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Infor Distribution FACTS
Delivering innovative features and functionality, Infor ERP FACTS is a proven distribution-based software package that enables customers to streamline

facts onpaul cezanne  Distribution FACTS Delivering innovative features and functionality, Infor ERP FACTS is a proven distribution-based software package that enables customers to streamline processes and maximize resources. FACTS allows distributors to enhance customer service, optimize inventory levels, increase productivity, and improve profitability, and it provides a complete distribution management system that links all business functions. From the front office to the back office, key business elements are Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » facts onpaul cezanne

Total Reward Management: Don't Leave Your Line Manager Alone
A total reward management system can help companies leverage their most complex and volatile asset: its human capital. Partnerships between human resources and

facts onpaul cezanne  mainly based on two facts: the limitations of the HR department, and the close contact line managers have with their employees. An HR department has, on average, one person for every 100 employees. If we exclude recruitment staff (as they rarely focus on employees) this number decreases to, on average, one person for every 150. If we then consider that a significant part (usually 50 percent) of an HR professional's time is dedicated to administrative activities, we can reasonably say that the people who a Read More
Winning your market - with
Positioning Part 3: Why we should love dumb questionsPart 2 was about the choices to consider when formulating your campaign positioning—now we’ll see why those

facts onpaul cezanne  of successful positioning. The facts of the real estate project did not change—same houses in the same place. The perception of the project in the minds of buyers changed COMPLETELY—thanks to successful positioning. Next , we will explore how to use positioning to sell IT products and services through e-mail campaigns, white papers, case studies, web sites, landing pages, sales calls, and more. Next post: Positioning Part 4: “What’s in it for Me?” Read More
Global Platforms Unveiled at Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2013 EMEA
Some of the facts given to industry analysts (under a vow of silence) by Microsoft executives at the recent Microsoft Dynamics Fall Analyst Event (FAE) 2013 in

facts onpaul cezanne  EMEA Some of the facts given to industry analysts (under a vow of silence) by Microsoft executives at the recent Microsoft Dynamics Fall Analyst Event (FAE) 2013 in October 2013 were soon after unveiled to the public at the company’s reportedly sold-out Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2013 EMEA conference in Barcelona, Spain in November 2013. There, Microsoft highlighted how some businesses are differentiating themselves in the market with Microsoft Dynamics technology in the opening keynote address , Read More
What Can Pure CPQ Vendors Do Now?
For a few years now, pundits have opined that the quote-to-order (Q2O)/configure, price, quote (CPQ) realm is not sustainable as a standalone enterprise

facts onpaul cezanne  and provided the predictive facts to a former CPQ client. I counseled the company in an eight-part strategy to move the database consolidation assets to what was then the prevailing information/data management term of the day, master data management (MDM), which today has grown into a subset of Big Data, and to also append an analytics engine. This could transition CPQ vendors like my former client with huge data management capabilities into a new category of solutions that is in hot demand today: Read More
Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Dummies
InNetwork Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Dummies, you'llget the straight facts on common network performance managementissues and how to go abo...

facts onpaul cezanne  you'll get the straight facts on common network performance management issues—and how to go about solving them. In the reader-friendly, straight-ahead style the Dummies series is famous for, you'll learn about network visibility, monitoring, and analysis how to respond to network performance problems Special Offer Files 2012 Read More
Conviction is the Intangible in a Successful Positioning Process
You need conviction to skillfully handle the inevitable criticism during the positioning process. Otherwise, you're likely to try something different every time

facts onpaul cezanne  referring back to the facts gathered and summarized in the presentation. The product team also had the opportunity to tap into the knowledge and experience of management. The process had also psychologically prepared the product managers. Just as they were never afraid to defend their positions, they were also prepared to discover a better position, if one appeared. Preparation had typically been so thorough, and the product managers so sure of their work—they had conviction—that almost every Read More
How Instant, Accurate Information Can Drive Your Competitive Edge
To make timely, well-informed decisions, you need just that: time and information. This means having fast access to accurate information from every department

