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11 Criteria for Selecting the Best ERP System Replacement
An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is your information backbone, reaching into all areas of your business and value chain. That’s why replacing it can

fit pivotal sample  5 : Tailor-Made Business Fit You are not looking for a cookie cutter approach to setting up your system because you recognize that no two businesses are alike. Whether you are modeling currently effective processes or reengineering and improving ineffective processes to support new strategies, five key elements of the solution's design give it the ability to create a tailor-made solution for your company. These five elements are execution of the implementation roadmaps, system settings, tools to Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » fit pivotal sample

Data Mart Calculator
Need a model to help calculate an estimate of manpower needs by role, timeline, and labor cost to build a data mart based on user-supplied variables? Here’s a

fit pivotal sample  can be changed to fit your needs. Find out more. Read More
Optimizing the Virtual Environment
As virtualized servers move to production environments, the threat of process and infrastructure breakdown is mounting, exposing IT departments to a number of

fit pivotal sample  guidelines to choose the best-fit vendor for your virtualization solution. Read More
Retained IT Staff: On e Size Doesn’t Fit All Models
Retaining good IT staff for clients is no easy task. They face issues regarding competitive rates, contracts, benefits, liabilities, and more. So how do

fit pivotal sample  On e Size Doesn’t Fit All Models Business Continuity Management must expand beyond the traditional IT focus to include the Business Unit operational needs. These include relocation, revised operational procedures at the relocation site, staffing, provisioning for the relocation site, human impact from the disaster, corporate policies on compensation until normal operations resumes, supply chain or outsourcing due diligence Source: Estrella Partners Group LLC Resources Related to Retained IT Staff: Read More
Implementing Kanban Alternatives in Lean Manufacturing
Kanban@the Japanese term for physical or visual signs that trigger replenishment, which can be a useful part of lean manufacturing@is not a good fit in some

fit pivotal sample  manufacturing—is not a good fit in some situations. Alternatives to kanban can also eliminate waste in lean production by addressing inventory, materials, and replenishment process needs. Learn more on how you can find alternatives to kanban to make your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system “leaner.” Read More
Where Does PLM Fit in the Extending LMS Formula?
There are two reasons which led me to write this blog. Firstly, I recently had briefings with vendors such as Learn.com and Xyleme that made me realize that the

fit pivotal sample  Does PLM Fit in the Extending LMS Formula? There are two reasons which led me to write this blog. Firstly, I recently had briefings with vendors such as Learn.com and Xyleme that made me realize that the learning management system (LMS) industry is building up more and more connections with other technologies and enterprise applications. Secondly, a recent article (see Trends in LMS by Don McIntosh) explains how LMS is evolving with Web 2.0, talent management, mobile learning, software as a service (S Read More
Case Study: United Southern Industries
United Southern company sought an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that would facilitate its new, open-book management philosophy. Automation

fit pivotal sample  Southern found the perfect fit with EnterpriseIQ, the single-source ERP system from IQMS. Learn more. Read More
How Enterprising Distributors Are Succeeding with Infor
When it comes to the business challenges of the distribution industry, one solution does not fit all. Packaged with smart functionality to address key business

fit pivotal sample  one solution does not fit all. Packaged with smart functionality to address key business issues, Infor’s products have successfully fulfilled the needs of distributors worldwide. Learn how its enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) solutions have helped companies improve market position, streamline business processes, and more. Read More
9 Critical Characteristics to Demand from Your Timesheet Vendor
If you’ve outgrown your paper-based timesheet system, or if you have multiple time collection systems, it gets hard to understand project costs, figure out what

fit pivotal sample  ability to make a profit. So how do you find the best ways to save? Journyx Timesheet’s built-in cube reports. Our software, you see, includes our data mining fly through cube reporting and graphing technology that mines all your operational time data (where 80% of your costs are) and gives you a complete detailed view of all labor costs across your company. You can access and create reports on the web in real time. Analyze data. And find ways to make your operations more cost effective. All based on Read More
Software Evaluation, Selection, and Procurement
The statistics for completing packaged software implementation projects are grim. This article examines how the software evaluation, selection, and procurement

fit pivotal sample  One-sided evaluation of software fit Unidentified software gaps Poor software fit Cost overruns due to unplanned work to resolve new software gaps Erosion of project support Increased user resistance Incomplete or inaccurate set of business / technical requirements Unidentified software gaps Inability to sufficiently test the system Cost overruns due to: Unplanned work to identify new requirements at a later date Unplanned work to incorporate additional functionality Unplanned work to perform Read More
CRM for Manufacturing vs. Regular CRM
A couple of weeks ago, I published a blog post called Customer Relationship Manufacturing. In this blog post, I described the symbiosis between the sales and

fit pivotal sample  the functionalities that will benefit manufacturing companies. CRM for manufacturing does not exist as a stand-alone product, but it is a regular CRM system modified to address manufacturing needs. Manufacturing companies will select the most appropriate option depending on the size of the company, the number of customers, and the number of business software users. What Are the CRM Functionalities Specific to Manufacturing? CRM vendors addressing manufacturing companies’ needs did not create specific Read More
A Practical Buying Guide to Cutting through Blade Servers
Just uttering the term

fit pivotal sample  of value, functionality, and fit in the enterprise. This is akin to using the term automobile to describe everything from a three-cylinder compact car to an eight-passenger SUV. In this buying guide, we’ll sort out the confusion and provide you with a practical checklist for evaluating current market offerings. There is a place for blade servers in your enterprise, but not every enterprise needs every offering available. Read More
What is IFS Up To in the CRM Arena?!
On April 12, Industrial & Financial Systems, IFS AB announced the signing of a definitive agreement for Pivotal Corporation to acquire its division Exactium Ltd

fit pivotal sample  President and CEO, IFS benefits by enhancing its access to Pivotal's award-winning front office technology while taking advantage of Pivotal's eCommerce expertise in this area to continue rapid development of these products. In addition, this opens up an exciting new migration path for our customers and prospects. Terje Vangbo, President, IFS North America said, IFS' agreement with Pivotal provides our existing customers and prospects with a solid commitment to continued technology innovation in the Read More
SAP Keeps Traction On Some Tires Of Its Omni-Wheel-Drive Part 1
Although SAP’s recently announced tamed results for Q1 2002, which fit within the current market milieu, may add to some challenges moving forward, particularly

fit pivotal sample  improves and the company benefits from ongoing cost curtailment measures. Management Changes Finally, as to bolster its performance in North America and to get itself in a better shape for impending intensifying bloodbath in the CRM market, on May 23, on the eve of its forthcoming SAPPHIRE user conference at the beginning of June, SAP announced that it has appointed Lo Apotheker as president of Global Field Operations. In this newly created position, Apotheker and his management team will realign SAP's Read More
Employee Performance Management: Making It a Reality in Your Organization
Over 90 percent of human resources (HR) professionals rate employee performance management (EPM) as a top priority. Yet considerably fewer have EPM systems

fit pivotal sample  bright light on the benefits of EPM By any other name&8230; EPM and related concepts can be referred to in many different ways. Some of the most common permutations are: Workforce Performance Management Talent Management (a broader category that includes compensation, learning and recruiting) Workforce Lifecycle Management (a broader category that includes incentives and learning) Human Capital Management (a high-level categorization Building a vendor selection plan To drive the acquisition of an Read More

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