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Making Large UPS Systems More Efficient
As energy resources become scarcer and more expensive, electrical efficiency is a more important performance factor in the specification and selection of large

graph plotting  produce a power loss graph similar to that of Figure 3. Notice how the no-load loss remains constant through the entire load spectrum while the proportional loss ramps up as more IT equipment is plugged into the UPS. Common mistakes made in specifying UPS systems It is very easy for those who specify UPS systems to dismiss the efficiency improvement of one UPS over another. Table 2 lists the various reasons and why they are flawed. A business pays for the electricity that is measured by the utility meter Read More...
Outsourcing, Applications Software
This RFP is focused on the selection of companies who provide outsource services in the areas of application software. The typical types of activities that these outsource providers perform include...
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Documents related to » graph plotting

Dell's 8-CPU Intel Servers Increasing Its Enterprise Focus
Dell began shipping its eight-CPU Intel server, the PowerEdge 8450, in late September. This comes on the heels of Compaq's shipment of its ProLiant 8000 and

graph plotting  in Table 1 and Graph 1.) In general, the Intel server market is growing, and these products will satisfy pent-up demand, but we do not expect the volumes to be significant (when compared to four-way servers) until next year. Fig. 1 Table 1: Intel Server Market Share 2Q '99 &nbsp: WW US Compaq 32.7 36 Dell 14.7 23.3 IBM 15.7 12.6 HP 11.8 9.5 Others 25.1 18.6 Product Strategy and Trajectory Dell is positioning the PowerEdge 8450 series to address business-critical applications in three key market areas: Read More...
Enterprise Financial Application Software: How Some of the Big ERP Vendors Stack Up
Contrary to what vendors may contend, not all of them are able to supply a cost effective solution that satisfies the critical requirements of an organization

graph plotting  hand side of the graph with Oracle positioned in the upper quadrant and the others in the middle. Though they fared better than Lawson, none of the other vendors achieved a weighted average above 71% in viability, an effect due partly to the general ERP market malaise. Oracle performed better than the others in viability, but JD Edwards ranked highest in vision as its product strategy aligned best to the client's long term objectives. (For more on JD Edwards, see TEC Technology Research notes: JD Read More...
TEC Spotlight Report: Sage Accpac ERP
In this Spotlight Report, TEC's Managing Editor David Clark examines Sage Accpac ERP. Learn about the product's history and market positioning, as well as its

graph plotting  Accpac Functionality The radar graph below demonstrates the degree to which each area of Sage Accpac contributes to the overall solution. For example, you'll note that the Accounts Receivable module is relatively stronger than the Fixed Assets module. In the case of Accpac, this is a strong indication that product development has focused on accounts receivable functionality to a greater extent than on fixed assets. This graph is based on TEC's model of accounting (ERP for SMB) solutions. Read More...
Oracle E-Business Suite (12.1) for Process ERP Systems Certification Report
Oracle E-Business Suite (12.1) is now TEC Certified for online comparison of process manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in TEC's

graph plotting  it demonstrated in the graph below. The rating result here is stable and equal to 100 percent, meaning that all 29 criteria are supported out of the box. The average solution rating is 90.6 percent. Note that there are fewer criteria in this module as compared to other modules. Process Manufacturing Management In the Process Manufacturing Management module, the Oracle E-Business Suite compares favorably to the average process manufacturing solution. In all nine submodules, its rating is higher than the Read More...
Selecting PLM Software Solutions Vendors Part 3 - A Timesaving Solution
In PLM, there is no single vendor that can meet all of the requirements, and the market is still immature, so almost every product can be the right solution

graph plotting  percentage on the pie graph indicates the priority percentage, or how much of the total decision is allotted to the criteria, based on the priorities set by module. For example, 19% appears for Product Data Management. This indicates that the sum of the criteria under Product Data Management is responsible for 19% of the total decision. In Figure 4, you can see the sample priorities set by module and the associated percentages of each module towards the total decision. Figure 4 click here to enlarge Each Read More...
CDC’s Ross ERP Now TEC Certified
TEC certification is like a software test drive; a chance to look under the hood, kick the tires, take it around the block with some scenarios. [more on TEC

graph plotting  Customer Profile The following graph profiles a basic, high-level impression of how the Ross ERP solution is targeted versus real competitors and the industry average in the process ERP space. Naturally, Ross ERP’s ideal customer has requirements that match Ross ERP’s functional strengths. [click to enlarge] The graph was developed as a high-level competitive rating analysis of Ross ERP. It displays the standard scores of the solution, as determined using TEC’s model of process ERP solutions. The Read More...
Revionics Making Retail Merchandizing Optimization Social
In November 2012, Revionics, Inc., a cloud-based provider of merchandise optimization solutions, acquired SkuLoop, a provider of social commerce-driven

