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SAP BusinessObjects BI, Now On-demand
Yesterday, SAP announced the release of the SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand solution. This new product will enable users with no previous experience with

fire pond  “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” with respect to increasing interest in the SaaS market segment on the part of BI vendors. It will be interesting to see how software giants like Oracle and IBM will position themselves in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) BI space. Recently, SAP made corrective and strategic changes (signaled by recent executive staff movement), looking to improve its product offers and marketing strategies. With the launch of this BI on-demand solution, it is clear that SAP is Read More...
Talent Management
Talent management solutions encompass all the applications necessary for handling personnel-related tasks for corporate managers and individual employees from the point of hire to the point of...
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Documents related to » fire pond

Enterprise Applications Battlefield Mid-Year Scoreboard Part 2: Microsoft
The results from providers of strategic infrastructure that have more technology irons in the fire have typically proven better lately, if not spectacular, with

fire pond  technology irons in the fire have typically proven better lately, if not spectacular, with one hoping these would even spark new spending in the enterprise arena. Some indications indeed hint that a steady increase in investment in strategic infrastructure, across vertical industries and by companies of all sizes, will intensify going into 2003. Microsoft Corporation To that end, Microsoft reported solid results and gave a great deal of credit to its activity in the enterprise segment, especially server Read More...
The 7 Deadly Sins of Software Selection
Q: How many doomsday prophets does it take to change a light bulb?A: None. The light is still on.“Knock knock.”“Who’s there?”“The Raptured. SURPRISE!”

fire pond  Unrealistic deadlines are a sure-fire project killer—nothing says “bad decisions” quite like stress, haste, and ad hoc shortcuts. This goes for each step of the software selection process, from requirements gathering to go-live and post-implementation. But in particular, if an over-aggressive timeline has landed you behind the eight-ball, you’re going to get hammered when it comes to, e.g., vendor negotiations. Because you know how vendors resolve tight timelines? That’s right, they throw Read More...
Managing the Weakest Link in Your Supply Chain
Recent uncertainty in the global economy is not only having a negative impact on international economies, but an equally deleterious effect on global supply

fire pond  in 2001, when a fire occurred (the result of a lightning strike) at a semiconductor plant where Swedish cell phone manufacturer Ericcson was single-sourcing a supply of semiconductors. This fire caused Ericsson to lose significant market share to their key competitor ( more details here ). Preventing Supply Chain Collapse Proactive organizations have increasingly taken steps to minimize their exposure to risk, in much the same way manufacturing organizations have instituted quality control programs such Read More...
Supply Chain Shorts for the Week of April 8, 2013
In this week’s Shorts, we talk about JDA’s release of JDA eight; Retails Solutions’ value proposition; and a recent visit to Oz Development. What have you been

fire pond  frying pan into the fire, going from tackling the rationalization of RedPrairie’s architecture to being the face for the platformization of JDA Software, to integrating the RedPrairie-JDA solutions. Retail Solutions, Inc. We sat down this past week with Retail Solutions’ (RSi) Guy Courtin, Director of Product Marketing, to get a brief update on RSi. This company, formerly known as T3Ci , founded in 2003, has become a leader, and a fast-growing one at that, in retail execution management. RSi is Read More...
TradeStone Software STARS 2013: Retail Rocks! Part 1
While I have repeatedly met with TradeStone Software’s top executives at the company’s head office in Gloucester, Massachusetts (and elsewhere, such as at the

fire pond  to drink from a fire hose), Spieckerman revealed the following three “retailNXT” trajectories (based on several internal coordinates) that will rock the retail reality in 2013 and beyond, along with tools and tactics for harnessing the transformation. Trajectory: Big (Multichannel and Multimedia) Bridge Will Be the Next Scale Coordinate #1—Finding treasure in transition. Consider how Walmart offered to move customers’ DVDs and Blu-ray discs to the cloud . Coordinate #2— Transmedia brand Read More...
TEC Certification Explained
If you’ve been to the TEC Vendor Showcase recently, you’ve probably seen this symbol.If you wondered what it means, you might have clicked it, and read

fire pond  their claims. Feet, Meet Fire. Fire, Feet: The Certification Based on the information gathered so far, our analysts put together a demo script that steps through the specific features and functionality they’d like to see demonstrated. Typically, these consist of any criteria that raised questions (or eyebrows) during the RFI validation and vendor briefing, plus a balanced sampling of other RFI criteria. TEC sends that demo script to the vendor and schedules a certification session where vendor goes Read More...
NetBIOS Firewall
How many times do you hear network administrators scream at the top of their voice,

