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RedPrairie - New Name For A Brave New Value Proposition Paradigm
Users with outdated warehouse management systems (WMS) who want the latest technology available and the next generation of transportation and logistics software

grocery wholesalers  one of the largest grocery wholesalers and retailers in North America. The release also contains a standard interface to DLx Scorecard , RedPrairie's online supply chain analytics and performance management system, aimed at enabling companies to track and analyze performance metrics such as direct labor hours, indirect labor hours and travel times across multiple facilities in near real time to quickly identify performance problems and take corrective action before they adversely impact efficiency and Read More...
ERP for Distribution Industries
Enterprise resource planning (ERP)—distribution software is designed for companies in the distribution and logistics industries. Traditional distribution businesses focus on moving goods t...
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Documents related to » grocery wholesalers

Lawson's Approach to the Retail Market
Lawson Retail Operations Suite solutions are built for high-volume retail enterprises and encompass a range of activities, including the management of item

grocery wholesalers  of the top twenty-five grocery chains, twenty-three of the top one hundred restaurant chains, and twenty of the top one hundred specialty chains. To maintain the momentum, in 2003, Lawson acquired former Numbercraft Ltd ., a privately held consultancy and provider of sophisticated analytic applications for retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. Erstwhile Numbercraft, based in Oxford, England, had previously developed a strong following among leading retailers and consumer goods companies Read More...
Challenges and Future Plans of a Product Inventory Disposition Vendor
Despite FreeFlow's success at helping organizations regain some margin of profitability for excess inventory, the company still strives for expansion and

grocery wholesalers  the industrial, apparel, and grocery retail markets. To that end, FreeFlow has recently negotiated a deal with a pest control company, and is designing a promotional site for a supermarket chain in Ireland that will allow franchise holders to view what is available online before the stock becomes obsolete. There is certainly no shortage of Internet inventory liquidation sites available to manufacturers, as brokers on every continent stand ready to consign or post someone's excess inventory. Some of Read More...
Lawson Software-IPO and Several Acquisitions After Part Two: Retail and Professional Service Initiatives
Lawson is sticking to its focus on selected vertical markets, but going forward the tenets of that focus will likely be more finely tuned. Namely, the vendor

grocery wholesalers  of the top twenty-five grocery chains, twenty-three of the top one hundred restaurant chains and twenty of the top one hundred specialty chains. To maintain the momentum, in July, Lawson announced the acquisition of Numbercraft Ltd. , a privately held consultancy and provider of sophisticated analytic applications for retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. The acquisition should add possibly unique quantitative measurement and analysis capabilities to the Lawson Retail suite. The Read More...
RedPrairie: Enabling End-to-End Supply Chains (from Manufacturer to Retail Shelf)
RedPrairie provides best-of-breed supply chain execution, workforce, and all-channel retail solutions designed to streamline and expedite the flow of goods from

grocery wholesalers  goods (CPG), life sciences, grocery, food & beverage (F&B), discrete/industrial manufacturing, and 3PL providers. Retail segments through which RedPrairie’s omni-channel retail suite is marketed include specialty, big box, grocery, and general merchandise, especially those that sell through multiple channels. RedPrairie’s retail products are also sold in strong niche markets in petroleum/convenience and food service.   RedPrairie’s Product Marketing Team Speaks Out   What follows is an in-depth, Read More...
Grocery Chain Gains Productivity and Information Visibility for Better Inventory Control

grocery wholesalers  Chain Gains Productivity and Information Visibility for Better Inventory Control Read More...
NCR To Present Retailer and Shopper Survey Findings at NRF 2013
NCR Corporation is global technology company helping the world connect, interact, and transact with business. NCR’s assisted- and self-service solutions and

grocery wholesalers  only 27 percent of grocery retailers provided this service. In the US, 80 percent of grocery shoppers want access to electronic coupons, but the study found only 35 percent of US grocery retailers offer electronic coupons. It will be interesting to see whether the fully presented survey will unveil how privacy issues may impact the retailer’s ability to deliver via multiple channels, including mobile devices, and how retailers are addressing them. Handling returns as well as available to promise (ATP) Read More...
Supply Chain Management 101
I covered the basics of ERP previously, and thought I'd move on to supply chain management (SCM), which we're also featuring in tomorrow's TEC Newsletter (go to