facts onpaul cezanne  Do you have the facts about costs and assets to ensure that you bid competitively, but not so low that you end up losing money? You're considering a substantial capital investment in new machinery to support a business expansion. What information about past and projected performance will help you decide whether to make the invest- ment ' and can you access that information? In each of these cases, an ad hoc gut judgment could lead to an unprofitable bid, a dissatisfied customer, a lost oppor tunity, or Read More
Oracle Delivers New Oracle Retail Allocation Release
Retail is indisputably one of Oracle’s major industries of focus where the giant has made significant investments, both in terms of acquisitions and in-house

facts onpaul cezanne  and using real-time inventory facts, the Oracle Retail Allocation solution enables retailers to deliver the right product, in the best assortment, for each location.  Retailers need to juggle a multiplicity of variables in terms of assortments. They must be finely tuned to local demographics and store and distribution center clusters, which influence merchandise allocation and pricing, which in turn affects and is affected by workforce levels and space planning. These are critical factors for retailers Read More
Enterprises May Be Overlooking Profits from After-sales Service
If service parts and service personnel management are well managed, manufacturers can significantly improve their profits from service operations. This will

facts onpaul cezanne  service is important. These facts warrant investment in good systems—popularly known as enterprise service management systems—to better manage after-sales service. Unfortunately, AMR Research points out that manufacturers invest four times as much in IT solutions for their product businesses as they do for their service businesses, but one quarter of their revenues—and half of their profits—come from service. The Rising Importance of After-sales Service After-sales service is no longer an Read More
Increase Your Talent IQ: Stop Guessing and Start Making Smarter Decisions about Your Workforce
How much insight do companies truly have into their workforce? Too many organizations rely on assumptions versus facts when it comes to talent. Others simply

facts onpaul cezanne  rely on assumptions versus facts when it comes to talent. Others simply have no reliable means of gaining better data and insight into the fitness and capabilities of their people. Read More
U.S. vs. Microsoft - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, But Not That Hard
An updated study projects a potential Microsoft antitrust breakup to increase software costs US$30B. It's not nearly that high.

facts onpaul cezanne  not supported by any facts or plausible arguments. Even with just one company producing Windows, we've seen an average 20 percent increase in functionality a year, Dr. Liebowitz said. It will be impossible for competing operating systems to remain compatible with one another while they are adding functionality at these rapid rates. Market Impact The Liebowitz study is predicated on a single scenario - the District Court orders a breakup of Microsoft into three BabySofts , with each BabySoft Read More
How to Compare Leading ERP Vendors
Simply use TEC's ERP comparison reports to compare any one of these solutions against two other ERP solutions of your choice.

facts onpaul cezanne  Vendors Here are the facts , as the marketing departments would have it: Epicor ERP is a leading ERP solution for midsized manufacturers. With more than 20,000 customers in over 140 countries, Epicor says it has now redefined enterprise software by eliminating the technology and accessibility barriers that stifle productivity. IFS Applications is a leading software solution used by oil and gas companies around the world. According to IFS, IFS Applications is designed to help you maintain your Read More
Cognos Express-a New “Big” Product for the Midsized Market?
Many midsized companies have to deal with a very particular problem: the need of a true business intelligence (BI) solution, while having to select and deploy

facts onpaul cezanne  look at some interesting facts: Cognos Express is a Web-based tool composed of three base products: Cognos Express Reporter (a reporting and querying tool), Cognos Express Advisor (a tool for data analysis and visualization), and Cognos Express Xcelerator (a tool for data analysis and planning based on Microsoft Excel; all of these three can be managed by the Cognos Express Manager. The idea behind this three-part system is to create a complete set of BI tools, giving the user the option of installing Read More
TEC’s Latest CRM Buyer’s Guide Highlights Game-changing Innovations
Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) has released its latest Customer Relationship Buyer’s Guide: Innovations in CRM. Produced by TEC research analysts, this

facts onpaul cezanne  Along with the vital facts on CRM features and benefits buyer require to make good, informed decisions on CRM, the guide also lays out the pros and cons of each key area of innovation—and uses real-life examples to show how companies are using innovations in CRM to successfully attract and retain customers. As TEC CRM analyst Gabriel Gheorghiu points out: This is not your father’s CRM. There’s lots of new functionality that companies need to be aware of to stay competitive—and this guide covers Read More

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