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Caldera eDesktop Edges Out Microsoft Windows 2000 in Functionality - Part II
TechnologyEvaluation.com has completed its analysis of the innate functionality of three desktop operating systems – Microsoft Windows 2000, Red Hat Linux 6.2

gui jsp  the availability of a GUI and/or text mode installer, and the automation supported by the product. Migration - In the case of an upgrade, does the OS preserve existing data on disk and users settings? Does an OS upgrade require a reinstall of existing applications? Does the OS permit the existence of alternate operating systems side-by-side? Requirements - An OS can exact a heavy toll in processor, memory and disk requirements. Sometimes the recommended minimum is also well below a realistic level for a Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Understand J2EE and .NET Environments Before You Choose
The Microsoft .NET versus J2EE platform argument often takes on the vehemence of a religious debate. Choosing one may amount to

gui jsp  than .NET, and its GUI environment is much more limited. Still, J2EE remains a platform of choice for typical diverse e-business solutions environments, as the various Java platforms have reached an indisputable level of maturity and acceptance. Java is still likely the fastest-growing language and platform for building new applications and will likely continue to be used by large global corporations, as seen in SAP 's relatively recent endorsement (see SAP Opens The 'Miss Congeniality' Contest ). Again, Read More
RTI's CRM Applications Rivals The Major League Providers
Founded in 1990, RTI Software is an Illinois CRM application provider with a feature- rich Enterprise solution targeting the software and hardware industry and

gui jsp  The Graphical User Interface (GUI) also appears a bit austere. Michael P. Mallen is however, confirming that the company is totally redesigning the interface and a revamped version would be available soon. RTI's ASP hosting service would represent a real bonus to the SME as we see increasing market response to on demand services allowing businesses to rely on 3rd party providers to host and maintain their enterprise application. With its Enterprise version 4.2 RTI Software plans to broaden its niche Read More
Can Java Perk Legacy Enterprise Resource Planning Systems?
Intentia has poured Java into its enterprise resource planning system, Movex, to meet the growing demand for functional enhancements and remote accessibility

gui jsp  by offering a role-based GUI. It also offers transparency to future platforms (e.g., there is one Linux system reference too); enables the creation of composite applications; and allows easier customizations. Overall, it might lower total cost of ownership (TCO), while allowing better systems management, application centralization and consolidation, and create more efficient users with a more intuitive UI. However, while the adoption of Movex has not been great so far, the perception of the Java version Read More
Besieged By The CRM Throne Aspirants, King Siebel Delivers
Will the long awaited Siebel 7 product release help the until recently undisputed CRM leader withstand the pressure from ERP giants – SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft

gui jsp  learn new methods of GUI customization, given that Siebel has introduced new client-side technology. Siebel's lack of system management and testing capabilities (like e.g., SAP Computing Center Management System (CCMS) or PeopleSoft OEM-ing Tuxedo) is becoming ever more noticeable. Therefore, the cost/benefit ratio of a transition to the Siebel 7 may be less compelling to customers, which will likely postpone the upgrade until the benefits are much clearer than a mere thin-client offering. Competitive Read More
The 'Old ERP' Dilemma: Replace or Add-on
Replace or Add-on to an aging ERP system is a dilemma faced by many companies today. This article discusses the trade-offs involved in making that decision.

gui jsp  your system has a GUI (Graphical User Interface) but not something that looks like most Windows applications, you have an old ERP system. If the system was introduced in the 80's, you have an old ERP system. If your vendor is no longer enhancing the system in new areas , you have an old ERP system. If your vendor is becoming a have not of the ERP industry, maybe old age is approaching. If you have an old ERP system and you need some of the business functionality offered by Supply Chain Planning (SCP), Read More
Resilient Enterprise Solutions Vendor Displays Sociability and Pragmatic Product Development
During its stabilization phase IFS product development has brought about pragmatic developments, including its latest release, IFS Applications 7. The vendor

gui jsp  example of the new GUI use is within a new application in the IFS Applications 7 suite, MaxOEE ( Maximum Overall Equipment Effectiveness ), which features user productivity and usability, while also including vertical industry depth. Although comparable with other enterprise resource planning (ERP) suppliers' OEE offerings, the module will be even more impressive after being developed into a full-fledged corporate performance management (CPM) solution. IFS Applications 7 continues to support a growing Read More
SouthWare Excellence Series: Making Excellence Easier Part Four: Application Analysis & Development Environment
This is a complete service management system that is comprised of four specific applications to help companies manage service contracts, track service histories

