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Ask the Experts: What’s the Difference between ASP and SaaS?
This interesting question recently arrived in our Ask the Experts inbox, so I thought I’d write a brief post clarifying the difference between ASP and SaaS

explorer carpet  browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.) Another thing both models have in common is this: because of the way we connect to the business application, hardware, software, and data is allocated in a third-party location, this third party is in charge of maintaining the application and the infrastructure (hardware and software) to keep the application operating. So, companies use or consume applications “on-demand” or on a “pay as you go” basis. To sum up: both ASP and SaaS Read More

ERP for the Oil and Gas Industry (Upstream)
The model of ERP systems for the upstream oil and gas sector addresses the particularly specialized business model of this industry. It is common practice for companies, individuals, and government...
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Secure Folder: File or Folder Encryption
Teamwork requires data to be shared, but security must be maintained. Folder encryption is an essential part of corporate security and protecting intellectual

explorer carpet  integrated in Microsoft Windows Explorer to provide access to the major functions in context-sensitive menus. The SECUDE libraries are called from there. 3.1. Smartcard integration The objective of our software is to detect the smartcard automatically if the driver has been correctly configured. Therefore, Secure Folder is also shipped with an up-to-date identification list of commercially available smartcards. Additions can also be made to this list later. Again, if the attacker has access to a computer Read More
TEC Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of May 14th, 2012
SOFTWARE SELECTIONS @ IMPLEMENTATIONSGirl Scouts of the USA selects NetSuite ERPIndustry tags: Non-profit organizations

explorer carpet  version of SAP BO Explorer with SAP HANA power. Who says the small can't teach the big a few things? For instance, Tableau and QlikView data discovery products are gaining attention thanks to their data discovery solutions with interesting analysis and data search features, and great visualization tools. Companies like IBM with Cognos Insight and SAP with Data Visualization are trying to stay up-to-date with the new face of BI. —Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst Aras expands to Japan Industry tags: PLM, Read More
Palm to Give Developers a Leg Up
Palm, Inc. announced a new initiative to help designers and developers increase the quantity and speed of bringing Palm-based products to market.

explorer carpet  of Netscape and Internet Explorer - and Microsoft's history shows it rarely, if ever, gives up when it wants a particular market or segment. Competition from Microsoft notwithstanding, we view this as a smart move by Palm. A key way to get hardware and software developers to design for your product is to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. In the past, this meant giving away free copies of development kits. These days, it means helping developers in all phases of product development. The Read More
Fourth Shift Hopes To Thrive On China’s Greener Pastures
January has marked increased PR activity at Fourth Shift, with mixed, bittersweet announcements. While 2000 was a disappointing year, mostly owing to the 26.5

explorer carpet  and hyperlinks. The FS Explorer displays all of the available WebUI features in an easy to use tree view that can be expanded and collapsed. Search capabilities are also available to allow the user to quickly find a WebUI feature. The company cites these features as enabling users to use Fourth Shift with minimal training. My Fourth Shift Workplace works with both SQL Server-based and mdbs TITANIUM configurations for the Fourth Shift ERP Suite. Market Impact These are by no means easy times for smaller Read More
SGC SuperCert - Automatic 128-bit set-up Encryption & SSL Certificate
thawte's new SGC SuperCert now automatically steps up to 128-bit encryption for certain end users with the Windows 2000 operating system who, in the past, would

explorer carpet  the version of Internet Explorer used. The systems affected are those that shipped prior to about March 2001 and did not subsequently have Microsoft's High Encryption pack or Service Pack 2 installed. thawte's SGC SuperCert ensures that all these site visitors enjoy the protection of the strongest SSL encryption available. Find out how you can ensure that you are providing the best possible encryption for each and every visitor to your web site. Read More
Microsoft’s Underlying Platform Parts for Enterprise Applications: Somewhat Explained - Part 3
Part 2 of this blog series analyzed Microsoft platform parts that are slated for shared use within the Microsoft Dynamics family of products. Particular

explorer carpet  now called IFS Enterprise Explorer (IEE). Namely, to prevent any confusion about Aurora being a separate product from IFS Applications , IFS has recently clarified its naming conventions. Aurora is now a development project that will yield several enhancements to IFS Applications, all with a focus on ease-of-use and user productivity.  The first deliverable as part of the Aurora project is IEE, the new graphical user interface (GUI) for IFS Applications. It is important to note that after IEE is Read More
Annoyed by ERP? You’re Not Alone.
Buzzwords are annoying. High-pressure sales pitches are annoying. Your competitors are sort of annoying.And ERP? Really annoying.That’s the perspective

