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GE Comes to Lunch. Want to Guess Who the Appetizer Will Be?
General Electric announced the effective slicing of its General Electric Information Services company into two new business units to focus on E-commerce. The

ges epix  the creation of trading exchanges. Market Impact This is not a simple case of a clicks-and-mortar company suddenly deciding that the future is in E-commerce. General Electric has been setting this table for a while. GEIS was a pioneer in creating trading exchanges based on the EDI standard, and has been a strong participant in XML standardization efforts, including CommerceNet's and Microsoft's. GEIS' Trading Process Network was an early E-procurement experiment. Also, early in 1999 GEIS entered into a Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » ges epix

Solve the Succession Crisis by Growing “Inside-outside” Leaders
Strong evidence supports the notion that a well-groomed insider is a key to sustained company performance. In an analysis of 1,800 successions, company

ges epix  to your boss, also suggest solutions. Cultivate a group of senior-manager friends who back your ideas with resources. Broaden your view. Network with people outside your division and company, including customers, vendors, related organizations, and union leaders. Expand your general knowledge beyond your immediate business through seminars and outof- mainstream experiences. Solicit unvarnished truths. The higher you rise in your organization, the more people will tell you only what they think you want to Read More...
We Shall Be Giant
Oracle and Citigroup bank on integrating B2B exchange and financial services. Will Bailey Building and Loan Association get into the act?

ges epix  the direction of B2B exchanges has almost completely changed from enabling the purchase of indirect supplies to becoming vital components in integrated supply and distribution chains. That same progression will likely be replicated at the level of individual companies, individual exchanges, and the industry as a whole. For Oracle, that makes a customer's decision to participate in an exchange the opening to sell them, over time, a full suite of back-end software products. For Citigroup it is obvious that Read More...
Commerce One Goes High, Wide and PeopleSoft
E-procurement powerhouse Commerce One creates business-to-business marketplaces in Canada and Latin America It has also launched a phalanx of portals in

ges epix  with GUESS? Inc. (NYSE: GES). The arrangement with GUESS? will be laid out in three stages, of which only the last will be open to members of the textile and apparel industries that are not in the GUESS? supply chain. The GUESS? MarketSite portal is a partnership with ERP vendor PeopleSoft (NASDAQ: PSFT), who is also partnering with CommerceOne to create both an E-procurement capability for Pepsi General and a module that will enable any of the ERP vendor's customers to build E-procurement capabilities Read More...
IFS Glows Amidst The Mid-Market Gloom
By continuing to grow faster than many others, and by even reverting to profits, IFS has been defending the pride of quite beleaguered Tier 2 & 3 applications

ges epix  IFS as the fifth largest ERP provider during the second quarter in terms of license sales, while the company occupied the first position in terms of the fastest total and license revenue growth, stealing thereby the thunder from recently ebullient SAP and PeopleSoft . More important, the growth has been almost completely organic, as no significant acquisitions were made during the past 12 months. Furthermore, IFS North America reported earnings of ~$2 million and is now IFS' largest market with 35% of Read More...
Geac Gets Its Commonsense Share Of Consolidation, With Revolving Door CEOs No Less Part Two: Market Impact
Geac is now a financially conservative, stable but acquisitive organization that has remained profitable despite the general IT industry downturn. Geac’s future

ges epix  licensing, support & maintenance charges. In case of the System 21 Aurora enhancements, which have been a result of many current customers' requirements, one should note that most of the new functionality has been offered to these customers in return for slightly increased maintenance payments, but not for an additional license cost. Moreover, Geac still ranks among the Top 10 global enterprise applications vendors based solely on revenues and customer base, since its estimated revenues and install base Read More...
GE GXS: Part and Parcel of B2B Exchange
General Electric’s GXS provides the infrastructure for a new digital marketplace. The announcement sheds light on the possibility that GXS can leverage its

ges epix  a purchase order and arranges for shipping. Payment is not released to the seller until the expiration of a five-day buyer inspection period. GE Global eXchange Services (GXS), the successor to GE's information services unit GEIS (see GE Comes to Lunch. Want to Guess Who the Appetizer Will Be? ) provides infrastructure and services to this venture. In particular, GXS is responsible for integration between the exchange and the enterprise systems of the members, including financial and CRM systems, and for Read More...
GXS Acquires HAHT Commerce for More Synchronized Retail B2B Data Part Three: Market Impact
There is renewed interest to provide GXS' trading services from other surviving Internet exchange providers to leverage GXS' huge expertise and investment in a

ges epix  operates one of the largest B2B e-commerce networks in the world and manages one billion annual transactions for more than 100,000 trading partners, announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire HAHT Commerce ( www.haht.com ).HAHT Commerce is based in Raleigh, North Carolina and is a privately-held provider of demand chain management applications (DCM) that strategically automate, integrate, and optimize order management, product information management (PIM), channel management, business Read More...
Navigating Global Trade Waters
Vastera has gradually migrated to become more of a services company than a mere enterprise software provider. Over the last few years it has grown its global

ges epix  Services customers, its two largest customers, supplied 69 percent of Managed Services revenues in 2003. Specifically, its Managed Service agreement with Ford included the administration, automation, and management of Ford's global trade import operations in the US, which will be in effect until August 2005. This relationship has expanded to include the administration and management Ford's global trade import operations in Mexico, Canada, the UK, Spain, Belgium, and Germany. These agreements provide Read More...
Geac Hopes To See System21 Shine Again Like 'Aurora'
By stabilizing its financial situation and by focusing on customer service beyond reproach and on its major product’s collaborative enhancements, in part

ges epix  revenues derived from the GES division, with 57% of total revenues generated in the Americas, 35% in Europe, and 8% in Asia Pacific region. Figure 1. Cost of revenues was reduced by Can$95.0 million, or 22.5%, from Can$421.6 million in fiscal year 2001 to Can$326.6 million in fiscal year 2002, as during the fourth quarter, Geac undertook a comprehensive review of its operations with the objective of reducing costs and increasing effectiveness. As a result of this effort, the company streamlined Read More...

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