gui jsp  workstations, minicomputers, and micros. GUI Support : Acucorp has developed logical extensions to the ANSI COBOL syntax that allow developers to have access to the expected set of graphical interface tools while remaining in COBOL. This separates Acucorp from other COBOL vendors and results in a graphical language with the capabilities of other graphical languages. SouthWare uses these options in the various styles provided in the Excellence Series so users can utilize GUI as they like. Standards : Read More
How Does Your ERP System Architecture Address Change?
In today’s competitive market, businesses are living in a constant state of change@especially in the services sector, which has to contend with a more fluid

gui jsp  be made at the GUI level through an interface overlay. The ABAP application developer uses the GUI level to synchronize the changes in both the ABAP and non- ABAP solution at the project management level by creating a virtual portal landscape at the SOA level. The role of the portal is to simplify inconsistent data capture and to combine the workflow between the ABAP and non-ABAP system. The other purpose behind the virtual portal is to maintain changes in both systems via a central change management Read More
Enterprise Applications--The Genesis and Future, Revisited Part Two: 1990s--Enterprise Resource Planning
Integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions became synonymous with competitive advantage, particularly throughout the 1990's. Customers

gui jsp  as graphical user interface (GUI), relational database management system (RDBMS), use of fourth-generation language (4GL), and computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools in development, client/server architecture, and open-system portability; 2) More generally, a method for the effective planning and control of all resources needed to take, make, ship, and account for customer orders in a manufacturing, distribution, or service company. Given many new very recent functional and technological Read More
SAP's Dr. Peter Barth on Client/Server and Database Issues with SAP R/3
To address questions for a TEC customer, we interviewed Dr. Peter Barth, Technology Marketing Manager for SAP AG in Walldorf, Germany. The conversation covered

gui jsp  comment? Dr. Barth: SAP's GUI is very strong. Customer's can use the mySAP.com Workplace HTML interface for access. The separation of the application and presentation logic is important for performance reasons also within a web browser, and we have always kept that in mind. Other vendors can be questioned on the degree of response latency and the bandwidth requirements their graphical interface requires. TEC Analysis: Customers should keep the degree of physical and logical separation between clients and Read More
SynQuest Teams With InterWorld for Internet Sales and Fulfillment
SynQuest, Inc. has paired with InterWorld in a joint marketing alliance aimed at manufacturers with extended distribution networks. Their pact reflects a trend

gui jsp  common server platform and GUI? What assurances can the vendors give that installed products will be supported if the alliance falls apart in the future or one or another of the partners is acquired by a competing vendor? These questions coupled with a thorough selection process can prevent users from choosing the wrong software vendor for their needs and squandering dearly bought IT budgets. Read More
Criteria for Selecting a Software Estimation Tool
A plethora of software estimation tools are available, each claimed to be better than the others, thereby confusing prospective buyers. An effective tool ought

gui jsp  a buyer would not. GUI programming, in which a significant code is predeveloped, adds one more dimension to the debate on LOC. This type of programming has moved away from procedure-oriented programming toward event-oriented programming. Now GUI controls are added to LOC, and there is confusion on how to measure the size of GUI. Several projects, such as those involving software maintenance and testing, are not full development life cycle projects, and there is confusion on how to measure the size of Read More
Commerce One Conducts Its Soul-Searching Metamorphosis
While Commerce One may still face serious ramifications after the breakup with SAP, its recently released Conductor composite application platform may be yet

gui jsp  a graphical user interface (GUI), business analysts can compose end-to-end business processes and add new application features and functions that complement customers' existing systems. Thus, these composite applications should supposedly transcend the limitations of traditional enterprise applications by enabling companies to gain new value from their existing systems and to bridge the gaps between disparate applications. Commerce One Conductor is made up of a number of components, but the platform's Read More
Fourth Shift Corporation: Working Overtime To Provide Complete Customer Care
Fourth Shift claims to have grasped the requirements of its target market (SMEs) that wish to acquire most of their business applications from a single source

gui jsp  plans to deliver browser-based GUI and Microsoft message queuing technology (which would make integration among components real-time and event-based) by the end of 2000. Executing these initiatives with its ever-thinning resources will be a notable challenge. Any hiccups and delays in its product development execution, possibly bundled with continued poor sales execution, may put further significant strain on the company's performance. While its functionality supports both discrete and process Read More

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