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Infor Distribution FACTS
Delivering innovative features and functionality, Infor ERP FACTS is a proven distribution-based software package that enables customers to streamline

facts cezanne  Distribution FACTS Delivering innovative features and functionality, Infor ERP FACTS is a proven distribution-based software package that enables customers to streamline processes and maximize resources. FACTS allows distributors to enhance customer service, optimize inventory levels, increase productivity, and improve profitability, and it provides a complete distribution management system that links all business functions. From the front office to the back office, key business elements are Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » facts cezanne

Total Reward Management: Don't Leave Your Line Manager Alone
A total reward management system can help companies leverage their most complex and volatile asset: its human capital. Partnerships between human resources and

facts cezanne  account these figures and facts, we need to find a solution to the structural limit that HR and line managers face when they act individually. It's crucial to amplify the impact of HR strategy through informed line manager involvement. HR and managers can increase the effectiveness of their actions if they intervene in a coordinated and synchronized manner. They can improve performance and motivation of all the employees, not only those with high potential. Customer satisfaction, as it is known, is built Read More...
Stalled Oracle Fumbling For A Jump-Start Kit Part 1: Recent Events
While Oracle's declining revenue and profit continue across main businesses, SAP and Siebel have been extending their leads in respective enterprise application

facts cezanne  to view key business facts on a daily basis. A set of Business Intelligence (BI) products, support the concept, which is based on the idea of a personalized role-based information portal providing real-time data from processes across the enterprise. Close information includes performance metrics, financial ratios, profit & loss summaries and other indicators that roll up across all application models. Oracle is supplementing the Daily Business Close functionality with a pre-built Enterprise Portal Read More...
New Realities of Retail Workforce Management: Myths versus Facts
With an economic recovery underway, retailers are leveraging workforce management (WFM) tools to help them address their most pressing needs—cost reduction

facts cezanne  Workforce Management: Myths versus Facts With an economic recovery underway, retailers are leveraging workforce management (WFM) tools to help them address their most pressing needs—cost reduction, return on investment (ROI), and measurably improved performance—while instilling practices that will serve them tomorrow and beyond. Find out how market leaders are leveraging the considerable benefits of WFM systems to gain a significant competitive advantage. Read More...
CRM: The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth(For A Change)
Finding out the true facts about what makes CRM tick and how fast it circles the ROI clock—if it indeed reaches ROI-has long frustrated potential CRM

facts cezanne  Finding out the true facts about what makes CRM tick and how fast it circles the ROI clock—if it indeed reaches ROI—has long frustrated potential CRM implementers looking for answers. And getting good answers really matters, because their only alternative to being forewarned may be leaping into enterprise-wide, mega-bucks, change management-laden CRM implementations—and testing the depth of the water with both feet. For the first time, there are statistically-based, substantive answers to many Read More...
Infor Reports Rapid Growth of Distribution Business Unit
Infor recently announced that its distribution business unit has had more than 120 percent license growth since the close of Infor's 2010 fiscal year. By

facts cezanne  solutions like Infor Distribution FACTS and Infor Distribution SX.e . Each customer brings a new perspective and list of requirements to light when joining the Infor community, enabling continued innovation and ongoing improvements to both solutions and the company as a whole. In addition, existing customers have demonstrated their belief in Infor's innovation strategy by becoming early adopters and advocates for some of the newest solutions available. Examples include C.H. Briggs integration of Read More...
ROI: Are You Ready to Walk The Walk?
ROI marketing is just starting to become mainstream. ROI selling is already out there, further advanced in adoption because of its perceived relevance to the

facts cezanne  claim has the ROI facts to support it. That's because an ROI claim won't be unique for very long, and soon you're in a spitting contest. I cannot count the number of software vendors I talk to who say that the minute they start making an interesting claim, their competitor copies it. Whether that's true or just sour grapes, there's no doubt that me too marketing is common in B2B software and high technology in general. Current me-too positions in the B2B software market include Insight On-demand Read More...
Winning your market - with
Positioning Part 3: Why we should love dumb questionsPart 2 was about the choices to consider when formulating your campaign positioning—now we’ll see why those