fire pond  enterprise security management | fire wall | firewall antivirus | firewall appliance | firewall config | firewall configuration | firewall connection | firewall download | firewall forward | firewall network security | firewall port | firewall ports | firewall security | firewall server | firewall settings | firewall setup | firewall software | firewall software best | firewall tunnel | firewall vpn client | free download firewall | free firewall | free firewall downloads | free firewalls | free personal Read More...
Tape Drive Backup Warning
Tape drives and tape drive backups are expensive, time-consuming, and unreliable. Tape drives can cost from $350 to thousands of dollars (and the tapes aren’t

fire pond  offsite against natural disasters (fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, lightning, solar flares and earthquakes), not to mention theft, disgruntled employees and sabotage.   4. Data Security: Portable Media = Inherent Risks Where do you store your backup tapes -- a safety deposit box, a glove compartment, a purse, a night stand, or you don't know? Is your data encrypted or even password protected?   5. Convenience: Install, Admin & Storage Demands Tape drive installation is expensive, and needs to be Read More...
JBA: Will it remain
In 1999, JBA launched its @ctive Enterprise Series product line, which allows customers to dynamically model and continuously update their business processes

fire pond  have been unsuccessful short-term fire-fighting restructuring moves without success, and have helped lead to the Company's acquisition for a price less than a quarter of its annual revenue (C$ 205 million). While the merger with GEAC brings some positive prospects as mentioned above, JBA's ambitious R&D pipeline may be jeopardized. The situation becomes even more complicated with GEAC's most recent acquisition of Clarus, another mid-market ERP vendor, which will result in the coexistence of 3 products Read More...
Reconnecting with Cincom Systems
Cincom executives lay out some facts, and Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Principal Analyst P.J. Jakovljevic discovers that Cincom Acquire isn't the old

fire pond  the same zeal and fire in their bellies? It's not my intention to sound age discriminatory, but it's a simple fact of life that at some stage everyone needs to start thinking about retirement and putting succession plans in place. Cincom Acquire's Executives Have Their Say To discuss both the opportunities and potential challenges, I recently had the chance to have in-depth discussions with the Cincom Acquire product management and product marketing team. TEC: How would you describe your differentiation i Read More...
You Think You Bought the Wrong Solution? Re-implementation May Be the Answer
In today’s business milieu, the likelihood of successfully selecting and implementing corporate software, particularly large and complex solutions such as

fire pond  your hair out or fire your implementation team—there is a better way to handle the situation. You may have the right software—so you just need to implement it properly. Read More...
Informix Holds Fire Sale on Linux Database
Informix announced its continued commitment and investment to the Linux community with the release of Foundation.2000 and Cloudscape 3.0 on Linux.

fire pond  Holds Fire Sale on Linux Database Event Summary NEW YORK, February 2, 2000-Informix Corporation (NASDAQ: IFMX), the technology leader in the software infrastructure for the i.Economy and a leading Linux vendor, at LinuxWorld 2000 announced its continued commitment and investment to the Linux community with the release of Foundation.2000 and Cloudscape 3.0 on Linux. Informix committed to bring all core server products to the Linux platform, including its business intelligence suite. Linux Read More...
eConnections Expands Web With IPNet
eConnections offers a sound proposition for users who have streamlined internal supply chains and are ready to begin life as a node in an inter-enterprise

fire pond  Expands Web With IPNet eConnections Expands Web With IPNet S. McVey - September 25, 2000 Event Summary eConnections, one of a new breed of Supply Chain Management vendors, has added IPNet Solutions Inc. to its list of preferred solutions for supply-chain connectivity. IPNet (see Secure Transport of EDI and XML for Trading Exchanges ) makes eBizness Suite 3.1 for enabling virtual trading communities and trade exchanges and will allow eConnections to expand its range of integration platforms. Read More...
One Vendor’s Mission to Make Service Businesses Click - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series introduced ClickSoftware Technologies (NASDAQ: CKSW). Until recently, the software company focused solely on workforce and service

fire pond  Public Security (Police and Fire Services) to contact centers and more. For its part, the Forecasting and Planning Suite was designed to address the mid- and long-term needs of the service sector for forecasting customer demand and accordingly planning staffing levels (in terms of quantities and skill mix) in the various territories and business lines. Prior to staffing the shifts for a given week or month, one must first ensure that a given individual will be available to work on particular days, taking Read More...

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