explorer carpet  everyone to use Internet Explorer 6. Bracken : The last thing I'd add is that businesses should really expect more out of enterprise software, because that's the only way it will improve. If you've used personal software that outperforms your enterprise solution, something is seriously wrong. I can't understand how anyone who has used Gmail, Yahoo mail, or just about any other modern webmail application, can be satisfied with the Exchange webmail interface. Tyler : Right now, it seems like consumer Read More
UNIT4: The (Largely) Untold Story - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog post series started with my invitation by UNIT4 (formerly Unit 4 Agresso), the second largest business applications provider in continental

explorer carpet  The (Largely) Untold Story - Part 3 Part 1 of this blog post series  started with my invitation by  UNIT4 (formerly Unit 4 Agresso ), the second largest business applications provider in continental Europe , to attend its  UK 2010 users conference . Frankly, I was a bit skeptical about what new and exciting I might see and hear about at this event in light of the vendor’s analyst tour in Boston in late 2009. The post then discussed the recent development that preceded both the UK user Read More
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems: Beating the Odds, Mightily - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series explained IQMS’ upbeat posture despite a hostile and depressed environment, while Part 2 analyzed the recent developments of

explorer carpet  brethren. Namely, IFS Enterprise Explorer (IEE , part of the ongoing Project Aurora ), Microsoft Dynamics Client for Office (DCO ), Lawson Smart Office , Epicor Productivity Pyramid , Infor MyDay, and so on revolve around the themes like role-based portals, contextual analytics, KPIs, alerts, dashboards, etc. In addition, the role-based UI was implemented with common controls and gadgets, and delivered for basically all of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP products after introduction and testing first in Read More
SAS/Warehouse 2.0 Goes Live
SAS Institute has announced the production availability of SAS/Warehouse Administrator software, Version 2.0. This new version provides IT the ability to

explorer carpet  e-enabled viewers like MetaSpace Explorer and integration with business intelligence and reporting tools. It helps make IT professionals more productive by giving them the ability to publish data from the warehouse - putting information in the hands of those who need it and freeing up IT staff for other projects. Version 2.0 offers proactive information delivery with the addition of publish-and-subscribe tools robust enough for the entire enterprise, and offers enhanced intelligent access to data Read More
May a New Day Begin for Mature Enterprise Applications - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series outlined the trend of enterprise applications vendors’ attempts to win their users’ hearts and minds (as well as wallets) via more

explorer carpet  event. Namely, IFS Enterprise Explorer (IEE , part of the ongoing Project Aurora ), Microsoft Dynamics Client for Office (DCO ), Lawson Smart Office , Epicor Productivity Pyramid , IQMS Smart Page UI and so on revolve around themes like role-based portals, contextual analytics, KPIs, alerts, dashboards, shortcuts, favorite/recently used pages, etc. In addition, the role-based UI was implemented with common controls and gadgets, and delivered for basically all of the Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource Read More
Job Scheduling Maze in Distributed IT Landscapes - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series outlined the problem that, as the number of systems, applications, databases, and whatnot platforms increases, the IT business

explorer carpet  could un the Windows Internet Explorer executable (IEXPLORE.exe) and pass TEC ’s Uniform Resource Locator (URL) as a parameter to open the TEC's home page. Worth noting here is the Copy Script to execution machine option for running scripts as a process, as well as the ability to allow pre- and post-job steps; File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Job -- can initiate a series of FTP and/or Secure FTP commands in a heterogeneous fashion, using the following secure protocols: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) v3 and Read More
IFS Bucking the Trends - Part 1
IFS is a public business software company (listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange) founded in 1983 with headquarters in Linkoping, Sweden and with US$362

explorer carpet  customers,  the IFS Enterprise Explorer (IEE) UI, Enterprise Applications Search (EAS), and other enhancements to the user experience are continuing to garner strong adoption, which in turn is driving the upgrade business . New functional components, such as  Eco-footprint Management , are also showing strong interest with both new and established customers. In many instances, the adoption is driven not as much as from these customers fully utilizing the eco-footprint functionality, but rather from Read More
Epicor 9: Delivering What Oracle and Others Are Yet to Achieve? - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series outlined Epicor 9 (aka Epicor ERP [evaluate this product]), Epicor Software’s next-generation converged product suite. A similar feat

explorer carpet  AJAX , Windows Internet Explorer , Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox  browsers, Web store front applications, and you-name-a-technology-or-gadget. The framework supports virtually all commercial mobile devices ( Symbian OS , BlackBerry , Windows Mobile , iPhone , etc.) using the Web as opposed to a particular mobile operating system (OS). The Epicor Everywhere Framework also refers to the underlying application architecture that allows for localization layers to comply with regulations and best practices Read More

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