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Documents related to » flow usage of information within a logistics

Antidot Information Factory

FLOW USAGE OF INFORMATION WITHIN A LOGISTICS: Antidot Information Factory, AIF, Antidot, unstructured data, semi-structured data, data publishing, data transformation, data silos, data linking, data enriching, data discovery, Semantic Web, data sharing, linked data, open data.
10/9/2013 10:53:00 AM

Collaborative Logistics Technology: Filling the Competency Gap
Collaborative Logistics Technology: Filling the Competency Gap. Get Free Advice Associated with the Collaborative Logistics Technology. It’s not just operating talent and facilities that win business for logistics service providers. Every community of clients, customers, suppliers, and carriers must work together to fulfill perfect orders. However, few supply chain communities consist entirely of companies with top-notch supply chain applications. Learn how a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution can help fill the gaps—and increase value to your clients.

FLOW USAGE OF INFORMATION WITHIN A LOGISTICS: manufacturer) to manage inventory flow by engaging with the client’s ERP system which creates orders and initiates activity. On the other extreme, the same provider must work with carriers, other warehouses and suppliers who are technically challenged to receive and provide accurate and timely information to guarantee performance to the client. So what are the specific operations and transactions that need a higher level of competency in order to meet the growing demands of logistics IT? EDI:
5/15/2008 2:17:00 PM

Information Mapping Case Study
Educational institutions have plenty to manage without having to make up for the deficiencies of inadequate learning management systems (LMS). Information Mapping, Inc. decided to switch from its old system to SyberWorks Training Center Learning Management System. The result: more efficient scheduling, integrated data management, better tracking of registration and cancellation, and an increase in seminar attendance.

9/17/2007 9:11:00 AM

CEVA Logistics Selects IBM SmartCloud » The TEC Blog
speed material and information flow to reduce costs and improve customer service. IBM SmartCloud is an umbrella under which all cloud offerings are organized, including private cloud, infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS). In addition, through its Smarter Commerce initiative that focuses on the buy-market-sell-service processes, IBM is helping CEVA streamline its customers’ supply chain and logistics processes with technologies that makes it

FLOW USAGE OF INFORMATION WITHIN A LOGISTICS: ceva logistics, ibm, industry watch, SCM, smartcloud, smarter commerce, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

On-demand ERP in the Enterprise: A Practical CIO Guide to Implementation
Get optimum efficency and productivity cocnerning on demand software as a service.Read Free Guides and IT Reports Related To SaaS. Discover a framework for crafting a software-as-a-service (SaaS) strategy in your company. Examine key concerns such as data integrity, maintaining compliance, and ensuring proper process management, as well as approaches to help maximize your return on investment (ROI). A SaaS solution for your enterprise resource planning (ERP) or accounting system might be your ticket to improved business and application performance.

FLOW USAGE OF INFORMATION WITHIN A LOGISTICS: SaaS Security Practices | Workflow Software as a Service | Software Service Options | Software Service Applications | Software Service Solution | Software Service Specialist | Software Service Accounting | Software Service Benefits | Software Service History | Software Service Ideas | Software Service Implementation | Software Service Applications | Software Service System | Software Service Service Provider | Software Service History | NetSuite Software Service | Acronym-Related White Papers: Business
7/3/2009 10:58:00 AM

Analyzing the Descartes Logistics Cloud Community
Logistics is the backbone of commerce, yet it is often very complex and thus inefficient. Descartes' SaaS solutions simplify global logistics and hence improve the productivity, performance, and security of logistics-intensive businesses. Read P.J. Jakovljevic’s writeup on the vendor and find out how Descartes’ solutions can bridge the information gap between logistics organizations, and provide visibility into the entire logistics process.

FLOW USAGE OF INFORMATION WITHIN A LOGISTICS: Descartes, Descartes logistics solutions, global logistics solutions, Descartes Transportation Management, Descartes Customs & Regulatory Compliance, Descartes Global Logistics Network, Descartes Community, Descartes Telematics.
8/26/2013 5:30:00 PM

Making the Most of Your Sales Opportunities
Discover proven approaches to sales success in Sales Performance Management: Maximize Profits with Comprehensive Sales Processes.

FLOW USAGE OF INFORMATION WITHIN A LOGISTICS: making sales opportunities, making, sales, opportunities, sales opportunities, making opportunities, making sales..
10/7/2010 10:01:00 AM

Understanding Reverse Logistics in Field Service Management
This white paper defines reverse logistics as it relates to aftermarket service, describes how it differs from forward logistics, and then discusses the difficulties inherent in selecting and using enterprise software to facilitate reverse logistics and repair processes including warranty repair, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) repair and handling return material authorizations (RMAs) from distributors. Download the paper.

FLOW USAGE OF INFORMATION WITHIN A LOGISTICS: field service management, FSM and reverse logistics, reverse logistics software, reverse logistics software selection, aftermarket service, IFS , IFS Applications.
4/17/2013 4:16:00 PM

Supplier Logistics Management (SLM)Part 3
This continues the coverage of the fundamental issues targeted by supplier logistics management. Fully utilizing the compliance benefits that SLM offers allows companies to redirect employees from tactical operations to those more strategic.

FLOW USAGE OF INFORMATION WITHIN A LOGISTICS: a disruption in the flow of goods; sending ripple effects down the supply chain. SLM circumvents this issue by factoring supplier sourcing locations and transportation transit and service restrictions to determine accurate delivery dates. By providing accurate transit and service requirements, companies can produce an achievable plan with compliant supplier dates and attainable customer commitments. Forecasting and Capacity Management Without an information hub capturing actual order and shipment

Seize the Power of Alignment

5/24/2012 4:17:00 PM

A Demand-driven Approach to BI
The core concept behind the Vanguard solution is that business intelligence (BI) must be demand-driven, which means that the business needs of the user dictate the technical solution, not the other way around. In other words, it should let the business users drive the process, and remove the problems of content relevance and software complexity.

FLOW USAGE OF INFORMATION WITHIN A LOGISTICS: business intelligence, BI, eDeployment, original equipment manufacturer, OEM, open database connectivity, ODBC.

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