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WorldCom SPRINTs, Nokia/Visa Pays Bill, & Service Providers Gear for Wireless Tsunami
Ready for another Internet Tsunami? Broadband and Wireless ubiquitous infrastructures are coming into place at a rapid rate. Digital Business Service Providers

go america wireless  network of satellites will go commercial, using the current 24 satellites it has launched out of the 48 to be eventually launched. The Globalstar system provides data services as well as voice, but is not broadband. What the Future Holds By 2004, there will be 31 separate satellite commercial communications systems blanketing the earth with over a thousand satellites mostly in low earth or mid-earth orbit, with varying bandwidth capabilities. Additionally, many of these satellite systems will be tied Read More
Outsourcing, Applications Software
This RFP is focused on the selection of companies who provide outsource services in the areas of application software. The typical types of activities that these outsource providers perform include...
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Documents related to » go america wireless

Case Study: Leveraging Response Management in a Super-charged Environment
Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry, had a rapidly expanding customer base and shortened product life cycles. This led the company to add more contract

go america wireless  also the analytics that go with it. In RIM's case, this breadth of data is not available in any other formal system, Toniutti says. We anticipate that our commodity managers, master schedulers, outsourcing supply specialists, and inance personnel will all be able to use this information to understand what's happening across the supply chain and make better decisions'and also to ensure that what we think should be happening is actually happening. The decision-making process has also been accelerated. Read More
It’s a Portal...AND It;s a Gateway
AOL has partnered with Gateway to develop a line of Internet-ready Linux desktop appliances based on the Netscape 6 browser.

go america wireless  appliance is expected to go on sale by year's end. These next-generation appliances will utilize the Netscape Gecko browser technology. Gecko, Netscape's smaller, faster and more potent browser engine technology, is a key component of the AOL Anywhere strategy and is designed to power Internet devices across a range of platforms and enable Web developers to create more compelling Internet-based content and applications. All of these devices will utilize the LINUX operating system. Market Impact Steve Read More
A Tale of a Few Good SCM Players - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog post series followed the progress of Manhattan Associates from its inception in 1990 throughout the mid-2000s. During this time, Manhattan

go america wireless  WMS, it will likely go for that vendor's LMS,  transportation management system (TMS ), etc. I believe that Manhattan might have some slight edge on the TMS side, and has been actually competing pretty well with  JDA Transportation Management ,  Oracle Transportation Management (OTM , formerly G-Log ) , or  i2 Transport Solution  in this area. When a WMS is leading the deal with TMS as an add-on, Manhattan is very tough to beat. The RedPrairie Factor On the RedPrairie side, I think its warehousing Read More
Razorfish Wants to Get its Name Out on Broadband
Razorfish is positioned to expand, but at what price? Razorfish faces challenges in organization, image, and perceived capabilities. How well Razorfish

go america wireless  Europe), the ability to go offshore and still manage, track, and retain a skill set will play an ever increasing role in the success of a company. Skills gained from early acquisition and learning to integrate other companies without killing the acquired organism (the Big 5 do so well at killing their creative babies) is something that is more and more needed. However, as Razorfish evolves into a larger organization, it may find this harder to achieve. Broadband and Wireless Focus: The early move into Read More
Intentia's Movex for Food and Beverage: Gaining a Foothold in North America Part Three: Observations and User Recommendations
The Movex collaboration application suite includes enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM

go america wireless  and mostly owing to good word of mouth, a dearth of suitable products, and the bad publicity of some competitor's failures (see Intentia's Intents To Be More Fashionable ). However, reliance on these certainly does not grant coveted sustainable growth and expansion within other non-related verticals. Therefore, although the company's biggest challenge remains its still nascent toehold in North America and Asia/Pacific (although lately they have been better performing regions), without which no vendor can Read More
“Rightsourcing” Your Wireless Asset Management
Businesses face a changing market landscape that forces continual optimization of current resources and assets to achieve results. One of the fastest growing

go america wireless   Read More
Beyond Budgeting Round Table North America
The Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT) is a network of organizations focusing on planning, forecasting, and control.

go america wireless  Budgeting Round Table North America The Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT) is a network of organizations focusing on planning, forecasting, and control. Read More
Efinity Offers B2B Clients WAP Access to Supply-Web Site
Prior to the end of 2003 we expect close to 1 Billion wireless access phone users globally (Probability 75%), simply put, that’s a lot of people. Companies must

go america wireless  wireless application protocol,wap wml,wap phones,wap service provider,wap design,wap application,wap browser,wap development,wireless wap,wap hosting,wap websites,wap portal,wap site development,wap 2.0,wap protocol Read More
The Middle Kingdom - From Wired to Wireless
Confused about RFID middleware? RFID middleware has a critical role to play in cleaving together and clarifying the signals and intelligence, bidirectionally

go america wireless  time-consuming process). Want to go through that for every chip in the universe? The cell phone analogy works here, since everywhere you roam, the new connection needs to be established and authenticated through the central server. But on the client side (the cell phone side) most of us do not lock or password protect, so when the phone is on, it is okay to connect to the network. Now, unless you are dumped from the service, you have access to the world. Who's going to do this with millions of tags? Part Read More
Trend Micro Steps into PDA/Wireless AntiVirus Information Market
In crisis situations, Trend Micro's Virus Information Center for the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) may prove indispensable for a network administrator and/or

go america wireless  and/or manager on the go, Trend's service may prove to be indispensable in crisis situations. Recent examples include the I LOVE YOU virus and Killer Resume Virus. Both viruses put the positive spot light on Trend for premium protection, which saved thousands of users from disaster. Trend boasts the largest AntiVirus research team in the world and can be a valuable informational resource from an administrative perspective. If you have a wireless PDA, make use of this free service, it may not just Read More
BroadVision and Bank of America Erect Enterprise as Portal Purveyors
BroadVision and Bank of America will create a new company to develop customized corporate portals. Hewlett-Packard and Amadeus will provide products and

go america wireless  applications - is not going to cause any competitors to lose sleep at this point. If the new venture does manage to develop an ASP application that can effectively serve such different companies as Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, and Amadeus, though, it might suddenly appear on the scene twelve to eighteen months from now as a formidable competitor. User Recommendations A user who is interested in a corporate portal solution can note that Bank of America had enough confidence in BroadVision's solution Read More
Tier 3 And Tier 4 ... Where Do You Go If You Don't Know, What You Don't Know.
If you are an executive in a Tier 3 or Tier 4 manufacturing company and you have wondered where to start, whom to call, what questions to ask, this article is

go america wireless  ... Where Do You Go If You Don't Know, What You Don't Know. Introduction For many small to mid size manufacturing companies it has become abundantly clear that in order to be competitive, there is a definitive need for strong technology systems. Unfortunately, technology needs are frequently preceded by immediate financial demands in payroll, capital equipment, and other areas. In many cases, these small to mid size companies have similar needs as their larger competitors. Without proper technology and Read More

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