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Bootcamp for the Pros; Why Ernst & Young Will Lead Security Auditing Standards
Original News & Educational ReviewCourse SummaryErnst & Young, has put together the quintessential course for security engineers looking to improve their

extreme hacking  but how hackers think. eXtreme Hacking is for all intent purposes, a course on how to audit the security of an information technology network by not only learning what tools to use, but taking into consideration hacking strategies, and how hackers think. Company Background Ernst & Young LLP, best-known for its traditional tax and audit services, has with extreme Hacking, taken auditing to a new level. Figure 1: Ernst & Young Corporate Information Headquarters 787 7th Avenue New York, NY 10019 Trading Read More...
HR System for Banks, Financial Institutions
A multinational bank turned to TEC for help selecting a fully integrated human resources (HR) solution. Find out how the selection project played out.
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Documents related to » extreme hacking

E&Y Spins-Off eSecurity Online and Unveils Security Vulnerability Assessment Services
In an effort to assist corporations in preventing security related losses, Ernst & Young announced that it is spinning off a new online security venture. The

extreme hacking  fellow industry security experts (eXtreme Hacking), Ernst & Young is positioned well to offer a robust service in this area. As well, eSecurityOnline has over 1000 security resources available for public viewing. Their security content includes educational materials, product reviews, vendor reviews, and other security news that can help IT security departments stay abreast of current threats and trends. User Recommendations With security violations growing at a rapid pace, just keeping up with Read More...
The Intranet Has Come a Long Way: Where is it Going Next?
The intranet was born from the marriage of two opposing business initiatives. The word processing department was cutting costs by eliminating the printed

extreme hacking  some cases to the extreme Linux operating system. Why? To reduce cost? Microsoft NT is supporting mid-sized companies and midrange Unix servers are readily available but the trend in larger companies is to consolidate servers. It is not unusual to find a billion dollar enterprise with fifty to seventy servers in a single data center. One IT Manager said that although he adopted all of the lowest total cost of ownership products, his budget was in the third quartile of the benchmark because he made up Read More...
Vendor Viability (Size) vs. Customer Intimacy
After almost a decade of following the enterprise applications market via insightful, sometimes exhaustive (and exhausting) free research articles (which will

extreme hacking  case, while at the extremes, a few products have been stabilized (or killed if you will) on the one hand, while only a few lucky ones have even been reinvigorated by the new owner, on the other extreme. In any case, as every change is painful, the ideal situation for the user enterprise would be to stick with the same owner (management) as long as possible. The common wisdom is then to go for a large, globally renowned provider, as such a company should remain independent much longer than the little Read More...
Integrated Security: A New Network Approach
The challenge is to ensure that the right people gain access and the wrong people do not, making the role of information security even more critical to enabling

extreme hacking  
Texas Instruments Tells War Stories At i2 Planet
This year at i2’s Planet conference, Texas Instruments reviewed lessons learned during their 3½-year i2-SAP implementation.

extreme hacking  few would doubt the extreme difficulty involved in a project as large as TI's, Namdar and her colleagues were misled by certain well-meaning groups (probably before a deal was signed) into underestimating the difficulties involved. As Namdar put it, if anyone tells you it's going to go really smoothly, they're lying. Texas Instruments devised novel strategies for dealing with the more difficult and unpredictable aspects of the implementation. The most interesting of these was the War Room, a physical Read More...
SmallSmartFast Organizations
At ChainLink we have talked a lot about the advent of SmallSmartFast technologies—ever-smaller and ever-smarter devices and software that is fast to implement

extreme hacking  such as the XP (Extreme Programming) approach where you develop, test, and deliver real, usable production code (not prototypes) incrementally in 2-3 week cycles. The whole focus is: think small—what's the smallest possible useful/usable functionality I can build, then deliver it very quickly [1] . This allows much more reality-based progress indicators, since measurement of actual vs. plan for the overall project can start almost immediately, rather than not knowing about delays until very late in the Read More...
The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) Conference in San Diego: The Agile Approach to Business Intelligence (BI)
Next month a TDWI World Conference will be taking place in San Diego, California. What’s so special about this conference anyway? The answer is simple:  the

extreme hacking  and analytics. •    “ Extreme Scoping: An Agile Approach to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence ” given by Larissa Moss, an expert in the Data Warehouse field. Other Things to Look For As with all TDWI conferences, the San Diego World Conference will also have a broad coverage of topics from many aspects of the BI life cycle process—especially for data warehousing and data analysis. Here are some other things to look for: •    “ Data Governance for BI Professionals ” given by Read More...
Best Practices for Microsoft SharePoint Server Application Deployments
Discover the best way to optimize Microsoft Office 2007 SharePoint Server applications and reduce network costs. Learn how download times of commonly accessed

extreme hacking  than one second. In extreme scenarios (with user response times in excess of 10 minutes), find out how you can reduce the workflow wait down to 15 seconds! Read More...
SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 Release Feature Pack 3 Now Available
SAP has recently unveiled new analytics features for some of its business intelligence (BI) portfolios that are aimed at enhancing access to and manipulation of

extreme hacking  creative BI, mobile BI, extreme BI, and social BI. Major features available in this new feature pack release include the following: New support for the Android platform and functional enhancements for iPhone mobile for direct access to critical reports and dashboards via mobile devices Access to big data sources via support for Apache Hadoop and enhanced support for the SAP HANA platform, enabling high-performance analytics at high speed Enhancement to SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Enhanced support for Read More...
Vendors Strive for Segment Pack Leader Status; Does Retalix Measure Up?
Software vendors strive to be leaders in their areas of expertise and Retalix seems to be no exception. But how do we recognize a segment pack leader and what

extreme hacking  handling rapid scanning with extreme reliability, and able to integrate multiple store formats and hardware systems, which are all key requirements of the retail food segment. What is most compelling about Retalix is its absolute dedication to the food related segment of retail. Best described by Barry Shacked, Retalix' chief executive officer since 1982, the company's focus is on the grocery, convenience store, fuel, and food service retailers and wholesale distributors world wide . Retalix only has Read More...
The 'Joy' Of Enterprise Systems Implementations Part 3: Causes of Failures
This part discusses the causes of ill-fated implementation

extreme hacking  business requirements . One extreme example would be too feature rich (i.e., complex) system imposed by the top management that all but overwhelms and alienates the users. Outside consultants who do not truly understand the business then have to figure out how the package should be mapped to the business processes. This often means automating the current, likely non-optimized business processes in a manner of digitizing the dinosaur . Not to mention the significance of the client's non-existent Read More...
Hacking Your PBX: 15 Ways to Make the Most of a Modern Phone System
The days of telephone switchboard operators are long gone. In today@s electronic age, through private branch exchange (PBX) technology, operators have been

extreme hacking  co-workers. Sometimes, you'll be extremely tied up at the office or will be fielding a lengthy important phone call and just can't get to any other customers. Instead of losing those customers' business or having a receptionist take a message and forget to give it to you, voice mail allows that customer to record a message that you can check at a later time from any remote location. When setting up your system, however, it is important to consider whether the same voice mail message is appropriate for Read More...

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