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Do Chinese Enterprises Really Need MES and WMS?
Despite rapid industrialization in China and other developing countries, most manufacturing execution systems (MES) and warehouse management systems (WMS) are

fresh diagnose  on each end load fresh material onto conveyors and take material off the conveyors at the production line. But because the typical Chinese factory is a multi-story building—receiving and warehousing operations usually occupy different floors than the production lines—it's often impossible for workers at one end of the conveyor to see what's going on at the other end. As a result, warehouse workers aren't aware of production line stoppages and will continue loading material indefinitely until there is Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » fresh diagnose

SAP Gets Serious with SAP HANA and Mobility
Yesterday in San Francisco, SAP held a press conference to make two (perhaps three) major announcements about its strategy for the data management and mobility

fresh diagnose  assets, hopefully with a fresh view toward offering more user- and application-centric solutions, both in data management and mobility. Of course, I welcome your thoughts, please leave a comment below and I will answer as soon as I can. Read More
A Fresh Look at SAP’s Software-as-a-service (SaaS) Solution
After a year of silence surrounding SAP’s newest enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, SAP Business ByDesign is back. During that year, many of its

fresh diagnose  Fresh Look at SAP’s Software-as-a-service (SaaS) Solution After a year of silence surrounding SAP’s newest enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, SAP Business ByDesign is back. During that year, many of its competitors pounced on SAP’s silence, even going so far as to spread rumors that the new product was dead. Find out what one Aberdeen analyst thought of Business ByDesign after taking it for a test drive at Sapphire 2009. Read More
Cyclone Untangles Digital Partnerships
Cyclone Commerce has announced a hosted version of its Interchange product. Both versions are designed to help manage the many interconnections that arise in

fresh diagnose  is a breath of fresh air to companies facing the problems resulting from this kind of growth. Its products manage and synchronize the various protocols in use between partners in the network. Cyclone takes responsibility both for the routing and security of all data transactions and for the tracking and coordination of the various protocols in use on the network as they change due to actions of individual partners. The product is fully integrated with all the leading translation packages. In effect, Read More
Infor Launches Biggest M3 Release in 10 Years
Infor has announced the availability of a new release of Infor M3. This release of M3 continues Infor’s focus on the vertical industries that it targets with

fresh diagnose  lot blending, features for ultra-fresh food planning, enhanced warehouse mobility support, ageing and shelf-life management, and lot status and numbering improvements. For distribution companies, enhancements include delivery management through simplified movement of inventory between locations, pick corrections prior to pick list reports, new load building step for shipments, grouping of shipment packages to same distribution point, and greater control of output of pick lists. Equipment companies will Read More
Dell Unveils Internet-Enabled Customer Support Strategy
Dell Computer announced its plans to provide Internet-based, automated customer support.

fresh diagnose  Unveils Internet-Enabled Customer Support Strategy Dell Unveils Internet-Enabled Customer Support Strategy R.A. Krause - September 3rd, 1999 Event Summary On August 25th, Dell Computer Corporation said it will provide, over the Internet, advanced customer support capabilities that will eventually help all Dell systems detect, diagnose and resolve most of their own problems automatically without human interaction. Market Impact Dell is getting in early on the overall electronic support marketplace, Read More
Food and Beverage Industry Trends and Issues
Food and beverage manufacturers and distributors supplying major supermarket retailers share many common business challenges. The customers—powerful and

fresh diagnose  that are readily available fresh or at different levels of preparation to suit consumer convenience. The industry has to be ever more creative in providing choices that cater to consumer preferences, in order to increase turnover and gain market share. Customer Consolidation The consolidation of retailers is a fact, and is a global trend that affects not just groceries but all retail categories (see Challenging the Competition: Mega-mergers and Supply Chain Technology ). A $400 million (USD) food Read More
Dynamic Simulation and Supply Chain Management
The challenge of supply chain management (SCM) is to identify and implement strategies that minimize costs while maximizing flexibility. Computer simulation can

