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A Road Map to Electronic Medical Record System Implementation
It’s crucial to define the scope of an electronic medical system implementation, as well as to outline each stage of the project and the resources that will be

gui checkpoint  project's mission statement and guidelines), and develop a document referred to as the work breakdown structure (WBS). The WBS is a high-level schedule that documents each phase of the project. The PM will then give the human resources (HR) department his or her staffing requirements so that the positions needed for the project are filled. Such resources may be internal or external, depending on availability and on the skill sets of the employees. Stage 2: Evaluating Project Requirements At this stage, Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » gui checkpoint

Analysis of Sendmail, Inc.'s Largest Open Source Release in Twenty Years
sendmail 8.10 now includes SMTP authentication and support for the lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) and multiple queues.

gui checkpoint  a graphical user interface (GUI) and is slated to ship to market in March of 2000 (probability 95%). User Recommendations Current Sendmail product users will be pleased with the expected stability, in addition to the enhanced LDAP support, allowing for integration into all environments. The enhanced anti-spam measures will be a breath of fresh air for ISP network administrators struggling to keep spam down to a minimum. The multiple mail queues are a welcome addition to any environment. Faster processing Read More
Microsoft’s Underlying Platform Parts for Enterprise Applications: Somewhat Explained - Part 3
Part 2 of this blog series analyzed Microsoft platform parts that are slated for shared use within the Microsoft Dynamics family of products. Particular

gui checkpoint  new graphical user interface (GUI) for IFS Applications. It is important to note that after IEE is released, the Aurora project will continue, yielding future enhancements. In any case, IEE is interesting, to say the least, for leveraging Microsoft UI technology to create a look (albeit not yet the multi-touch touch screen, handgestures, etc. feel) of Apple iPhone (on top of Oracle database and Java-based application servers on the back end: some mix of technologies from adversaries, indeed). It is Read More
Why .NET Technology Is Important for ERP
.NET technology is a wake-up call, and some people are sleeping through it! Remaining competitive means mission-critical software systems, such as enterprise

gui checkpoint  and business rules | gui code and business rules | handle code and business rules | improving managed code and business rules | inventory control software and business rules | invoicing software and business rules | managed activex and business rules | managed and native code and business rules | managed and unmanaged code and business rules | managed api and business rules | managed applications and business rules | managed callback and business rules | managed class and business rules | managed classes Read More
Besieged By The CRM Throne Aspirants, King Siebel Delivers
Will the long awaited Siebel 7 product release help the until recently undisputed CRM leader withstand the pressure from ERP giants – SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft

gui checkpoint  learn new methods of GUI customization, given that Siebel has introduced new client-side technology. Siebel's lack of system management and testing capabilities (like e.g., SAP Computing Center Management System (CCMS) or PeopleSoft OEM-ing Tuxedo) is becoming ever more noticeable. Therefore, the cost/benefit ratio of a transition to the Siebel 7 may be less compelling to customers, which will likely postpone the upgrade until the benefits are much clearer than a mere thin-client offering. Competitive Read More
Industry Support in WCM
If you're looking for web content management systems (WCM), I have some stats that might help you key into the features you'd expect to come standard.Here

gui checkpoint  modification (screen configurations, reports, GUI tailoring, etc.) support 4.38% in some other manner, such as special customizations or through a third party not support 21.99%, although in a little over 4.5% of the cases, vendors plan to support these features in the future. What does this mean? Take the MediaSurface Morello product for example, which we recently certified. You can see how the company has developed its product to support different areas of WCM features by looking at it against our Read More
Can Lilly Software Get More VISUAL?
Lilly Software’s financial success and double-digit revenue growth during the recent years have been attributable to its strong offerings and efficient

gui checkpoint  intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). With its easy-to-use graphical nature, the VISUAL suite enables companies to capture accurate, real-time data about their business processes using ERP, E-Business, APS, MES, Quality Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Warehouse Management System (WMS) capabilities. Most VISUAL applications run on a wide range of the most commonly used platforms. Lilly's supply chain management (SCM) solutions revolve around VISUAL Manufacturing, its flagship Read More
Computer Associates Splashes Into the Data Warehousing Market with Platinum Technology Acquisition
Computer Associates DecisionBase is an Extract/Transform/Load tool designed to help in the population and maintenance of data warehouses. First released in

