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Microsoft's Open Source Licenses
This post is not an oxymoron. The Open Source Initiative recently approved two Microsoft licenses (the Microsoft Reciprocal License and the Microsoft Public

gpl  software patent issues ( GPL v3 ). Maybe you'd feel safer using Microsoft's own. I can't help but think that if the second theory proves true, in order to actually participate as a valid option within the FOSS community (even if the intention was more involved, like subverting it), Microsoft will have to embrace and practice the business changes such participation entails. Thus, theory 1 comes true--Microsoft ends up moving toward greater open source practices within its own business. Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Demand at the Fount of Open Source Part Two: A Primer Based in Demand Trends
Organizations globally, are contributing to increased demand for Free and open source software but vendors may not yet be meeting this demand. This article

gpl  GNU General Public License (GPL) developed by the FSF. These licenses all stipulate different requirements on the treatment of the source code availability, so one cannot make many generalizations on the requirements of FOSS insofar as when or how people can access the source code. One must look at the individual FOSS license a project is using. Some lists of common FOSS licenses (like the GPL, Mozilla Public License, Apple Public Source License, or the BSD license) are available at the FSF license page Read More
Compaq Partners with Red Hat in Linux Support Deal
Compaq Computer Corp. and Red Hat, Inc. announced that Compaq will provide call center support for the Red Hat Linux operating system.

gpl  GNU General Public License (GPL). Market Impact Linux has been gaining market share and momentum, and this announcement adds to its credibility as an alternative enterprise OS. Compaq and the other major Wintel vendors already ship Linux on their systems; we expect the others to follow suit with support agreements. This announcement will lead to Linux market share growth, although it should not affect the growth of the enterprise OS market as a whole. The relationship between Compaq and Red Hat started Read More
Up Close and Personal: Martin Schneider, Senior Director of Communications at SugarCRM
Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Martin Schneider, Senior Director of Communications at SugarCRM where he provided information about the company

gpl  License version 3 ( GPL ) and this made it difficult for people who were copying the code because their old work wouldn’t be compatible with our new code and they got into a dead end at the 4.5.1 release. And even more recently, in February-March of this year we moved to Affero General Public License ( AGPL ), which stopped people from hosting our software in certain ways, so it really protected the people who wanted to use our application and develop on it in a proper way. We rely on the community for Read More
Corel and PC Chips to Accelerate Mass Desktop Deployment of Linux
Corel Corporation today announced its first major Linux(r) OEM alliance, which will see its Linux operating system, Corel(r) LINUX(r), bundled with every

gpl  terms of the Linux GPL), this announcement should garner grudging praise from Linux enthusiasts. PC Chips's shipments of 15 million motherboards last year translates to approximately 15%-20% of the PC marketplace, so having their manufacturing muscle provides more credibility to Corel's efforts. This will lead to diversification of the Linux market - Red Hat presently accounts for more than 65% of the licenses shipped (See TEC News Analysis article: Compaq Partners with Red Hat in Linux Support Deal Read More
Red Hat Heads for the Cloud with OpenShift
It would be an understatement to say that Red Hat is an interesting enterprise software company. Since its founding in 1994 and initial public offering (IPO) in

gpl  GNU General Public License (GPL) while holding copyright under single commercial entity and selling user subscriptions. Red Hat’s acquisition of JBoss middleware in 2006, one of its largest ones to date, has allowed the vendor to provide many additional layers to its information technology (IT) infrastructure stack. Thus, in addition to its flagship Red Hat Enterprise Linux ( RHEL ) OS, the company's product line now includes storage, collaboration management applications, server (and embedded OS), Read More
TEC Talks to OpenMFGFree and Open Source Software Business ModelsPart Two: OpenMFG
TEC spoke with the President and Chief Executive Officer of OpenMFG, Edward L. Lilly, Jr., to find out how OpenMFG is leveraging commodity Free and open source

gpl  depending on whether it's GPL or not, whether they care frankly, it becomes an ongoing management challenge. If the changes that that particular consultant made in the way of implementing this elaborate pricing schedule, if those changes aren't implemented back into the project, then the next time the next release comes out, the customer will be looking at best, at a hairy upgrade. That's always been the challenge of traditional source code licensing, you know people have had source code availability for Read More
Interview with Louis Suárez-Potts of OpenOffice.org and CollabNet
Louis Suárez-Potts speaks about the political and social architecture of open source communities as well as practices for successful oversight of a project. He

gpl  the OpenOffice.org to the GPL, coupled with a commercial license, or even just the LGPL alone. The point, to restate it, is to encourage development of the source by enjoining contributions via the right license; and to also allow for the possibility of commercialization. But if you want to commercialize or make a profit on the work done by the community, then you should pay for that, not exploit the community. From your perspective, obviously it's good to have these other communities, but you continue Read More

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