fresh diagnose  Simulation and Supply Chain Management The challenge of supply chain management (SCM) is to identify and implement strategies that minimize costs while maximizing flexibility. Computer simulation can be a valuable tool along your supply chain to help diagnose problems and evaluate possible solutions, and mitigate risks. Discover the methodology for building supply chain models, and the critical criteria for selecting simulation software that fits your needs. Read More
Now Andersen, Tomorrow Accenture, They’ve got a lot of Selling to do
In compliance with the August arbitrator’s report on the conflict between Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting, the consulting firm has announced its new

fresh diagnose  the appearance of being fresh and new, only to have everyone wonder, who are they? Watch out, however, in case the name Andersen Consulting and web address ac.com appear on the horizon again sometime next year or later. It won't be the AC of today. And it may not even be Arthur Andersen but an offshoot, possibly an independent one. If you're looking for the current AC, think Accenture for the future. AC's adventures in creating a new name and validating it in the global market carry a message for all Read More
Should interBiz Mean Intelligence And Prediction Beyond ERP? - Part 2: Challenges and Market Impact
InterBiz remains one of the most widely used of the upper-mid-range ERP vendors. It has done much to rejuvenate its acquired enterprise applications arsenal

fresh diagnose  initiative has breathed a fresh air into venerable but almost antiquated applications, interBiz must rebuild somewhat lagging momentum by attracting new users. Playing to its strengths by capitalizing on CA's huge investment in enterprise infrastructure management and business intelligence component, including predictive and pattern matching intelligent technologies makes sense. Additionally, BizWorks ability to integrate both interBiz and third-party applications across the supply-chain becomes a Read More
New Version of TIBCO's Enterprise Social Platform: tibbr 4
tibbr 4 is the new version of what TIBCO calls its enterprise social platform. Beyond issuing a press release, TIBCO demoed the latest version of tibbr at the

fresh diagnose  expand its capabilities with fresh apps and functionalities, starting with organizations such as Box , Badgeville , Wayin , Teamly , BrightIdea , Fileboard , and Whodini . Read More
Margin Squeeze and Globalization in the Food and Beverage Industry
In the food and beverage industry, the channel master makes final volume decisions and mostly controls the unit price, with the manufacturer having limited

fresh diagnose  channel. This channel sells fresh and fully- or semi-prepared food produce for consumption in restaurants and eating establishments outside of the home. Products include canned foods, meats, poultry, seafood, dairy, fruits, vegetables, beverages, and other ancillary products such as napkins, paper towels, detergents, and cleaning materials. Food service customers, especially owner-run restaurants, rely on a more personalized approach from their suppliers, which often employ a field sales force to Read More
Apparent BPM in the Cloud—Analyst Roadshow
Apparancy was born out of the idea to create a fresh business process offering that takes the best of what traditional BPM suites can provide—from workflow and

fresh diagnose  idea to create a fresh business process offering that takes the best of what traditional BPM suites can provide—from workflow and business process execution to process monitoring and control monitoring—and combines it with key additional value for an organization. Apparancy acts as a hub that interconnects with all an organization’s existing enterprise business software and thereby enables key processes to be performed via a single and centralized interface. Process execution becomes transparent. Read More
Application Performance: Don't Fly Blindly Into the Cloud
In Managing Application Performance in the Cloud, you'll get a straightforward guide to understanding...

fresh diagnose  Performance: Don't Fly Blindly Into the Cloud When you move your company's applications to the cloud, serious performance problems can occur. Unfortunately, you may not even be aware of these problems—or have the tools necessary to diagnose and resolve them. However, there are solutions. In Managing Application Performance in the Cloud , you'll get a straightforward guide to understanding how to deal with performance management challenges particular to cloud computing the network-based Read More
Competitive Advantage in a Saturated Market: How Will the Big Few Do It?
Given the current saturation of the application market, and trends in acquisitions major vendors will be searching for a viable competitive advantage. There

fresh diagnose  recently with its still fresh acquisitions of MAPICS , Lilly Software , Mercia Software , etc. may also become a member. In the past, some vendors have justified acquisitions by anticipating that the acquired customer base will buy new software. Even recently Oracle, for example, had a wayward back to the future ploy against the current market trend of enhancement and integration. It tried to persuade customers to obtain everything from Oracle, even if it meant several years of waiting for Read More
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