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Managed Hosting in Europe: A Review of the Managed Hosting Market and Suppliers in Europe
The increasing use of virtualization allowed managed hosting providers to reduce costs by sharing infrastructure between customers, creating the earliest

grid compute  in place should the grid supply fail. This usually consists of a huge array of batteries to keep things running for a few minutes whilst backup generators are started up, usually powered by fuel oil stored on site for such emergencies. As with the use of IT anywhere, MHPs are making more and more effort to make their use of power more efficient. Hardware and software innovation helps with this and it is in the interest of MHPs to be using leading edge products in this regard. Particularly for one-to-one Read More...
Help Desk for the Health Care Industry
Help Desk is an application for assisting and managing calls for support from computer users. It also includes computer and software inventory tracking along with technical support knowledge bas...
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Documents related to » grid compute

Enterprise Incentive Management Leader's Challenges and Response
Enterprise incentive management is an emerging field, and a number of players have entered the market. Callidus recently expanded its service offerings by

grid compute  a Sun Microsystems ' Grid Compute Utility . Upgrades and maintenance are included and entirely transparent to end users, and customers can choose from the above portfolio of strategic services that leverage the Callidus team's deep incentive compensation and vertical domain expertise. Callidus launched the hosted version of its on-demand offering in the second quarter of 2006. The vendor reportedly experienced strong initial success, signing a number of new high-profile customers like Harland Financial Read More...
Tightening the Chain-Supply Chain Cost-cutting Strategies
As companies struggle to control costs, the supply chain and management of supply resources have come under scrutiny. The supply chain is one area where a

grid compute  the Chain-Supply Chain Cost-cutting Strategies Originally Published - October 23, 2006 Managers are finding creative ways to mitigate supply chain costs while maintaining operational efficiency. New approaches, technologies, and methodologies are aiding with these cost-cutting measures. Use of a third party logistics provider (3PL), radio frequency identification (RFID) rentals, and attribute-based demand planning can drastically reduce supply chain costs and increase customer satisfaction. This Read More...
Processing Complex Events (During These, oh well, Complex Times) - Part II
Part I of this blog series introduced the concept of complex event processing (CEP) and possible needs for CEP software applications. One such broad CEP

grid compute  supply chain/logistics, energy grid monitoring, manufacturing process monitoring, retail banking fraud detection, entertainment (i.e., gaming surveillance), and other areas. For example, when it comes to telecommunication providers’ revenue assurance, a CEP platform could monitor the billing of several million subscribers across multimedia channels (i.e., voice/video, data, content, and unlimited multimedia messaging service [UMMS ]), to prevent revenue loss in real-time. Real-life Read More...
Usability Still a Problem for ERP Users
Being an enterprise resource planning (ERP) analyst, I spend lots of time watching demos provided by different ERP vendors during certification programs or

grid compute  data available in the grid with columns and rows that can be filtered and modified. A lack of adequately written and context-sensitive software help can be frustrating in the case of dealing with a non-standard business situation or trying a rarely used function of the system. Although mainly a technical and hardware-related issue, a system’s response time can also be a usability problem. This is an important consideration for a user’s convenience and efficiency, and can be crucial for both Read More...
Mega-Vendors Warming Up to the Cloud - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series depicted the three evolutionary phases (or waves) of software as a service (SaaS) and the adoption of cloud computing. The post ended

grid compute  SaaS platform leverages Oracle Grid Computing  technologies to enable ISV partners to deliver SaaS and cloud-based services to multiple enterprise customers, while delivering the requirements of scalability, high performance, high availability, integration, security, and customization. ISVs, hosting service providers, and system integrators also receive business and technology support via a designated Oracle SaaS Program for Partners . For more details on Oracle’s SaaS enabling offering, see the Read More...
Workday 21—All about a New User Experience
Workday releases version 21 of its HR solution with a focus on a new user experience, and much more. Get the details in Raluca's blog post.

