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The User's Undying Quest for Exploring and Discovering Info - Part 1
SAP AG and Endeca Technologies might not appear to have much in common at first glance, other than occasional partnering in some joint opportunities, and

groundswell  grow. Given the abovementioned groundswell effect of connected and informed consumers that can easily pass a verdict and disseminate news of any product or brand, there are the three new fundamentals for the future that every retailer, manufacturer, and software vendor has to keep in mind. The first is the atomization of user experience . Namely, according to  the Long Tail theory , companies will compete on ever-smaller and more specific product footprints and capabilities to satisfy ever-smaller Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » groundswell

Podcast: What the Revolution in ERP for Distribution Means to Your Organization
Today, globalization is becoming a way of business. With big-box retailers, supplier relationship management (SRM) has become an important component in how

groundswell  have gotten that same groundswell from the bottom up. It's really coming from the top down. The good side of that is compliance, and compliance in the sense thatmaybe compliance isn't the greatest wordcollaboration, where there's consensus in some of the standardizationsthose types of things, they have forced the compliance. Using Wal-Mart as another example, either you do or you don't supply to us. What that's done, though, for the next level down, is really force them to look at the automation tools Read More...
Enterprise Applications Vendors Going Viral and Social: Another Take
It would not be far off the mark to say that social media, user-generated content (UGC), and online collaboration all hit the mainstream in 2009, at least

groundswell  on social networks entitled Groundswell  that really made me think. Namely, enterprise software vendors keep spending hefty money on traditional marketing channels such as press releases (PR’s), testimonials, case studies, white papers, analysts, etc., where they keep bragging about their offerings in a one-way-street manner. Ironically, according to the ex-Forrester’s analysts that wrote “Groundswell,” these freebee social networks can create more credible opinions of connected users of Read More...
New Chapters in the Evolutionary Journal
Recognizing that change is a constant is the first step to survival in this new economy. Identifying the changing nature of business partners—customers

groundswell  computer created yet another groundswell in information diffusion—this accelerated as browser technology empowered users to make sense of the many sources of data that were now interconnected by the organic growth of the Internet. Implications of this increased digital brain' are far reaching. Unlike the industrial revolution that enabled the creation of products in a more consistent and high speed manner, the information revolution has created a truly new culture. An interesting side of this is the Read More...
New Chapters in the Evolutionary Journal
Recognizing that change is a constant is the first step to survival in this new economy. Identifying the changing nature of business partners—customers, suppliers, and service providers—is the second step. Finally, embracing change and developing a sustainable business strategy for a digital economy provides the final impetus for the future.

groundswell  scm,supply chain management
The High Costs of Non-compliance for Manufacturers
What manufacturers must realize is that through efforts to comply with regulatory standards, they can make their manufacturing operations more competitive. Indeed, compliance is transforming the companies that have taken the time to re-architect the many processes used for managing suppliers, channel partners, resellers, and customers. For manufacturers that ignore compliance, on the other hand, the costs can be steep.

groundswell  data loss prevention,data governance,auditing,corporate governance,sarbanes oxley compliance,sox,sarbanes oxley policy,information technology audit,information technology controls,corporate governance,it governance Read More...

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