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Competition from a Small Vendor
One reason to look at small specialist providers is the ongoing success of Sweden-based Jeeves Information Systems AB. Even the largest players acknowledge the

get date from sy datum abap  enterprise resource planning,Jeeves,User requirements,Enterprise applications,SAP,Microsoft,Mendocino,best practices,Microsoft Office Smart Client,Business systems selection Read More...
CRM for Financial and Insurance Markets
Customer relationship management (CRM) focuses on the retention of customers by collecting data from all customer interactions with a company from all access points (by phone, mail, or Web, or&n...
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Documents related to » get date from sy datum abap

New Database Capabilities from Teradata
During the recent Teradata Partners User Group Conference @ Expo, Teradata announced the release of new Teradata Database capabilities with the release of

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SAP Support - From Reactive to Proactive
I recently attended the SAP Active Global Support (AGS) Analyst Summit in Costa Mesa, California, along with a member of TEC’s software selection services team.

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Hi from Kurt: TEC's New PLM Analyst
Hi, my name is Kurt, and I am a new member of the Research Analyst Group at TEC. Before contributing anything else to this blog site, I’d like to briefly

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What Keeps EAM/CMMS Away From PLM?
Today, many assets are designed and manufactured with the help of product lifecycle management (PLM) tools and systems, which contain highly valuable product

get date from sy datum abap  systems (EAM and PLM) together, the result will be beneficial to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), asset owners, and third-party maintenance service providers. However, this isn’t an easy job. The following are a few barriers between EAM and PLM as I see it. 1. Two Different “Lifecycles” Yes, the product lifecycle (PL) and the asset lifecycle (AL) are similar. Both of them may begin at a strategic starting point (e.g., PL begins with planning the next offering for the market, and AL begins Read More...
Sustainability From a Roles Perspective: Reflections from DSCC 2010 (Day 2)
As Dassault Systèmes Customer Conference (DSCC) 2010 moved to day 2, use of the word “innovation” continued its popularity at various sessions. However, I’d

get date from sy datum abap  but these selected roles together provide a quick but quite representative look of what ENOVIA is about. Compared with ENOVIA V6's lengthy and hierarchical functionality list at this link , this roles approach is a more effective way of communication. A while ago, I wrote about the relevance between PLM and sustainability taking the angle of a specific PLM vendor (which happened to be Dassault Systèmes) in the article In Search of Sustainability with Dassault Systèmes . As inspired by Tellier’s Read More...
From Text to Business Insight: All about Enterprise Text Analytics
Text analytics automates the extraction of business value from Web sites and social media content, from e-mail and survey responses, to regulatory filings and

get date from sy datum abap  enterprise text analytics,software enterprise,software for enterprise,analytics in business,text analytics,analytics solutions,content management tools,enterprise analytics,text analytics software,business analytic software,text analytics tools,enterprise search software,enterprise search solutions,business analytics solutions,enterprise search solution Read More...
Break from the Routine
With one IT department in five spending more than half its time and resources on routine maintenance and administration of existing systems, top business

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Just One Hop Away From San Jose
Cisco Systems, Inc. has acquired a Manufacturing Facility in New Hampshire.

get date from sy datum abap  MA-Cisco Systems,Cisco Systems,cisco presence inside New England,cisco article,networking equipment,New England Manufacturing Center,Optical Networks,corporate network infrastructure,Internet based applications,Optical Networking for Cisco,next generation of network hardware Read More...
Moving Your Customers From TDM to IP
As the global marketplace continues to become more competitive, enterprises are struggling with how to retain their competitive edge. While many have

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RedPrairie: Enabling End-to-End Supply Chains (from Manufacturer to Retail Shelf)
RedPrairie provides best-of-breed supply chain execution, workforce, and all-channel retail solutions designed to streamline and expedite the flow of goods from

get date from sy datum abap  with unproven scalability.   Target Customers RedPrairie’s sweet spot customers vary by product suite and industry, but in general the ideal prospects for the vendor’s offerings are as follows: WMS—Manufacturers, retailers and distributors/wholesalers of all sizes, as well as third-party logistics (3PL) providers that serve these companies, which have complex distribution operations—often with multiple large facilities, global supply networks, and multiple distribution channels. WFM for Supply Read More...
Enterprises May Be Overlooking Profits from After-sales Service
If service parts and service personnel management are well managed, manufacturers can significantly improve their profits from service operations. This will

get date from sy datum abap  from which they can get better margins. In this scenario, after-sales service looks very promising, and is becoming a savior for the manufacturers. But efficient and reliable after-sales service needs a good enterprise service management system to manage it. And there lies the rub. Manufacturers are still slow to invest in buying and implementing a good enterprise service management system. Undoubtedly there is a big potential in after-sales service for saving costs by streamlining service parts Read More...
Protecting Exchange Environments from Spam
Spam has become a global epidemic. And because it is constantly evolving and mutating, spam makes it difficult to separate good e-mails from the bad. While most

get date from sy datum abap  
What to Expect from Your WMS
Today, companies are facing tougher competition and increasing service level requirements, all while balancing growth with shorter phase-in/phase-out cycles for

get date from sy datum abap  you were told to get is 'in the middle'). And you certainly want to get your individual feedback on how you perform to make sure you are correctly paid. Ease of use All screens, whether PC workbenches or streamlined UIs for handhelds, should be designed to be easy to learn, giving you access to the right information. No mistakes The WMS should guide you to perform the appropriate steps in each process, and to collect the required data for complete transactions. You will increase your accuracy and be able Read More...
Get More from Your IT Infrastructure
Find out in the white paper, unlock the hidden it opportunities in troubled economic times.

get date from sy datum abap  can you take to get more from your IT infrastructure ? Find out in the white paper, Unlock the Hidden IT Opportunities in Troubled Economic Times . You'll discover how you can use business service management (BSM) to unlock hidden IT opportunities in three main areas: IT process improvement, automation, and IT management. You'll also learn how the right IT investment can help you better manage IT costs; deliver a higher quality service; manage risk more effectively; deliver new services; and support Read More...

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