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 flat bench fly

Razorfish: A Pure Play Offering Digital Strategy
Strategy in digital business has become an increasingly significant component of Digital Business Service Provider (DBSP) offerings. Pure plays have and are

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Browse RFP templates

Visit the TEC store for RFP templates that can save you weeks and months of requirements gathering, and help ensure the succes of your software selection project.

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Net Woes for NetWare

Novell warned financial analysts of lower-than-expected revenues for the second quarter of 2000, as sales declined. This doesn’t bode well for NetWare.

flat bench fly  quarter, and revenues were flat. In FY99, Novell revenues, by product segment were: Novell Inc. FY 1999 Revenues By Product Line Product Line Revenue Annual Change NetWare 4 and NetWare 5 US$659 million +23% NDS, eDirectory, GroupWise and related products US$315 Million +39% Service, education and consulting US$181 Million +40% NetWare 3 and legacy products US$118 Million -39% Total US$1,273 Million   NetWare 3's not coming back, and the end of Y2K-related consulting will blunt demand for services and Read More

SPS Commerce and Accellos Unveil Supply Chain Solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Accellos, a mid-market provider of supply chain execution (SCE) software solutions, and SPS Commerce, Inc., a provider of enterprise retail cloud services, recently announced their partnership to deliver an integrated turnkey supply chain management (SCM) solution for the Microsoft Dynamics GP market. In a marketplace where e-commerce is dictating the tempo of change, retailers and suppliers

flat bench fly  formats (including EDI, XML, flat file, and others), allowing suppliers to automatically connect with a greater percentage of their supply chain community. Accellos provides the AccellosOne EDI for Dynamics GP solution. (It will continue to sell its EDI for Dynamics AX product directly). SPS Commerce brings the value of a huge trading partner network, and the  vendor knows all of the proprietary EDI standards that the biggest retailers impose on their suppliers. SPS customers can automate their trading Read More

DEACOM ERP Goes Mobile

Deacom, Inc., provider of DEACOM ERP, a complete ERP solution designed for process manufacturers, has announced the release of its mobile application. The mobile application is the latest stage in a five-year evolution of DEACOM ERP. The mobile application has a thin front end that leverages the business rules layer of DEACOM ERP to pull data directly from the ERP back end.

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Manugistics: An Old Dog Learns New Tricks

One year ago, Manugistics appeared to be on the brink of disaster. With the help of new management and an e-business product launch, the timeworn supply chain management vendor grew its license revenues by 51% in its fourth quarter.

flat bench fly  maintenance revenues remained largely flat at $21.7 million, a 2% rise over the third quarter. The company signed a substantial number of new clients, an effort that resulted in a 17% increase in sales and marketing expenditures over the last quarter for building its global sales organization. At $1.1 million, net loss for the quarter was smaller than expectations, fueling a 9-point surge in Manugistics' stock, which closed at 65 on Friday, March 24. Market Impact A pioneer in supply chain management, Read More

Bonitasoft Rolls Out Bonita BPM 6 Platform-to Democratize BPM

Like its open source software brethren in general, Bonitasoft is about democratizing the business process management (BPM) software category for organizations of all sizes and industries that face challenges from tighter compliance requirements to overworked information technology (IT) departments and more competition. With Bonitasoft, organizations can model, automate, and optimize process

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Nike Blames i2 For Finish In Losers Bracket

The sports apparel maker’s Big Bang implementation was more than it could chew.

flat bench fly  We were anticipating a flat year-over-year third quarter largely because of weakness in our U.S. footwear revenues. During the quarter, we also experienced complications arising from the impact of implementing our new demand and supply planning systems and processes, which resulted in product shortages and excesses as well as late deliveries. Nike further warned that problems with its global supply chain could last from six to nine months, hurting near-term profits as the company reduces prices to move Read More

Macola ERP Supply Chain Management (SCM)