grocery wholesalers  
Descartes Plots A Record Course In New Millennium
Waterloo, Ontario based Descartes Systems Group reported record revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2001 ended April 30, 2000. Focused on building its

grocery wholesalers  as PurpleTie.com, Parachute, CleanWave, Grocery Gateway, YourGrocer.com, and Webvan. Descartes' success-based pricing model offers an attractive alternative for fledgling e-commerce companies due to smaller initial fees. Read More...
Pricing Management in a Down Economy -- Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series expanded on some of TEC's earlier articles about companies' need for better pricing management and optimization practices. It also

grocery wholesalers  of Revionics customers. Many grocery store operators are seeing sales increases as families eat at home more frequently as they reduce eating out. On the other hand, retailers in non-food verticals are seeing more negative consequences as spending decreases in those segments (i.e. apparel, footwear, etc.); Consumers are making spending adjustments within their market-baskets; for example, cheaper private label sales are on the rise at the expense of national brands as consumers try to extend their spendin Read More...
It’s a Portal...AND It;s a Gateway
AOL has partnered with Gateway to develop a line of Internet-ready Linux desktop appliances based on the Netscape 6 browser.

grocery wholesalers  Calendar, recipes, coupons, and grocery lists. Nearly all of AOL's features, including the most popular AOL services like AOL Instant Messenger and chat, will be available on these devices. The AOL Gateway family of specialized Internet appliances includes the AOL Gateway desktop appliance. The desktop appliance, a simplified Internet device for busy families and other consumers seeking additional ways to access the Web, will serve as a lower-cost alternative to the traditional PC. This easy-to-use Read More...
Retail Applications Vendor Provides a Solid
As spending on technology by major players is growing at an increasing pace, there are good opportunities for vendors which have been in the market for a while,

grocery wholesalers  one third of the grocery retail market, including suppliers Kraft and Heinz ; grocery retailers Delhaize America ( Food Lion , Bloom , and Hannaford ), Kroger ( Ralphs , Dillons , Smith's , King Soopers , Fry's , QFC , City Market , Hilander , Owen's , Jay C , Cala Foods/Bell Markets , Kessel Food Markets , Pay Less, Baker's , Gerbes , Fred Meyer , Fry's Marketplace , Smith's Marketplace , Food 4 Less , and Foods Co .), Safeway ( Vons , Dominick's , Randalls , Tom Thumb , Genuardi's , and Carrs ); and Read More...
Assessing the Drivers of Sales Performance
Outmoded measures are being used to develop marketing strategies and allocate resources. Existing go to market models often fail to consider the customer's

grocery wholesalers  the Drivers of Sales Performance Introduction Most organizations manage business development in a context of cost containment. Metrics such as sales cost per dollar revenue are used for budgeting purposes with the intention of maintaining bottom-line profitability. This approach of managing by trend or history assumes that history is a good approximation of the future. However, these practices are the result of having little insight as to what actions actually drive results, forcing organizations Read More...
Asset Performance Management: The Secret to Uncovering Hidden Profits and Ending Operating Surprises
Top performers optimize their assets. It’s true in any field—sports, the arts, and business. Yet in business, optimizing performance of capital assets often

grocery wholesalers  of a large regional grocery chain with 140 stores in the United States. In the grocery business, perhaps the most critical capital asset is the refrigeration equipment that keeps high-dollar items cold like meat, produce and other refrigerated and frozen foods. If that equipment fails and the problem goes undetected, spoilage costs can be enormous. In the past, this organization, like many grocery companies, monitored refrigeration equipment store by store. It lacked visibility into the performance of Read More...
So, You’re Considering a Paperless Office?
The concept of the paperless office has been around for many years, but only recently has this concept been turned into reality. This article analyzes the

grocery wholesalers  magazine while at the grocery store or library. We take for granted the ability to pick up a magazine or book and quickly flip through the pages to see if the information inside is interesting. This ability to effortlessly move from page to page is ideal, and paper facilitates this action like no other material can. In fact, a study conducted by Richard H.R. Harper found that even employees at technologically advanced companies still use paper in their everyday functions because of the ability to quickly Read More...

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