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TEC Brings Its CRM Evaluation Center to the Latin-American Region
Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), a global company specializing in on-line services for software evaluation, launched the Spanish CRM Evaluation Center to

functional requirements templates free  VP executives, technology and functional managers, consultants, and IT professionals. Read More...

It’s About Process (or the Ability to be Responsive) -- Part IV
Part III of this blog series introduced Webcom ResponsAbility, the on-demand workflow automation and business process management (BPM) solution. Anyone

functional requirements templates free  be fair, some BPM functional requirements can be rendered moot in the on-demand model. In fact, product versioning, acceptance testing and/or whether workflow notification mechanisms can integrate with desktop products or interact via email are all capabilities that are a “big deal” for client/server on-premise BPM deployments, but are virtually irrelevant in software as a service (SaaS)  subscription-based deployments. The same goes for integration with third-party integrated development Read More...
CC&B for the Telecommunications Industry RFI/RFP Template
CC&B Core Requirements, Packages, Discounts, and Promotions, Mediation, Retail Rating and Billing, Billing for New Generation Services, Wholesale and Interconnect Billing, Customer Care, Provisioni...
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Documents related to » functional requirements templates free

Upside Software Remains on the Upside of the Contract Management Market
My recent article entitled “Why Should Enterprises Manage their Contracts Closely?” analyzed the importance of enterprise-wide contract lifecycle management

functional requirements templates free  in terms of both functional footprint depth and breadth (from an entry-level to an all-encompassing enterprise CLM suite) and deployment (via on-premise perpetual software licenses and on-demand subscriptions). All of the product editions by Upside are on the same code, which allows for relatively easy migrations as necessary. Most recently, in February 2011, Upside  announced the release of UpsideLive LITE , a simple contracting system that is based on the company’s aforementioned flagship enterprise Read More...
Information Security 101: an Introduction to Being Compliant and Protecting Your Assets
E-mail, Internet access, and collaborative tools (whether a phone system’s conferencing capabilities, or document-sharing applications) are “must-haves” for

functional requirements templates free  or business activities, a functional definition of intellectual property). Once that’s done, you need to make sure all employees know about those policies. One of the final steps to ensuring your assets are covered (think of it as flame-retardant for the seat of your pants) for data breach: install an up-to-date information security system that helps you enforce those policies and that helps maximize data protection. In order to choose the right information security system, you’ll need to identify Read More...
Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Embraces the Spanish-speaking Market
Because of growing demand, Technology Evaluation Centers, Inc. (TEC) has launched its on-line services in Spanish. TEC, a global enterprise software

functional requirements templates free  prioritize their technical and functional requirements. TEC's patented algorithm and analysis engine for its evaluation centers, eBestMatch™, identifies the applications and vendors that best match end users'needs. TEC also offers material to support its evaluation centers, such as RFP templates, white papers, an IT vendor directory, a consultant directory, vendor and application reports, articles, and a free daily newsletter in Spanish and English, which contains relevant information on the IT world Read More...
Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) in ProcessPart 3: Process PLM Requirements
A Process PLM system must accommodate rapid, global deployment of the system. This need drives specific requirements to minimize both the start-up and the long

functional requirements templates free  Life Cycle Management (PLM) in ProcessPart 3: Process PLM Requirements Introduction In Part One of this series, we discussed Product Life Cycle Management as a proven concept in the discrete industries and as a growing concept in process. In Part Two we examined the motivations for a process company to undertake a PLM project. In this part, we explore the requirements for PLM in the process enterprises. In Part Two of this series, we stated that a comprehensive approach was required in order to Read More...
Product Lifecycle Management: Expediting Product Innovation
The highly competitive product manufacturing market makes true product lifecycle management (PLM) inevitable. PLM helps companies map product requirements to

functional requirements templates free  piloting. Product development involves cross-functional teamwork, as the following functions are generally involved: marketing, design, engineering, purchase, testing, production engineering, manufacturing, and quality. In a conventional product development cycle, these cross-functional teams work serially, one after the other (also termed serial engineering ). This conventional method actually ties product cycle time to a certain period, as only one team can work at a time (while the other teams wait for Read More...
Case Study: Copps Industries-Trouble Free ERP

functional requirements templates free  
Essential Guide to ERP for Process Manufacturers: A Practical Guide to Successfully Addressing Your Industry-specific Requirements
As a process manufacturer, if you’re actively searching for the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, you should focus on those ERP solutions that

functional requirements templates free  Guide to ERP for Process Manufacturers: A Practical Guide to Successfully Addressing Your Industry-specific Requirements As a process manufacturer, if you’re actively searching for the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, you should focus on those ERP solutions that have a strong process manufacturing foundation. These ERP applications support many industry best practices to which you can align your business processes. Discover how a process-oriented ERP system can help you Read More...
POLL: What Are Your FSM Requirements?
TEC is developing a new market survey report on field service management (FSM), and we would like to hear your thoughts on FSM solutions. Your responses to the

functional requirements templates free  
Microsoft New Online Messenger ~ Dope Slaps AOL’s Instant Messenger
So why would users switch from AOL’s Instant Messaging client to Microsoft’s? Quite simple really, throw in free long distance phone service, offer a comparable

functional requirements templates free  Messenger 3.0 is good, functional and proven (not to mention 'way cool'). As previously mentioned, the application does not force you to give up your AOL Instant Messenger, allowing both clients to be run simultaneously. AOL will offer the comparable technological advancements in Instant Messenger, its not there now, so why wait? Read More...
Requirements Definition For Package Implementations
How do you go about defining the requirements of large package systems, particularly those with the all-encompassing scope of ERP, EAM, and CRM software, and

functional requirements templates free  part of the standard functionality. The price tag for enhancing the package to accommodate factoring is estimated to be $125,000 or $250,000 over a 5-year period. Since the intent to phase out factoring altogether, the recommendation is to handle factoring offline and avoid the expense of the enhancement. You might think that the above scenario is just a simple example to illustrate a point. Simple, yes, but taken from a real project. By involving all concerned parties in the process, the rationale for th Read More...
Food and Beverage Industry: Overview of Software Requirements
The food and beverage industries have very special needs, many of which are externally regulated. Read on to discover some of the unique challenges and software

functional requirements templates free  adverse media coverage. The functionality might particularly be appreciated nowadays with recent outbreaks of mad cow disease and other consumer concerns. The software should offer yield optimization processes. These planning components are decision support tools focusing on calculating the most profitable way to process raw materials and ingredients to meet demand. The inputs for yield optimization include supply quantities and prices, demand quantities and sales prices, production costs and capacities Read More...
Understanding the Planning and Deployment Requirements of Today’s Software-as-a-service Solutions
Midsize businesses are learning the hard way that most enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications are not truly on-demand, but instead require

functional requirements templates free  and its scenario-based vs. functional area approach. SAP has also established a productized service model with fixed pricing. SAP offers a range of go-live services that help the customer take full advantage of the solution's ease of deployment. Customers can choose to manage the majority of go-live tasks and phases internally, with the assistance of a trusted SAP adviser — or engage SAP to manage most of their deployment activities and deliver a ready-to-run application. The following are the two main Read More...

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