facts cezanne  of successful positioning. The facts of the real estate project did not change—same houses in the same place. The perception of the project in the minds of buyers changed COMPLETELY—thanks to successful positioning. Next , we will explore how to use positioning to sell IT products and services through e-mail campaigns, white papers, case studies, web sites, landing pages, sales calls, and more. Next post: Positioning Part 4: “What’s in it for Me?” Read More...
BI Principles for Another Kind of Intelligence
Traditional business intelligence (BI) and analytics applications aim to support the decision-making process of a company. By analyzing large amounts of data

facts cezanne  data elements detecting relevant facts creating knowledge maps data indexing These tasks can be applied to achieve a variety of goals, including: fraud and criminal investigation support research and development knowledge management By providing applications that use new algorithms and techniques for advanced data analysis, along with powerful data visualization capabilities, vendors of this type of application are providing a unique set of tools to occupy functionality gaps that traditional BI Read More...
The Newest Release of SYSPRO ERP-SYSPRO 7-Is Now TEC certified
It has been only a year and a few months since Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) analysts last certified the then-current version of SYSPRO ERP, SYSPRO 6.1

facts cezanne  brand nowadays. The fast facts are as follows: The company has 35 years of experience in the ERP software industry. SYSPRO has more than 15,000 customers overall operating in 62 countries. SYSPRO ERP is delivered, implemented, and supported through a network of more than 1,600 Channel & Support Partners. SYSPRO’s customer retention rate is very high—about 98%; similar numbers also reflect the SYSPRO staff retention rate. The newer major release of SYSPRO ERP software, SYSPRO 7, has been Read More...
To SaaS or Not, Is That a Question? - SaaSy Discussions (Part II)
Wow, how time flies and how many things have happened in the market these days to distract a market observer! Namely, only over a year after my SaaSy Discusions

facts cezanne  company to buy. SaaS: Facts vs. Fiction I certainly wouldn’t want to come across here as someone suggesting that SaaS solutions will cure cancer, or solve world hunger, global warming and/or the US dependency on foreign oil problems. As I said in my 2008 blog post : “Anyone who thinks one model will dominate for every possible use of software is just not an enterprise software connoisseur, is not a serious person, or is just an aggressive salesperson.” The common sense is that the market will never Read More...
What you Should Know about Licensed versus License-free Microwave
As with any hot market, point-to-point wireless is bait for the pathologicallyopportunistic. In this atmosphere—often termed

facts cezanne  few basic and incontrovertible facts concerning the difference between licensed and license-free wireless. In fact, a successful outcome depends on choosing the right one. Read More...
Service Parts Planning for Maintenance Management
Whether you have a small network with a couple of printers and a fax machine, or a sophisticated shop floor using robots, cranes, etc., you have to make sure

facts cezanne  equipment. There are two facts that are certain in the enterprise asset management (EAM) world: 1. your equipment will break sooner or later; and 2. it will eventually become obsolete. It is common knowledge that when your equipment becomes obsolete, you need to replace it and when they break, they need to be repaired. Furthermore, one would expect companies to always have spare parts available for repairs, but it is not always the case. Let’s take a look at why this may happen. Why is it so hard to Read More...
Women in BI: Are You a “Data Geekette”?
Recently around the office we’ve been talking about the increasing role of women in most areas of information technology (IT). I’ve had the pleasure to know and

facts cezanne  we don’t have the facts and figures, let’s find them out. We’ll be publishing a survey soon. Please follow us through the research process—your contributions and insight are valuable to us. Finally, my fellow analysts and our editors are arguing over the value of the term “data geekette,” and whether it’s one we should use. What do you think? {democracy:67} Tell us a little more about yourself in the comments below. What’s the gender balance like where you work? What type of BI-related Read More...
VSS is a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner and one of thelargest US-based IBM Premier Business Partners. VSS offers a wide range of professional

facts cezanne  and TX. Company Fast Facts: Established in 1990 with 17 locations and headquartered in Jackson, MS. With over 100 full time employees and 250 Microsoft and IBM certifications VSS generated $92 million in revenue for fiscal year 2007. Read More...

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