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Getting Strategic Planning and Financial Planning in the Same Bailiwick
To provide useful financial insight on projects, financial managers need to think about business strategy more like a series of options than a single projected

financial calculation in oracle  into the planning process, financial executives can help operations evaluate when the projects should be funded. First, let's consider the different type of options and how they relate to strategic choices 5 : Table 4: Real Options in a Strategic Sense Real Options Similar 'Strategic' Option Growth options - investment creates future growth options above and beyond the returns generated by the initial investment Infrastructure projects such as investments in a new platform Timing options - delay Read More...
Financial Packages
Financial packages encompass modules for bookkeeping and making sure that accounts are paid or received on time.
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Documents related to » financial calculation in oracle

SAP HANA-One Technology to Watch in 2012 (and Beyond)
Did you know that SAP HANA is much more than a high-speed analytic appliance? TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic reveals how HANA is a universal database

financial calculation in oracle  planning engine for performing financial operations in the database layer, a disk-based storage (for the data types that do not require the in-memory speed), SAP LiveCache for objects storage (to store non-text files and unstructured data), a data aging system, a persistence layer from MaxDB (SAP’s proprietary relational database used for SAP Business ByDesign ), a metadata manager, a transaction manager, a calculation engine, an optimization engine, a request parser, an authorization manager, and a Read More...
CDC Software Wins at the Pivotal Auction. Now What? Part One: Event Summary
While Pivotal might have temporarily mitigated its protracted troubles by having the privilege to choose between three potential suitors, the time for some

financial calculation in oracle  provide Pivotal with significant financial support in its profitable and growing operations: a $363 million cash position as of September 30, 2003 and an $830 million market capitalization as of December 4, 2003. The Pivotal strategy, brand, product architecture, cross industry applications, vertical applications, partners, people, and management team will reportedly form the foundation of this business unit. According to Peter Yip, CEO of chinadotcom and the parent company of CDC Software, CDC has been Read More...
Application Giants in Duel and Duet for Users’ Hearts, Minds … and Wallets
While SAP and Microsoft are concurrently partnering for certain initiatives, they are still dueling about who is bigger, better, smarter, whose user screens are

financial calculation in oracle  into sales, operational, and financial data across divisions and locations in this software. 5.6 4.9 15% Table 3. Responses to Statements on Strengths of the Software (source Keystone Strategy) Point Well Made, But … While the Microsoft's application usability challenge to SAP (and to any other ERP competitor, for that matter) is refreshingly laudable and certainly in the interest of users, we would like to take a sort of not so fast approach here. Namely, many more qualifications in the above Read More...
The Impact of the 'Assembler Strategy' in the Enterprise Applications Field
Infor's latest acquisitions and vertically-focused

financial calculation in oracle  offerings, international presence, and financial strength, provided additional benefits to its customers while increasing the vendor's competitive advantage. IncoDev's ERP solution, rebranded into Infor Blending , now supports many aspects of financial management, production planning, and inventory management for specific process industries, and is certified for the pharmaceutical industry. The solution also includes integrated quality management, a laboratory information management system (LIMS), and Read More...
Prepare for the Quantum Leap in Real-time Analytics: How In-memory Analytics Is Going to Change Everything about Your Enterprise
For business leaders facing the radical, disruptive change represented by in-memory analytics, the response may range from enthusiasm and advocacy to

financial calculation in oracle  in-memory analytics,about business intelligence,analytic business intelligence,analytics and business intelligence,analytics business,analytics business intelligence,analytics database,analytics in business,analytics platform,benefits of business intelligence,bi business intelligence,bi intelligence,big data,big data analytics,business analytics Read More...
IBM Cognos Financial Analytics
IBM Cognos financial analytics solutions provide the tools you need to measure, understand, influence and optimize profitability. These solutions also

financial calculation in oracle  Cognos Financial Analytics IBM Cognos financial analytics solutions provide the tools you need to measure, understand, influence and optimize profitability. These solutions also provide a rich, enterprise-wide environment that can help your finance organization impact all lines of business—from sales and marketing to operations and customer service. Read More...
Why Is In-transit Visibility (ITV) in the Supply Chain Important?
ITV capabilities allows an organization to meet the challenges of rapidly increasing fuel prices, changes in regulatory requirements, and provides customers

financial calculation in oracle  eliminate the tie-up of financial resources as well reduce the depreciation value of products. Reduced depreciation costs: Having the ability to identify a freight that's going to lose product value is crucial for an organization's bottom line. The ability to connect ITV with quality management functionality will enable the dispatcher to work within the TMS and supply chain management (SCM) systems to identify new routes or delivery locations. It's necessary for sensitive or perishable products to be Read More...
Oracle Extends Oracle EBS with Endeca
Oracle paid a hefty price for Endeca Technologies in late 2011, but in addition to the product’s standalone sales, the up- and cross-sales opportunities in

financial calculation in oracle  
Oracle Buys SelectMinds
Oracle announced the acquisition of SelectMinds, a company that developed a cloud-based social referral engine. SelectMinds' tool was

financial calculation in oracle  
Anatomy of a Decision: SAP versus Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
As SAP and Oracle step up their efforts to attract midmarket customers, more and more of those customers are including top-tier vendors in their enterprise

financial calculation in oracle  jde,oracle check,jd edwards,edwards jd,oracle free,oracle pdf,pdf oracle,small business software,sap pdf,sap software,software sap,version of oracle,program sap,oracle software,jde edwards Read More...
Oracle Integrates Front and Back Office with Applications 11i
On September 27, Oracle took a major step towards providing a fully integrated front and back office applications suite by launching Oracle Applications 11i at

financial calculation in oracle  the first quarter for financials, projects, human resources, supply chain, and manufacturing, and the second quarter for the CRM and order-management applications. Market Impact Should Oracle's new ambitious product suite perform as it claims, it would give the Company a leading edge position in the enterprise application market, given that no vendor, with the possible exception of SAP and Baan, has made this degree of progress towards application integration. Oracle had a head start on most of its Read More...
Oracle Sails Slower In The Low Tide, But Mayday Signal Is Quite Far-Fetched
For a longer time than most of its competitors, Oracle seemed to have defied a global economic slowdown. The 64,000 dollar question is whether Oracle’s tamed

financial calculation in oracle  obiee training,oracle financials jobs,oracle apps jobs,erp solutions,oracle developer jobs,peoplesoft software,oracle dba jobs,hr peoplesoft,hrms peoplesoft,oracle usa jobs,11i applications,e business suite,oracle usa careers,oracle consulting jobs,oracle applications jobs Read More...
A New Discipline in E-mail Etiquette: Creating Confidence in Enterprise E-mail
E-mail is a powerful business tool that most enterprises can’t live without. Unfortunately, along with its capability of accelerating commerce, productivity

financial calculation in oracle  

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