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The Advanced Sourcing and Negotiation Benchmark Report
The wave of e-sourcing that began a decade ago resembled a “crash diet:” it had an immediate and noticeable effect on enterprises. Today’s challenge is to

global sourcing rfp retail  Employ Advanced Sourcing | Global Sourcing | Global Sourcing Solutions | Global Supply | Global Supply Chain | Global Supply Chain Management | Global Supply Management | Industry Sourcing | Inventory Management Software | Legal Negotiation | Logistics Management | Managing Negotiation | Manufacturing Sourcing | Negotiation Agreement | Negotiation Management | Negotiation Process | Negotiation Strategies | Negotiation Strategy | Negotiation Terms | Open Sourcing | Operations Management | Outsourcing | Read More...
PLM for the Retail Industry
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Retail is an evaluation model containing tailored PLM criteria and extra functionalities that serve the specificities of this industry in order to help fas...
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Documents related to » global sourcing rfp retail

The Promise (and Complexities) of Private Labels
Recent studies have shown that retail winners (that is, companies that outperform their peers in year-over-year, comparable store sales) carry a significantly

global sourcing rfp retail  Blessing and Curse of Global Sourcing and Supplier Management and Distinctions and Benefits of Strategic Sourcing . As for the retail sector, there is also a growing trend toward offering private labels and brands (also known as own and house brands and labels) to help retailers grow revenue. Consequently, there comes a fundamental reassessment of the structure of global sourcingwhether to use agents or other middlemen at all if companies can now work directly with manufacturers via the Internet. Read More...
Logistics.com Might Prove An Internet Success Story After All- Part 2: Market Impact
By being able to address the needs of all stakeholders across the board from shipper to transport provider, and with the marketplace/private trading exchange

global sourcing rfp retail  chain solutions focused on global transportation procurement and execution activities. They also plan to develop standardized interfaces between Logistics.com's OptiManage transportation management system and J.D. Edwards' OneWorld transportation management and enterprise solution. The partnership, therefore, provides Logistics.com with the opportunity to penetrate new markets with its less known product, particularly in discrete manufacturing industries such as automotive where J.D. Edwards has a strong Read More...
Chatting with TradeStone Software @ NRF BIG Retail Shows - Part 1
Some signs of a modest economic recovery and cautious optimism are shyly popping out, although they might be only be crumbs of comfort for many unemployed

global sourcing rfp retail  of private label and  global sourcing  initiatives into any retail organization requires the following: Quality, regulations, and certifications must be embedded in the design process. The on-boarding of vendors must be transparent and immediate. Retailers must define and control design, production management, and auditing/testing at a greater level of granularity. There can be only one unified buying process, as the risks of cost surprises and  product recalls  must be mitigated via visibility and Read More...
Reference Guide to Supply Chain Management (SCM) Features and Functions
This guide to supply chain management (SCM) functions/features will help you determine which SCM features are a high priority for your organization. Learn about

global sourcing rfp retail  open, real-time views into global information, as well as the ability to pinpoint and drill into key information, sensing deviations in business plans versus execution expectations (unplanned events).  Production and supply planning Today's supply chain planning systems have significant advantages over the manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) systems of the past. These systems incorporate up-to-date algorithms and philosophies on how supply chains work. In addition, they have a technology advantage Read More...
Global Supply Chain Collaboration
The Global Supply Chain Collaboration Suite supports collaborative work processes at the points along the supply chain where retail trading partners interact

global sourcing rfp retail  Supply Chain Collaboration The Global Supply Chain Collaboration Suite supports collaborative work processes at the points along the supply chain where retail trading partners interact. The product is intended to support areas where communication, information visibility, and joint goal setting are requirements for both parties. Agentrics Supplier Performance Management is a web-based solution that provides a way for companies to track business performance metrics and collaborate with trading partners to Read More...
EXEControl Global Solutions
Headquartered in Clifton Park, New York (US), EXEControl Global Solutions was established as a software company in 1969. EXEControl Global Solutions focuses on