The definition of a successful manufacturing enterprise is one that builds the right products, at the right time, for the right price. That’s why so many manufacturing companies today are focused on managing the entire value-added chain, from the supplier to manufacturer, right through to the final customer. Supply chain management (SCM) has one overriding objective: to get more throughput from existing resources. SCM functionality helps companies reduce inventory, increase the transaction speed by exchanging data in real time, and increase sales by implementing customer requirements more efficiently. Through the use of portals, Macola ERP SCM users can collaborate with customers and see a real-time view of activity across the organization. It starts with the ability to accurately forecast customer demands, and continues with effective planning and scheduling of the flow of materials through the enterprise, to assure on-time delivery and maximum discounts from suppliers. The vendor's solutions enable users to track orders from beginning to end, right out to the customer. And users can make changes on the fly. All corporate information is located in one database, saving employees valuable time when looking for information. Drill-down reporting and analysis is at your fingertips, keeping the process running smoothly. Users can manage customer expectations by providing realistic product delivery dates based on actual and planned material availability, current production capacity, and vendor lead times. Exact provides the tools to evaluate options for expediting materials or adding capacity to meet a requested date, or to propose alternate delivery options when it is not possible to meet the customer’s requested date. Out-of-stocks and excess inventory can be avoided through recommended job and purchase order processes. Users can purchase materials “just-in-time” relative to the live production schedule.  

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Making Sure Your Service Provider Doesn't Fall Down on the Job

A recent Forrester report on Commerce Sites developed by service providers shows costs are rising while service is remaining flat, and sometimes results can be pretty glaring from a 'minor' slip-up to one that can have major client impact.

flat bench fly  internet business,erp software,erp system,computer consulting,enterprise resource planning,web design companies,system crm,erp implementation,fashion software,supply chain software,apparel software,erp systems,apparel management software,voip phone system,management erp Read More

Ariba Dances for Joy in Quarter Time

Ariba, Inc., E-purchasing's prima ballerina, trotted out its latest financial figures, showing a quarterly revenue increase of 243% over the previous year.

flat bench fly  fees are remaining almost flat as license revenues grow. This is an excellent position to be in. How does Ariba plan to continue its success into the future? A key feature of Ariba's strategy is to build their Ariba Network as more of a horizontal enabler. With the recent acquisitions of Tradex and Trading Dynamics (See TEC News Analysis article: Dynamic Ariba Trades Up December 13th, 1999) Ariba Network will host digital markets involving catalog based purchases and various forms of auction. With Read More

The New Manugistics Debuts eBusiness Products

Stockholm-based International Business Systems (IBS) announced it had acquired 90% of Finnish company, Progma OY. Progma is a service provider offering facility management, application service providing (ASP), and Internet Hosting.

flat bench fly  offered, will they be flat rate or per transaction? If transaction-based, will fees be greater for higher dollar value transactions?. Read More

Function Points: Are They Really the Right Unit of Measure for Software Sizing?

Function points (FPs) are the most popular unit of measure for measuring the size of software. But because FPs were developed in the 1970s, are they not now outdated for today’s event-oriented programming and multi-tiered software architectures?

flat bench fly  to event-driven GUI development. Flat files were replaced by database management system tables. Except for DB2 of IBM, other relational database management systems (RDBMSs) do not use the term logical file. These developments rendered interpretation of FP difficult for software sizing. Now Web applications are fast replacing client-server applications, but Web applications have brought with them quite a few complications of their own. For example, a hard-coded error message is to be considered a data Read More

Improving Customer Engagement with Social CRM

In a previous post I discussed how the social revolution impacted customer relationship management (CRM) and underlined that while processes designed to derive value in CRM remain valid, they are far from being sufficient in the context of social CRM (SCRM). Yet most organizations need structure to conduct their activities. As far as CRM is concerned, the social aspect has brought to the

flat bench fly  project can easily fall flat . . . Each event is its own fine balance between choreography and improvisation.” With Ms. Manning’s thoughts in mind, I see that SCRM has the potential to generate singular ‘choreographed-improvised’ customer-engaging projects. Such projects can take, of course, many forms but let’s try to look at them from two perspectives by simplifying sentiments into two categories: negative and positive. There are two obvious reactions to negative collective sentiments. One is Read More

TEC Launches New Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management Evaluation Centers

Software evaluation firm Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. (TEC) today launches its new Business Intelligence (BI) Business Performance Management (BPM) Evaluation Centers to help companies select the software solutions they need to optimize their performance and to stay competitive within their markets.

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Peregrine Flies In The Face Of Conventional Wisdom

The point of running a B2B service is to grab those transaction fees, right? Peregrine says maybe not.

flat bench fly  chairman and CEO. The flat fee model was designed to accommodate enterprise-level customers as well as e-Market sponsors. These are customers whose transaction volumes tend to fluctuate on a month-by-month basis and who would prefer to have predictable costs. Market Impact The easy prediction is that every vendor will eventually offer a similar option (probability 99.99%). We also expect that at least one will call it a budget plan. There are obviously customers who will prefer this kind of Read More