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A Green Logistics Terminal
Up to 75 percent of a company’s carbon footprint comes from transport and logistics functions, in the context of goods storage and distribution. Today

goodwill  not just out of goodwill or compliance requirements, but also because savings in carbon emissions from green initiatives directly translate into cost savings. Consequently, emissions management and reporting are important. Learn more. Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » goodwill

MAPICS Moving On Pragmatically
While the existing loyal client base and seasoned affiliate channel remains MAPICS’ trump card in these difficult times, the recent moves of a unified product

goodwill  * Primarily represents a goodwill write down of the PivotPoint acquisition However, the Company reported adjusted earnings for the fourth quarter of $2.7 million, compared with $2.6 million, or in the year-earlier period. Adjusted earnings represent income before goodwill amortization, restructuring charge and other items, net of income taxes. Revenue for Q4 2002 totaled $30.5 million, a 13% drop versus $35.2 million a year ago. For the fiscal year ended September 30, 2002, the Company reported net Read More...
Banking Industry's Fair Value Accounting (FVA) Conundrum
Every company and almost every individual holds fixed assets. Over time, these assets change in value. For example, real estate tends to increase in value

goodwill  of the institution. d) Goodwill value could be argued against, and if it established as a percentage of the asset holdings then this value will be substantially reduced. Goodwill recognizes the value of assets held as well as revenue and expenses to establish a fair share market price. e) Some business arrangements, such as takeovers initiated before the financial crash, have clauses in them allowing for back-outs. An example of this was the $57.1 billion walk-away purchase by the Canadian Teacher’s Read More...
Merant Goes South on the Stock Market
Another vendor has stated that growth and license revenues in the mainframe arena are softer than expected. Shares of Merant (NASDAQ: MRNT), the provider of

goodwill  to $9.5 million excluding goodwill amortization. The above pre-tax loss range also is estimated before a goodwill charge of roughly $3.3 million. COBOL license fees worldwide have declined significantly below expectations and our forecast, said Merant President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Greenfield. He also stated that Merant had originally expected double-digit growth. Nevertheless, Greenfield said Egility e-business revenue continues to grow, but didn't accelerate as much as originally Read More...
MAPICS Red Ink Stained While Extending Its Offering
In May MAPICS Inc. announced the controlled delivery of the Point.Man Extended Enterprise Edition. Earlier, on May 4, MAPICS Inc. reported results for the

goodwill  excluding special charges and goodwill amortization. Total revenue for the second fiscal quarter increased 14 percent to $34.5 million from $30.3 million a year ago. In the year-earlier period, net income was $2.0 million, or $0.09 per share (See Figure 1). Figure 1. During the three months ended March 31, 2000, the Company recognized special charges and goodwill amortization, primarily as a result of the purchase of Pivotpoint in January 2000. These items amounted to $18.3 million before income taxes, Read More...
How to (Ab)Use Your Employees as a Social Platform
Last month I came across Julie Bort's article Your Company Might Think It Can Control Your Facebook Account Soon, which depicted current social guidance efforts by a few large brands such as Pepsi, Dell, Gap, and Intel. She brought up the interesting point that Pepsi is mulling over the idea of engaging its employees—i.e., its most treasured resource—in extracurricular activities. And this is

goodwill  can easily impede the goodwill you are trying to build towards your brand (let alone the possible personal repercussions for your employee, which could include being laughed at or ridiculed). The possible liabilities at this level could be interesting and haven’t been explored very much as of yet to my knowledge. Bringing me to my next point. You should build your message in a non-corporate format, i.e., one that can be easily supported in casual conversation, and allowing your employees to adapt it to Read More...
MAPICS Moving On Pragmatically Part 2: Market Impact
For the last several months, MAPICS, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAPX), a global provider of extended ERP applications for world-class mid-sized manufacturers, has embarked on a painstaking process of producing a strategy going forward that would pragmatically blend the company’s traditional values and success factors with new approaches to stay in tune with market trends.

goodwill   * Primarily represents a goodwill write down of the PivotPoint acquisition The company indeed belongs to a group of vendors recently benefiting from the market sobering up from its recent 1990s infatuation with cool (and often unproven and immature) technologies at any cost and from its subsequent reversal to a back to basics philosophy illustrated in a pragmatic home improvement approach to utilize and/or rationalize already implemented software to excess ( shelfware ) and to deploy new technology Read More...
Partner-Friendly Oracle Update – Part 2 » The TEC Blog
Discussing Enterprise Software and Selection

goodwill  potential benefit of instilling goodwill with members sharing information with easy Web 2.0 social media. To that end, the general Oracle partners’ site can be found here , whereas this site is dedicated only to Remarketers . The “grow uP with Oracle” blog ( some blog entries were mentioned in Part 1) , is also dedicated to inform Remarketers about the latest success stories. Enabling Resellers and Attracting the “Little Guy” with Freebees In order to further plant its seeds in the lower end of Read More...
Quality Management
In today’s global market, providing quality products and services is essential for any manufacturer’s continued growth—but maintaining a competitive edge is not always easy. For success, quality awareness must begin at the conception of the product and continue throughout the various stages of its development. To improve in this area, many manufacturers are now adopting the total quality management (TQM) approach.

goodwill  costs Penalties Liability costs Goodwill, reputation degradation Damage control costs Lost sales   Mitigation Quality can not be compromised in the competitive market. Inspection//Testing   Incoming inspection In-process testing Diagnostic tests, including the cost of testers and test procedure development Final testing Internal quality audits Field quality audits Corrective actions on all of the above Equipment test and calibration   Prevention   Quality planning and programs Training Designing in Read More...
QAD Seemingly Nearing The Corner
Recently reported financial results for fiscal 2002 might indicate QAD is nearing the turnaround point, with improved value proposition and cash situation to spar with the economic slowdown and the fierce competition from the bigger vendors and many of its peers.

goodwill  intangibles from acquisitions, a goodwill impairment loss, restructuring charges and a deferred tax asset valuation allowance, was $4.1 million, compared with pro forma net income of $3.4 million for the prior-year fourth quarter. Reported net income for Q4 2002, however, was $1.0 million compared with $2.4 million in fiscal 2001 (See Figure 1 below). Figure 1 The fourth quarter of fiscal 2002 marked the company s sixth consecutive quarter of positive cash flow, as QAD generated cash flow from operations Read More...
Analyzing MAPICS’ Further Steps After Frontstep
The former staunch IBM AS/400-based ERP supplier to mid-market manufacturing companies, MAPICS, has become quite a larger vendor and with a wider choice of products due to the recent acquisition of Frontstep and its entire product line, which included ERP, CRM, and SCM, on a single Microsoft .NET-based technology platform. However, as the customers from both camps have been uncertain of their provider's strategy, given that a bigger size brings about the need to rationalize multiple products within the same marketplace, after a few months long period of buried heads and brainstorming sessions, MAPICS has lately been engaged in explaining its rationale, as to set many customers' minds at ease.

goodwill  * Primarily represents a goodwill write down of the PivotPoint acquisition While the majority of revenue continues to come from the loyal existing customers, the vendor has processed nearly 400 license transaction during the quarter, which is threefold the average volume for MAPICS without Frontstep over its last four quarters. Nearly 60 new MAPICS SyteLine (formerly Frontstep SyteLine ) customers have reportedly contributed $2.8 million in license revenues. The company still has a comfortable cash Read More...

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