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Geode GX
Geode GX is a warehouse management system (WMS) designed for midsized manufacturers and distributors. The system is an incremental step for companies that

geode  GX Geode GX is a warehouse management system (WMS) designed for midsized manufacturers and distributors. The system is an incremental step for companies that require warehousing functionality that is available in standard enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, but want to limit the number of vendors used to obtain robust back-office, shop floor, and warehousing capabilities. Geode GX helps companies move from basic inventory control or radio frequency-based stock locator systems to a configurable Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Adonix Expands X3 And Its
While Adonix, until recently a quiet French ERP provider, may have the trumps to create more buzz internationally, the road to success will by no means be an

geode  TOLAS , and the Geode product from Geodis Logistics , a European warehouse management system (WMS) solution. Adonix has been redeveloping Geode within the X3 technology and plans to sell it as a module of Adonix X3 and as a best-of-breed solution in its traditional market, the consumer product goods (CPG) vertical. Consequently, Adonix started rewriting its solution in 1997 after the Prodstar's acquisition and released the first version of Adonix X3 in 1999. Known as a product development company, Adonix Read More
Mid-Market Strategy: International Enterprise Solutions
Adonix marks its strategy with two catchwords:

geode  released recently under the Geode GX name. Meta4 PeopleNet's personnel management, payroll administration, workforce collaboration, and BI capabilities might also come to the US some time in the future, while the Loan Solutions , for the public sector and local authorities, and Logan Informatique software, for real estate management, will remain permanently in local European markets. In the case of Gruppo FORMULA, the software seems as a good fit in markets other than Adonix' traditional markets of Read More
ERP and Warehouse Management: Technology, Challenges, and User Recommendations
Intense product architecture rejuvenation, functional enhancements cycles, and market consolidation exert pressure on all mid-market vendors offering ERP and

geode  advantage of the Adonix Geode GX system's pre-defined, two-way interface to X3. This interface may become invaluable in passing customer, order, shipping, and packaging information between the two applications, especially for performing value-added activities like multi-packs, repacks, and picking verifications in the warehouse, and in producing accurate bills of lading (BOL) and customer invoices. For more info on how pesky this interfacing between disparate applications and the need for data Read More
Responding to Warehouse Management Needs
The area of warehouse management systems and supply chain execution might be the best examples of Adonix' commitment to provide small and large businesses with

geode  of their facilities: Adonix Geode GX is a full-function WMS designed within the Adonix X3 development framework to meet the needs of mid-sized companies with large transaction volumes and sophisticated warehouse practices. It is an enterprise-level configurable, multisite, multi-company, multilingual, multi-database/multi-operating system, and multi-workflow solution with rules-based inventory storage and retrieval and automation capabilities. Adonix' ideas behind Geode GX has been to offer tier one Read More
Will Adonix Provide A Warmer Home To CIMPRO?
After several years of being neglected within many foster homes, CIMPRO might have finally found its welcoming host in Adonix, until recently an anonymous

geode  it i.e., Prodstar, TOLAS, Geode CLE128 (warehouse management system) and ABEL (fixed assets management product) -- Adonix might be positioned as an attractive alternative for mid-sized companies. On the same day, Adonix announced that it has made significant enhancements to Adonix X3 that bolster its warehouse management system (WMS) and data collection capabilities. Adonix X3's new WMS features include: Directed Put-away to appropriate storage locations by radio-frequency (RF) scanning according to Read More
TEC's Mid-market ERP-Distribution Buyer’s Guide
Midsize manufacturers and distributors now have access to an array of powerful software solutions that simply weren’t available before. But with so many choices

geode  WMS application - Sage Geode - to the Sage ERP X3 technical platform, L'Occitane jumped on the opportunity to become a pilot site, not only within the multi-national L'Occitane network, but as Adonix's initial North American Sage Geode implementation. Solution Sage Geode went live at L'Occitane's Lyndhurst warehouse in June 2005. As we continued to grow, it made sense to have a robust system running on a common platform, said Chris Halkyard, Vice President, Supply Chain for L'Occitane. Prior to Read More

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