graph plotting  engaging with their social graph at their preferred touchpoints and extend your loyal customer base Incentivize with optimized offers that drive transactions either in-store or online depending on objectives Convert followers into advocates and continue the cycle to extend your loyal customer base In summary, Revionics Social Commerce will take social networking beyond e-commerce, extend it to the store, and track it all the way to the checkout while ensuring shoppers’ loyalty benefits are fully Read More...
Ramco to Its Customers - Let's Get Personal!
Ramco Systems returned to Las Vegas for its annual user group meeting in North America in October of 2003. We review the progress that Ramco has made on its

graph plotting  and more complex. The graph presented showed industry average productivity dropping on larger projects, as expected, but actually increasing for VirtualWorks projects. This appears to indicate that the tools are not just applicable to smaller, point applications as most model-based programs are targeted, but towards larger scale enterprise applications. But these results are not the same as having a larger number of life cycle results highlighting TCO and ROI from individual clients that have used the Read More...
Throw Away Your Financial Statements: Managing by Metrics
Analyzing static, detailed financial statements has been the modus operandi for hundreds of years. Because many business management systems can isolate and

graph plotting  (in this case a graph or other visual display) is worth a thousand words , most examples of digital dashboards I have seen depict a bar chart or possibly a pie chart of the top ten customers. My question is quite simple: Is knowing who your top ten customers are (and even their revenue) going to mean anything? Is this information going to help you determine that you are on or off course? Is the information going to induce you to take some form of action? A graphical presentation of your top ten Read More...
Compaq's 8-CPU Intel Servers: the New
Compaq started shipping its eight-CPU Intel servers, the ProLiant 8000 and 8500, in late August. These are the first true eight-way Intel servers to ship.

graph plotting  in Table 1 and Graph 1.) In general, the Intel server market is growing, and these products will satisfy pent-up demand, but we do not expect the volumes to be significant (when compared to four-way servers) until next year. Fig. 1 Table 1: Intel Server Market Share 2Q '99 &nbsp: WW US Compaq 32.7 36 Dell 14.7 23.3 IBM 15.7 12.6 HP 11.8 9.5 Others 25.1 18.6 Product Strategy and Trajectory Compaq is positioning the ProLiant 8X00 series to address a number of markets: External to the customer: ERP, Read More...
BI Hits the Road IV: MicroStrategy and QlikTech
In this issue of BI Hits the Road, I’d like to take a look at the mobile offerings of two business intelligence (BI) software providers: MicroStrategy (see

graph plotting  reliable security. With interesting graph display and easy interactivity between devices and the BI platform, the Mobile BI Suite from MicroStrategy is an appealing option for small and medium businesses (SMBs) and large organizations looking to acquire mobile BI capabilities. You can see the features of MicroStrategy Mobile Suite at work in this video on YouTube . QlikTech Founded in Sweden in 1993, QlikTech is provider of software that extracts data from different sources and uses in-memory technology Read More...
Made2Manage (v.7) Is TEC Certified for Discrete Manufacturing ERP
Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is pleased to announce that Made2Manage (v.7.0) by Aptean is now TEC Certified for discrete manufacturing enterprise

graph plotting  are running smoothly. And graphical user interface (GUI)-based analytics make it easy to report information in a way that’s easy to understand, and to identify strong and weak points in the manufacturing process. These capabilities, along with the system’s functionality, enable an organization to have a seamless process by which it can use information throughout the product life cycle, deliver information to the shop floor, and capture information from the shop floor in a fully automated way. This Read More...
Lose the Starry Eyes, Analyze: Reviewing the Ideal Candidate for Metasystems ICIM
This is an examination of Metasystems ERP solution. Companies can begin determining if it is worthwhile to pursue a relationship with Metasystems by considering

graph plotting  the second type of graph in which the benchmark corresponds to Metasystem's focus. These newly prioritized graphs make ICIM's strengths visibly stand out against its weaknesses. Examining Metasystems The baseline contribution analysis graph (Figure 1), takes into account more than 3,000 criteria for evaluating the functionality of an ERP solution. The dotted benchmark line shows every module weighted such that the modules are equally important to the product's functionality. The solid green line in the Read More...
Through Knowledge Base Technology Selections Deliver Value
A major consulting firm recently unveiled an E-Procurement selection tool that helps its clients select technologies that enable their business objectives. The

graph plotting  Tool Results, Reports, and Graphs Once priorities are collected on all of the criteria, the branded selection tool generates results. Figure 4. click here to view larger version The quantifiable results illustrated in Figure 4 were generated based on solution ratings and client priorities. The metrics used to determine the optimal solution are described in the links below: Weighted Average Weighted Average Composite Index (WACI and Percent Match) In addition to the results metrics, ATST generates Read More...

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