directly, so that they are not burdened with the outbound warehousing and multi-modal logistics issues that would make it a much more difficult problem. Those companies with existing ERP or SCM vendors in-house should Read More...

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