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The Case of the Fake Transatlantic Flight: Can You Really Trust Online Tools?
Whether we realize it or not, we all have become more or less dependent on computers, the Internet, and many different and complex computer systems.In both

flight reservations  I opened an online flight tracker that I have been using for quite a while and verified that the airplane had departed on time and that everything seemed to be fine. Considering online flight tracking tools to be reliable sources of the most recent updates on current flights, I did not expect to be misled. I presume these trackers receive data from one of the most sophisticated software systems in the world—air traffic control systems—and my confidence in the data was high. Three hours later, I Read More...
Small Business Software (SBS)
The Small Business Software (SBS) evaluation model targets functional requirements for fully featured solutions designed to support all business requirements of a typical small business. Extending ...
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Documents related to » flight reservations

How to Roll Out an MRO System for Airlines without Making Your SCM Problems Even Worse
When it comes to complex software implementations, some industries have it tougher than others. For instance, an airline company implementing a maintenance

flight reservations  (revenue-generating activities such as flight reservations) to a different system. I'm Sold on the Destination, But What Should I Bring With Me? While it’s useful to know where we want to go, it’s also practical to know how and what we need to get there. In my next article, I’ll discuss how project management and workflow within maintenance planning can help you better plan your maintenance activities and consequently demand management. Subsequent entries will also touch on the various tools and Read More...
The Evolution of a Real-time Data Warehouse
Real-time data warehouses are common in some organizations. This article reviews the basic concepts of a real-time data warehouse and it will help you determine

flight reservations  purposes (e.g., invoice information, flight reservations, etc.). Transactional data stored in the traditional real-time system will be changed (updated) according to operational purposes, which explains why some traditional real-time systems are also called operational systems. The Data Warehouse Operational systems are able to generate a large amount of data to support the transactional operations of an organization. The data generated by these systems is fresh and valuable; as well, it can be very Read More...
What's Holding Back Online Appointment Booking?
False myth and common misconceptions are preventing hospitals and clinics from adopting online appointments.

flight reservations  Internet to book a flight, a hotel room, or even a seat at the theatre, but if you need to make an appointment with your doctor, you have to do it by phone? Do you ever find yourself on a Sunday morning or Tuesday evening wanting to arrange a check-up, but having to wait until the doctor's office opening hours before you can make the call? And when you finally make the call, have you ever wished you had more time or options to help you make the right choice? Have you wondered how much easier making Read More...
The Case for Pricing Management
Savvy and dynamically optimized pricing can mean the difference between survival and failure. In many environments it might be smarter, quicker, and more useful

flight reservations  particular time bracket or flight. As for the other segments, buyers and sales representatives have traditionally bargained, and will continue to do so almost everywhere, while manufacturers will always scrutinize competitors' catalogs and negotiate through distributors for a given deal with a given customer. Pricing proposals often offer discounts for larger bundles of goods and excess inventory and, conversely, charge a premium for items and services in short supply. However, new analytical software too Read More...
At Least Your Boss Can't Read Your Home E-mail, Right? Wrong!
A lower-court judge in St. Paul granted a subpoena to Northwest Airlines allowing them the search the home computers of employees for evidence of allegedly

flight reservations  NWAC) alleges that its flight attendants' union staged a sickout, which is a job action not allowed by the contract or by Federal labor law. Northwest obtained a subpoena to search the home computers of fourteen employees for emails containing the word sickout. Northwest is also searching two websites operated by two flight attendants and intends to seek information from their ISPs. The site operators themselves never called in sick and claim that they never called for a sickout and that postings on Read More...
Actionable Supply Chain Intelligence: Leveraging the Services Hub
There’s no doubt that competing in today’s global marketplace is tough. In order to survive, organizations must become more aware of what’s going on throughout

flight reservations  from moving or in flight data, that allows you to act, not simply react. In other words, supply chain visibility allows you to predict events before they occur and, if necessary, make adjustments and corrections immediately, so that you can affect what is in your supply chain now. Measuring the Value of Visibility The More Data You Get, the More Value You Get Now we come to the issue of why supply chain visibility is so important to companies and their trading-community partners. As mentioned earlier, Read More...
Ramco Systems Lands Malaysia Airlines
Anyone still dismissing Ramco Systems as a serious enterprise applications contender should take note of the vendor’s largest deal ever. Malaysia Airlines

flight reservations  new features including electronic flight bag (EFB), offline field maintenance system (OFMS), LSAP, and flight contracting and invoicing, that address unique pain points facing the industry. Built for the aviation sector, the Ramco Aviation Suite caters to airlines, rotor wing operators, continuing airworthiness management organizations (CAMOs), air cargo, and third party MROs.   Ramco is not only providing the engineering and maintenance solutions at Malaysia Airlines, but also most of the corporate Read More...
Profit Optimization - Can We Possibly Argue With The Objective?

flight reservations  maximum profit for that flight. The why of Profit Optimization is easy? The objective is to increase profits and we can all agree on that objective. The how of Profit Optimization is not so easy. A simple analysis of increasing profits may say, raise prices or cut expenses or sell more . While all of these simple solutions are right, the problem is always more complex. For example, if we raise prices will the customers still buy? If we cut expenses will quality suffer and drive away Read More...
A Veteran Enterprise Resource Planning Vendor Makes a SaaS-y Statement
Glovia International has launched the first full-fledged and versatile, manufacturing-oriented solution that is an on-demand, enterprise resource planning

flight reservations  Glovia International,Fujitsu Limited,software-as-a-service solutions,SaaS,SaaS technology platform,enterprise resource planning,ERP,information technology,IT,small to medium business,SMB,inventory management,order management,procurement,financial management Read More...
MICROS Systems Bought by Oracle for $5.3 Billion
Oracle announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire MICROS Systems, Inc. for $5.3 billion USD (or $4.6 billion net of MICROS’ cash). MICROS

flight reservations  Oracle, MICROS, hotels, food and beverage, retail, POS, cloud, point-of-sale solution, cloud business suite Read More...
Expedia to Acquire Mobiata
According to TechCrunch: Expedia Acquires FlightTrack App Developer Mobiata. Expedia will have the ability to travel more directly to its customers with the

flight reservations  to compare fares, check flight status, and track flights, including real-time flight tracking directly on iPhone . The press release notes that the acquisition represents the “most significant investment to date in addressing the mobile travel market” for Expedia, which will enable it to have an extended reach to existing and potential new customers. It’s an intelligent move from Expedia to expand its services and functionality features, as long as it doesn’t repeat The Case of the Fake Read More...
Software Piloting: How Do You Fly This Plane
Piloting the software is one of, if not the most, critical event in the project life cycle. If done well, the pilot will uncover issues before they become

flight reservations  Before the plane takes flight, a lot of prep work precedes the takeoff. Likewise, to pilot ERP software, particularly in the integrated pilot, preparation is required on several fronts. Since piloting the individual processes is more on-the-job training and parochial, I want to concentrate, here, on the integrated pilot. First, the legacy data must be converted into the ERP data repository. Users find it easier to relate to examples, calculations, and results, if they are using data that they have seen Read More...

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