gui checkpoint  a combination of a GUI mapping tool (developed in-house), Platinum's Open Edition Repository version 1.6 (for metadata management, technology acquired by Platinum's purchase of the Reltech and Brownstone companies), and InfoPump 3.2 (for data movement). DecisionBase 1.0 was released in March of 1998, but GUI mapping functionality was severely limited in the initial release. For instance, the mapper always assumed a row that was being moved to a target database was an insert and the code had to be Read More
Voice Self-Service Leverages the Knowledge Base to Improve Customer Interactions
Deploying voice self-service (VSS) is undeniably attractive to enterprises because it improves the speed, consistency, and convenience of information sent to

gui checkpoint  better facilitate VUI and GUI continual improvement efforts. In the past, many enterprises would implement voice self-service systems and then not invest in monitoring their effectiveness. To better service changing customer needs, it is imperative to continually monitor all channels of self-service to see if they are effective in handling requests. Some hosting alternatives include ongoing tuning of voice self-service systems and part of the minutes-of-use charges. Leverage reusable components. A Read More
Lexiguard&;: The Coming
A cool new desktop encryption product has been unveiled by Lexias, Inc. at RSA Conference 2000. With a simple and easy-to-use interface and affordable price

gui checkpoint  easy to use click-through GUI. Whether you decide to encrypt your company's strategic five-year plan with DES, 3DES, RC2, RC4, or Blowfish, it works like butter. For you public keys, choose between algorithms RSA or Diffie-Helman, with a keysize of 512 up to 2048 bits. All encrypted files are self-signing, and there is no need for a Certification Authority intermediary. It supports LDAP, groups, Netscape 4.x, and IE 4.0, and 5.0 and has a command line interface for those UNIX geeks who have come to Read More
Agresso + CODA, VITA + Link (+ CODA 2go): What's the Sum? (Part 1)
Over the last few years I have produced a number of articles and blog entries on two once-independent and occasionally competing products: Agresso Business

gui checkpoint  that Agresso’s changes via GUI are relatively fast and cheap. Conversely, a vast majority of Agresso's competitors still require changes via programming, which is complicated, costly, and time-consuming. Agresso bristles at SOA comparisons and associations to VITA for the following three reasons: SOA does not do what VITA does, and the moment someone tries to call it “immaculate SOA” or any other SOA category, then they open Pandora's box for Agresso’s competitors to start comparing the Read More
Commerce One Conducts Its Soul-Searching Metamorphosis
While Commerce One may still face serious ramifications after the breakup with SAP, its recently released Conductor composite application platform may be yet

gui checkpoint  a graphical user interface (GUI), business analysts can compose end-to-end business processes and add new application features and functions that complement customers' existing systems. Thus, these composite applications should supposedly transcend the limitations of traditional enterprise applications by enabling companies to gain new value from their existing systems and to bridge the gaps between disparate applications. Commerce One Conductor is made up of a number of components, but the platform's Read More
SynQuest Teams With InterWorld for Internet Sales and Fulfillment
SynQuest, Inc. has paired with InterWorld in a joint marketing alliance aimed at manufacturers with extended distribution networks. Their pact reflects a trend

gui checkpoint  common server platform and GUI? What assurances can the vendors give that installed products will be supported if the alliance falls apart in the future or one or another of the partners is acquired by a competing vendor? These questions coupled with a thorough selection process can prevent users from choosing the wrong software vendor for their needs and squandering dearly bought IT budgets. Read More
Network Associates Hopes to Rekindle the Flame
Though the security market has been exploding, Network Associates, Inc. (NAI) will likely post a loss for FY'99. However, don't expect the security monolith to

gui checkpoint  Network Associates,NAI,Desktop Utility,Network Tools company,e-business security,e-business availability,information security,Trusted Information Systems,TIS,Gauntlet firewall,anti-virus market,AntiVirus products,MyCio.com,virtual Chief Internet Officer,Enterprise Anti-Virus ASP Read More
The Old ERP Dilemma--The Refresh Option
If your enterprise resource planning system is

gui checkpoint  your system has a GUI (Graphical User Interface) but not something that looks like most Windows applications, you have an old ERP system. If the system was introduced in the 80's, you have an old ERP system. If your vendor is no longer enhancing the system in new areas, you have an old ERP system. If your vendor is becoming a have not of the ERP industry, maybe old age is approaching. That article explores the dilemma of replacing what you have or adding on. Other articles in the Old ERP Dilemma Read More

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