global sourcing rfp retail  Global Solutions Headquartered in Clifton Park, New York (US), EXEControl Global Solutions was established as a software company in 1969. EXEControl Global Solutions focuses on small and medium-sized businesses. The company supplies integrated information systems, which include the EXEControl software, computer hardware, operating system, relational database software, educational services, initial implementation assistance, continuing system support, and on-going software enhancements and Read More...
SAP as a Retail Market Force: More Fact Than Fiction
Can SAP, a market and technology leader in business management software, translate its success in the manufacturing industry to retail? TEC principal analyst P

global sourcing rfp retail  medium-sized retailers to leading global retailers. These retailers operate a variety of business models—from multiformat retailers to franchises and cooperatives. Customers of SAP’s retail solutions also include organizations that are principally product or service companies, but which also have retail operations. SAP doesn’t regard any particular retail segment as its sweet spot. It rather believes that the breadth and depth of its retail customer base speaks to the functional richness, Read More...
Getting the Attention of a Retail Buyer
Have a product that's ready for retail? Want to sell more products to the retailers of your choice? Read this white paper for help on how to get the attention

global sourcing rfp retail  retail, retail buyer, retailer, product sell, sell product, retail product, retail marketing Read More...
Retail Redefined: Investing for Success through 2015
Exclusive new survey findings point to the priorities and investments retailers are planning for over the next 36 months. Forward-looking results unveil the

global sourcing rfp retail  retail channel management,retail channel shift,changing consumer expectations,cross-channel retail challenges,retail technology Read More...
Benefits of Global Product Development
Find out in benefits of global product development.

global sourcing rfp retail  of Global Product Development Global product development is the natural evolution of outsourcing and offshoring . Done right, it can make your company significantly more productive. For growth-oriented companies, it means increased capacity and capability. For profit-oriented companies, global product development can translate into reduced costs and improved profits. But are you aware of all the opportunities—and risks —that come along with it? Find out in Benefits of Global Product Development Read More...
Understanding the True Cost of Sourcing
In today's twenty-first century, global outsourced business world, the traditional and somewhat simplistic approaches used to measure cost for sourcing

global sourcing rfp retail  ease of manufacturing, etc. Global Strategic Sourcing and the Total Cost of Supply As a result, global strategic sourcing evolved as a more sophisticated approach to selecting and managing the supply base and the procurement of direct materials. In strategic sourcing, the relationships are longer-term and there is a drive for continual improvement along many dimensions. Most companies that have adopted strategic sourcing practices have developed in-depth supplier scorecards for tracking performance and Read More...
Celerant Launches Stratus Retail POS at NRF 2014
Celerant Technology recently launched its next-generation point-of-sale (POS) system, Straus Retail. The new POS solution will provide real-time visibility

global sourcing rfp retail  industry watch, nra, retail, celebrant, stratus, pos, e-commerce, multichannel, command retail, RetailSTARS Read More...
Mastering Global Product Development for Business Advantage
Today’s businesses are operating in a global marketplace. Not only are customers and competitors located worldwide, but employees, suppliers, contractors, and

global sourcing rfp retail  Global Product Development for Business Advantage Global Product Development is complex - it entails product development process reconfiguration, new product architectures, and powerful product development technology tools to connect globally distributed teams. PTC's GPD Solution transcends both geographic and organizational boundaries to enable the vast potential of Global Product Development strategies at your company. Source: PTC Resources Related to Mastering Global Product Development for Read More...
Managing Global Supply Chain
As international competition becomes more intense and as national barriers for trade gradually reduce, the era of global business is here to stay. Increasingly

global sourcing rfp retail  Global Supply Chain As international competition becomes more intense and as national barriers for trade gradually reduce, the era of global business is here to stay. Increasingly the difference between success and failure in the global marketplace will be determined not by the sophistication of product technology or marketing communication, but by the way in which the global supply chain is controlled and managed.A global supply chain has to be agile and flexible enough to cope with differences Read More...

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