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Remedy Welcomes You To Your New Office. Now Get To Work!
At Remedy there is a 5 working day service level agreement for getting new employees up and running. If an employee accepts a job at least five days before the

get even now  Remedy infrastructure products to get full value, which we define so as to imply full integration with back-end systems. These are provided with the purchase of SetUp@Work, so cost isn't an issue. But the additional pieces do add some complexity to the IT department's life. Having a version of this product that could make use of other components could be of value. Since Remedy already has begun to build partnerships with integration and middleware vendors, so as to provide alternatives to their own Read More...
Field Service Management (FSM)
Field service management (FSM) software is a set of functionalities for organizations or departments within organizations that have as main focus the intallation, maintanance, reparing, and meter r...
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Documents related to » get even now

Now the Minnows are Eating the Minnows
In a transaction valued at approximately $15 million, DataMirror Corporation has announced that it has completed the acquisition of assets and assumption of

get even now  vendors are attempting to get into the data warehousing/business intelligence space to compete with SAP's offerings. User Recommendations Customers should be wary of this merger. They should grill the highest level DataMirror/Constellar executives they can arrange meetings with to get as close an idea of the actual product development and integration schedules as possible. It should also be noted that it is not uncommon for companies of this size to be purchased; often any useful technologies are then Read More...
Ability 585 ERP Is Now TEC Certified
In a recent live demo session with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software vendor Ability, I had the chance to get an in-depth look at Ability 585 ERP. It’s

get even now  had the chance to get an in-depth look at Ability 585 ERP. It’s not every day that a product’s capabilities exceed my expectations, but this was the certainly the case with Ability 585 ERP, which is now TEC Certified for ERP for Manufacturing (SMB) . Ability’s core principle is to provide ERP software that is powerful yet affordable for manufacturers of small or medium size. Ability 585 ERP caters to manufacturers, such as in aerospace, that have strong two-way traceability needs, auditing Read More...
AMD Hooks Up with Transmeta - For Now
Advanced Micro Devices, Intel’s main CPU competition, has teamed up with Transmeta – another Intel competitor – in an effort to speed development on its

get even now  whatever it takes to get MS on board. User Recommendations Users who believe Intel first, last, and always will have no interest in this announcement. Users willing to consider an AMD 64-bit processor - especially if Itanium slips much more - will want to keep in touch with AMD's progress in this arena. A 64-bit processor which can run legacy 32-bit applications provides some compelling economies for companies on a tight upgrade budget. The caveat , as mentioned before, is that Microsoft may not get Read More...
Get More from Your IT Infrastructure
Find out in the white paper, unlock the hidden it opportunities in troubled economic times.

get even now  can you take to get more from your IT infrastructure ? Find out in the white paper, Unlock the Hidden IT Opportunities in Troubled Economic Times . You'll discover how you can use business service management (BSM) to unlock hidden IT opportunities in three main areas: IT process improvement, automation, and IT management. You'll also learn how the right IT investment can help you better manage IT costs; deliver a higher quality service; manage risk more effectively; deliver new services; and support Read More...
UNIT4 Coda Financials Is Now TEC Certified
TEC is pleased to announce that Coda Financials software by UNIT4 has been TEC certified and is now available for online evaluation in the TEC Accounting and

get even now  space. As such it targets a segment of the market that’s referred to as “Businesses Living IN Change” (BLINC). The change-friendly design runs through all of UNIT4’s applications. Similarly to UNIT4’s other flagship product, Agresso ERP, which offers flexibility and adaptability through VITA architecture, Coda Financials’ LINK architecture combines three core capabilities in to one design: a single Financial Model, a framework for control, and, last but not least, superior connectivity and Read More...
Customer Behavior Analysis from Tealeaf Now in IBM’s Analytics Portfolio
We’ve barely had time to assimilate IBM’s acquisition of Vivisimo and now IBM has announced its intention to acquire Tealeaf Technology, a provider of customer

get even now  
BI Portal from Enterprise Software Solutions Is Now a TEC Certified Application
Business Intelligence Portal (BI Portal) from Enterprise Software Solutions (ESS) has become part of TEC’s group of certified BI applications, and is now

get even now  
Security Breach: Now What?
When people's lives or financial transactions are at risk, proper Security Incident handling is of extreme importance.

get even now  it is time to get a new service provider. If a system has been compromised by root, administrator, or security officer privileges, the box is owned, and not by you. Typically one of the first things a cybercriminal will do is install Trojan Horses to conceal their identity. Trojan Horses are files that look like normal system files, but are actually programs that hide trespasser activity. Picking apart a system to find all system files replaced by Trojan Horses typically takes far longer than simply Read More...
Concept by Configure One Is Now a TEC Certified Quote-to-Order Solution
TEC is pleased to announce that Concept by Configure One is now a TEC certified quote to order (Q2O) solution and is available for evaluation online in the

get even now  quote products. The vendor targets primarily manufacturing companies or companies who make actual/tangible products that are configurable—for example: trucks, industrial machinery, doors and windows, tables and furniture, refrigerating systems, and air conditioning systems. The vendor’s software application is built around products to which buyers can choose between or apply different options (i.e. different colors, different shapes, different dimensions, different accessories available as Read More...
IFS Field Service Management Is Now a TEC Certified Solution
TEC is pleased to announce that IFS Field Service Management is now part of Technology Evaluation Centers’ (TEC’s) field service management (FSM) certified

get even now  
Jobscope Enterprise Edition Is Now a TEC Certified ERP ETO Solution
Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is pleased to announce that Jobscope Enterprise Edition (JEE) is now TEC Certified for enterprise resource planning engineer

get even now  and full-function ERP solution targeted toward small to medium businesses (SMBs). Jobscope’s sweet spot is businesses with revenues in the $10M to $500M (USD) range, although it can scale to larger organizations. Along with the focus on ETO/MTO/MRO verticals, JEE is also successfully used by government contractors and aerospace & defense companies. Overall, JEE provides a surprisingly big bang for the buck to SMBs requiring a full-featured ERP solution. JEE provides a broad range of features including: Read More...
Teloquent To e.t.: Now You Can Call Or Use The Web
Teloquent introduced a new release of its software to integrate phone and web-based customer service.

get even now  many as 1800 agents. Together with some of its other products Teloquent can enable a company to build a very functional combined media call center, and should have no trouble establishing a strong niche within the overall CRM market. User Recommendations The users most interested in Teloquent's solution will be those bricks-and-mortar or direct merchants who already have existing call centers, and existing call center management companies that want to break into e-commerce. A dot-com that believes phone Read More...
To ERP or Not to ERP (In Manufacturing, It Isn't Even a Question)
Despite the benefits that enterprise resource planning (ERP) brings to manufacturers, Aberdeen findings from 2010 suggest that 26% of manufacturers have yet to

get even now  ERP or Not to ERP (In Manufacturing, It Isn't Even a Question) Despite the benefits that enterprise resource planning (ERP) brings to manufacturers, Aberdeen findings from 2010 suggest that 26% of manufacturers have yet to implement ERP. This report looks at the performance of companies that have implemented ERP software versus the companies that have not. It also examines the capabilities that companies with ERP have compared to those that don't. Read More...

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