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9 Ways to Drive Down Product Development Costs in a Tough Economy
As consumer demand drops, many companies are being forced to lay off staff. That might help in the short term, but those companies still have to keep operations

form 9 purchase request  Adwords is a popular form of SEM, used by small and large businesses alike. The scheme is not restricted by budget size, and users only pay per click within the parameters set (eg. budget of x dollars per day, paying no more than x dollars/cents per click). Advertisements are placed contextually in order to reach the specific target audience. 2. Search Engine Optimisation Search engines generate a huge proportion of site traffic. As such, it is essential that businesses engage in search engine Read More...
Merchandising Systems
Merchandising systems are the enterprise back and front-office software solutions upon which the majority of retailers rely to manage and support their daily tasks. These systems typically record p...
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Documents related to » form 9 purchase request

Epicor Software Corp.: Completing Painstaking
Epicor Software is one of the first vendors and possibly the only mid-market vendor able to natively embrace customer and supplier activities tied to a core

form 9 purchase request  acquisitions to continue to form an integral part of Geac's overall growth strategy, and the company to continue to be a leading global consolidator of mission critical applications in distinct niches within industrial, commercial and government sectors. Vendor Strengths Geac has proven itself an adroit and disciplined acquirer of application software businesses. Selective acquisitions have added breath through both attractive untapped market segments and a worldwide market presence. Its large customer Read More...
Are Spend Management (or SRM) Apps Suited for the Mid-market? - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series introduced some common supply chain challenges and resulting spend management opportunities for companies of all sizes. The article

form 9 purchase request  required information on a form related to a specific request. A FreeForm can be created in any HTML authoring tool (including Microsoft Word , to make it really easy). When ready, a FreeForm is uploaded to Epicor Procurement and the module automatically creates the database tables  necessary to manage the fields that are included on the form. Thou Shalt Remain Under the Budget The feature that also gets the attention of prospects and customers is Epicor’s capability around “budgets and Read More...
Your Reference Guide to SMB Accounting Software Features
This reference guide provides insight into the accounting features and functions currently available on today's market for small to medium businesses (SMBs). It

form 9 purchase request  not published in the form of financial statements in a timely manner, the statements themselves are essentially useless. Control Reports All business management systems must have some form of controls to make sure information is input correctly. Software features covered in this category are designed to accomplish this task. Financial Statements Financial statements drive the company. However, for smaller companies this may not be true to the same extent, since the owner or manager should have a feel Read More...
The Basics of Quote-to-order Systems
Global competition means more choice for consumers and increasing customer demands. Manufacturers and distributors must develop a better understanding of what

form 9 purchase request  prepares the order entry form to enter the order, and prepares the customer data pack. After this, the manufacturing planners have to plan the order based on the factory load and order necessary components. The engineering department also has its fair share of activities, starting with the preliminary engineering design and generated outline drawing (producing a bill of material [BOM], engineering information sheet, customer data, performance specifications, computer aided design [CAD] drawings, etc.), Read More...
Avoiding ERP Implementation Pitfalls: Pre-purchase Considerations
ERP projects are very complex affairs and go beyond technical issues into both cultural and business process domains. The success of your ERP project is

form 9 purchase request  ERP system implementation,ERP implementation pitfalls,ERP implementation success,ERP project planning,ERP project gap analysis,ERP implementation challenges,ERP implementation business issues,ERP implementation team,ERP product selection,Compare Business Products Read More...
Financial Forecasting & Planning Summit - September 9/10, Boston MA
Financial Forecasting & Planning Summit – September 9/10, Boston MA. Don't miss out on revolutionary trends shaping your industry at the Financial ...

form 9 purchase request  or to get more information , download the Financial Forecasting & Planning Summit brochure at http://www.theiegroup.com/FP&A_Brochure.pdf ; visit http://www.theiegroup.com/FPA ; or call (310) 933-6017. A presentation of the IE Group For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: 514-954-3665, ext. 367. Special Offer Files 2010 Read More...
Microsoft Retail Systems
Microsoft Point of Sale and Microsoft Retail Management System provide a complete point of purchase solution suite for small and midsize specialty retail

form 9 purchase request  the increased demand for information technology (IT) in the retail industry, Microsoft offers two retail packages: Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS) and Microsoft Point of Sale (POS). Microsoft Retail Management System provides small and midsize business retailers with an integrated point of sale solution to manage operations within one store or across a chain of stores. Microsoft Point of Sale provides single-store retailers with an application that helps with daily business tasks. To promote its Read More...
Exploring Epicor Productivity Pyramid - Part 1
About two years ago, Epicor Software Corporation launched its next-generation converged product Epicor 9 (a.k.a. Epicor ERP [evaluate this solution]), which

form 9 purchase request  first released in its current form in early 2006 to enable business processes (workflows) based on integration and automation. Over time, Epicor envisioned much more powerful benefits for its customers if these three complimentary applications were presented together as a loosely coupled suite. Epicor believed that the combination of Epicor Portal, Epicor Information Worker, and Epicor Service Connect increases productivity throughout the organization, and so the suite was dubbed the Productivity Read More...
Global Trade Management Software Vendors Under-Perform, But Were Predictions Overly Optimistic?
After 9/11, the analyst community optimistically predicted a sharp rise in the demand for global trade management (GTM) software. While initially vendor shares

form 9 purchase request  Trade Management Software Vendors Under-Perform, But Were Predictions Overly Optimistic? Background The Internet has enabled a networked world. Communication infrastructures and emerging applications, coupled with global sourcing alternatives have dramatically opened the door for international trade. Unfortunately, as a direct result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York (US), scrutiny and security, not e-commerce, have become the main themes for global trade today. By late Read More...
Results an MTO Manufacturer Can Measure
This case study covers why a sporting goods and apparel manufacturer's selection team chose to purchase and implement the Made2Manage® Enterprise Business

form 9 purchase request  database,case,Made2Manage,Manufacturing,visibility,data
Sales & Operations Planning Summit - September 9/10, Boston MA
Sales & Operations Planning Summit – September 9/10, Boston MA. Don t miss out on the revolutionary ideas sparking innovation in your industry at the.

form 9 purchase request  process; and achieve superior information sharing and enhanced planner awareness. Be in excellent company at the summit with the following confirmed speakers:         - Vice President, Operations, Nikon         - Vice President, Supply Chain, Sony         - Director Sales & Operations Planning, Staples         - Director Sales & Operations Planning, WL Gore         - Director, Customer Intelligence, Coca-Cola         - Senior Director, Business Planning & Supply C Read More...
Event: TEC's Jorge García to Speak at Salon BI Montreal
TEC's business intelligence analyst, Jorge García, will be presenting at Salon BI 2012 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, this Tuesday, November 6 (9:35 am)

form 9 purchase request  
3 Steps to Making Every Interaction Count
What happens between the time customers begin to research a product and the final purchase? They’re likely to check out your—and your competitors’—websites

form 9 purchase request  

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