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Take a Greenfield Approach to Mobility
Spurred on by the increased availability of high-speed data services and wide array of smartphones, many organizations see mobile applications as a way to

greenfield  a Greenfield Approach to Mobility Spurred on by the increased availability of high-speed data services and wide array of smartphones, many organizations see mobile applications as a way to improve organizational efficiency, increase collaboration, and raise the speed at which business gets done. To get the most out of mobility, organizations need to rethink the technologies, the people, and the processes involved in creating a truly mobile enterprise. Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Aiming for Agility: Challenges and User Recommendations
The preferred agile architecture will rationalize business processes without ripping out current application investments. In such cases, Agresso will have to

greenfield  for brand new or greenfield customers) to start over with Agresso (or anyone else for that matter), the vendor will have to make a very compelling argument and proof of concept that this is a one-time ERP with NO Expiration Date fix. This will be part of the effort to convince prospective users that they will spend a lot less time and money in the long run if they fix things now rather than limping along with their old and suboptimal system. Summary and User Recommendations Change happens, and it Read More
Merant Goes South on the Stock Market
Another vendor has stated that growth and license revenues in the mainframe arena are softer than expected. Shares of Merant (NASDAQ: MRNT), the provider of

greenfield  expected double-digit growth. Nevertheless, Greenfield said Egility e-business revenue continues to grow, but didn't accelerate as much as originally anticipated. But operating costs in the first quarter of this fiscal year have declined by more than $10 million as planned, compared with the fourth quarter ended April 30 , he added. Merant officials said they weren't sure of the reasons for the missed projections, though Greenfield said COBOL fees fell definitely beyond the teens percentage-wise. He Read More
Optimizing The Supply Chain Network And Reducing Distribution Costs - Part 2 An Andersen Point Of View
Performance addresses issues surrounding how the new economy is transforming the supply chain and ultimately, how Andersen conducts business. Through this

greenfield  located (blank sheet or greenfield approach) while conforming to a delivery time of less than 24 hours? From which existing location(s) should each market receive their order to minimize the total cost and maintain or improve service time? Can redefining territories and delivery frequency extend the life of the existing network before major expansion costs are incurred? In some regions, exclusive distributors are used: what are the territory definitions that will ensure each distributor will have Read More
Entering the Market in the World’s Largest Democracy
Currently, India’s population is approximately 1.0009 billion. The middle class is large and still growing; wages were low, but now are some of the best in

greenfield  Partnership Strategy (JV, Acquisition, Greenfield etc.) Understanding the key risk and opportunity drivers Business Plan with P&L, Cash Flow and Fund flow analysis.   Identify the right partners Agreement on the expectations from partnership Develop criteria for partner selection Identify prospective partners High level organization analysis Short listing partner candidates Due diligence of management capabilities Legal & Financial Due diligence Develop a win-win offer for the partners   Business plan Read More

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