grid compute  chart, the 9 box grid, and the business process visualization, which are still in flash, the rest of the interface is in HTML5. This is in line with Workday’s eagerness to adapt its user interfaces to the trendiest technology on the market—starting with HTML and Ajax, continuing with Flex, iOS, and Android, and now using HTML5. The “Wheel” interface design that users have been accustomed to has been replaced with a simplified and fluent cross-device version. Joe Korngiebel emphasized the benefits Read More...
Trends in Customer Experience at TIBCO TUCON 2012
I have attended several enterprise software events in recent months that discussed trends and changes in IT, with big data, mobile computing, social

grid compute  ActiveSpaces (the in-memory data grid) to enable real-time processing and Spotfire for the visual analysis of big data (via integration with Apache Hadoop, if necessary). The ability to connect, understand, anticipate (via predictive analytics), and act on big data is where SAP HANA and TIBCO Spotfire should excel. Once the relevant metrics and visualization widgets are built, HANA and Spotfire can be great platforms for this type of challenge. Spotfire started with targeted metrics and visualization Read More...
Hydro One Networks Chooses Space-Time Insight to Improve Service Reliability
Hydro One Networks, a planning, construction, operations, and maintenance provider for transmission and distribution networks in Ontario recently selected the

grid compute  maintenance planning of their grid. The solution, deployed by Space-Time Insight in collaboration with Accenture , will also help asset managers and executives to determine an asset’s risk of failure, improve service reliability, lower costs, and improve security.Wayne Smith, senior vice president of planning and operating of Hydro One Networks, stated: We are excited to be working with Space-Time Insight and Accenture on this project. The situational intelligence system gives our asset managers unique Read More...
Point of Sale: To Stand Alone or Not?
When selecting a point of sale (POS) solution, users have a choice between stand-alone solutions and integrated solutions. They should first evaluate core and

grid compute  of Sale: To Stand Alone or Not? Introduction When evaluating a point of sale (POS) solution, there are generally two approaches: best-of-breed solutions, and integrated solutions. Both have strengths and weaknesses, according to the information technology (IT) infrastructure. Retailers that have an existing back-office system should evaluate whether it is better to replace their legacy system or to choose a best-of breed solution. For retailers that have neither a back-office system nor a legacy POS Read More...
Oracle Further Orchestrates Its SOA Forays Part One: Event Summary and Market Impact
Although its service-oriented architecture-based platform and enterprise solutions will not likely be

grid compute  Its foundation is a grid computing infrastructure that dynamically provisions processing power and storage to keep applications running smoothly without interruption and at a higher performance level. In a manner of speaking, grid is a form of networking. But, unlike conventional networks that focus on communication among devices, grid computing harnesses the unused processing cycles of all computers in a network for solving problems too intensive for any stand-alone machine. It essentially runs all Read More...
Leveraging Technology to Maintain a Competitive Edge During Tough Economic Times -- A Panel Discussion Analyzed Part Three: Applications Hosting
Mid-market enterprises might benefit from objectively evaluating the value propositions represented in successful next-generation applications service providers

grid compute  sometimes referred to as grid computing as well, a trend that has captured the attention of technology heavyweights including IBM , Hewlett-Packard , Oracle , and Sun Microsystems , which is to allow customers to purchase processing power and access software as it is needed, much as they do with electricity, telephone or water. This still morphing and emerging model might be attractive to large organizations as well. However, most of the first-generation hosted applications were not suitable for Read More...
Mainframe2 Offers Interactive Graphics as a Service
Mainframe2, an innovative startup in cloud computing and browser-based application distribution, has announced its support of new NVIDIA-based cloud instances

grid compute  which features NVIDIA’s powerful GRID graphics processing units (GPUs). The new instance types, launched by AWS on EC2 last week, enable Mainframe2 to scale its customers’ deployments to any size. The combination of AWS, NVIDIA, and Mainframe2 technologies enables any browser-compliant device to run even high-end computing and bandwidth intensive 2D and 3D design software in the cloud. Mainframe2 has reportedly already seen a great level of interest and signups from thousands of customers worldwide. Read More...
Rackmount Server Sales Surge
Rack-optimized servers are reported to have increased their quarter-over-quarter unit sales by over 50%

grid compute  server rackmount,rackmount servers,xeon workstation,buy servers,rack mount computers,server enclosures,2u servers,mini servers,computer racks,tower servers,network racks,rack enclosures,19 rack cabinet,rack mount servers,19 racks Read More...
Ethernet Enables the Smart Grid
The electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution system has survived for decades with limited intelligence. But today, independent power

grid compute  Enables the Smart Grid The electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution system has survived for decades with limited intelligence. But today, independent power producers, green power sources, and new regulations require a smarter grid. Learn how the electric utility landscape has changed, and how Ethernet-based supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems can be used to control power flowing into and out of the grid. Read More...

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