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Why Reader Complaints May Be the Most Useful Part of Your Day
As managing editor for TEC’s white paper site, I receive a wide variety of reader comments, ranging from lost password requests to queries about white papers on

hand reader  category out, which goes hand-in-hand with my mandate to make this site as useful as possible—to all readers. All thoughts welcome—leave comments below. Read More
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) criteria cover tags and storage devices, readers, wireless hubs and servers, and the middleware necessary for evaluating an RFID system deployment. RFID sys...
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Time Tracking and Attendance Primer: Beyond the Clock
Punch clocks, clock card machines, Bundy clocks, time recorders. Most organizations are opting for newer methods to track their employees’ time and attendance

hand reader  clocks, these systems use hand geometry biometric technology to identify the employee. These systems often come with hefty price tags and have a limited capacity for employee information (prices have been known to increase significantly with the addition of more employees), but they can be ideal solutions for companies with less than 100 employees. Card Swipe (Magnetic Readers) Employee Time Clocks —Magnetic readers allow employees to swipe their personal employee identification card (with magnetic Read More
ATM Machines Hacked in Moscow
Recently Moscow's ATMs have fallen victim to cyberfraud. How does ATM hacking take place? Has it happened in the United States? What can you do to safeguard

hand reader  cases of people installing second-hand ATMs purchased from banks. These ATMs are installed in public places such as new shopping malls. Unsuspecting consumers insert their cards, punch in their PINs and get a message saying, Sorry, unable to dispense cash at this time. In the meantime, criminals have used the ATM log files to get a list of card numbers and PIN codes, which they can then use to create bogus cards and withdraw money. Recommendations How prevalent is ATM fraud? If we weren't seeing a Read More
Beyond Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Most document security companies concern themselves solely with the prevention of unauthorized access to content. Online publishers, on the other hand, struggle

hand reader  content, on the other hand, is only accessible for as long as the reader recalls how to unlock it and is therefore easily lost to posterity. We all know how easy it is to lose - or forget - usernames and passwords. Consider Document Protection vs. Infringing on Private Property In 2005 the Sony CD copy protection scandal brought the controversy surrounding DRM right into the public view. In short, Sony/BMG created software which was silently installed when customers used their desktop computers to play Read More
Radio Frequency Identification Implementation: The First Steps
Phase one of the four phase approach to a successful radio frequency identification implementation consists of several essential steps, including the careful

hand reader  and middleware, and can handle the size of the organization's staff, depending on vendor operations.     12. In terms of its after sales support, the vendor's application engineers are readily available to answer questions on an ongoing basis.     13. The vendor can provide technical support throughout the program—from integration, to spare parts, to troubleshooting the entire system—and it can solve critical issues as they are encountered.     14. The vendor has an unlimited number of Read More
Are You Tuned into Radio Frequency Identification?
This article examines the organizational fit of radio frequency identification (RFID) and its technology’s basic mechanics. Its prohibitive costs often account

hand reader  using automated sorting and material-handling by limiting or, in some cases, eliminating human intervention. Gen 2 allows the dozens of individual objects within a group to be uniquely identified at the same time because backscatter is controlled, which has been a problem in the past. Backscatter control results in very stable reads by allowing multiple objects to be differentiated within the electrical scanning field. Organizational Fit Does RFID fit the organization or not? Before venturing down the Read More
Demand-driven Versus Traditional Materials Requirement Planning
Material requirements planning is a system that strives to plan replenishment just before a withdrawal from stock, which does not work in some manufacturing

hand reader  whenever the quantity on hand is reduced to a predetermined level, known as the reorder point . On the other hand, master production schedule (MPS) is the anticipated build schedule for those items assigned to the master scheduler. It is a set of planning numbers that drives MRP, and it represents what the company plans to produce, expressed in specific configurations, quantities, and dates. Finally, MRP is a set of techniques that uses bill of material (BOM) data, inventory data, and MPS to calculate Read More
How to Keep Stock Balances Accurate
Distributors must ensure the quantity of products shown to be available in their software system agrees with what is physically in their warehouses. If it doesn

hand reader  distributors respond that on hand quantities only remain accurate until they start shipping material again. For most distributors cycle counting provides a much better tool for maintaining accurate stock levels than an annual physical inventory. Cycle counting is the process of counting a few products every business day throughout the year. There are three common methods to determine what products to count on a specific day: Random Selection ' Products to be counted are chosen at random. While this Read More
How Performance Support Creates High-performance Employees
Performance support helps keep workers on track. But truly effective performance support communicates company-specific “when, what, and how” information, in the

hand reader  the specific task at hand. Performance support won’t teach you how to drive, but it will help you get to where you want to go. Read More
Can Enterprises Keep Their Spend on Their Radar (Screen)?
My recent post Why don’t Potential Benefits of Spend Analysis Come by Easily? described typical challenges of comprehensive spend management solutions. On one

hand reader  management  solutions. On one hand, there are difficulties associated with massive spend data acquisition and subsequent classification and enrichment, and on the other hand, with presentation and analysis when done using rigid  business intelligence (BI)  tools over predefined  database schemas . I analyzed some examples of automated spend analysis process improvements via expert systems and search engines, but they might also come with different shortcomings. I concluded my post with hints of some Read More
RFID Workbench: Understanding the Basics
Radio frequency identification (RFID) helps actualize the perfect integration of logistical and commercial chains and its use is rising in the US and Europe

hand reader  Business Benefits   Reduced handling costs , achieved through end-to-end electronic transaction processing that eliminates manual data entry even for smaller partners. Reduced inventory levels , with associated cash flow benefits, produced by the availability of up-to-the-minute information along the value chain. Faster transaction processing , resulting from automation of all processes and the elimination of bottlenecks associated with manual data entry. Shorter lead times and faster time to market , Read More
In August 2011, TEC Principal Analyst P.J. Jakovljevic experienced the 11th Vendor Shootout for ERP first-hand. Plex Systems, IQMS, and abas-USA presented

hand reader  able to experience it first-hand as a neutral (and yet very active) observer. Plex Systems , IQMS , and abas-USA presented directly, while Infor ERP SyteLine , Epicor ERP , Microsoft Dynamics AX , SAP Business ByDesign , and Oracle JD Edwards were represented respectively by Merritech LLC , Cre8tive Technology , ePartners , Navigator Business Solutions , and Terillium . For my report on how several of these vendors/products performed, see my blog post The 11th Vendor Shootout for ERP: Observations – Read More
ERP Discrete Vs ERP Process
To compare process ERP solutions head-to-head based on your organization's needs and characteristics , visit TEC's process ERP evaluation center.

hand reader  system. On the other hand, if your company assembles products from many component parts, you'll require discrete manufacturing functionality. You Cannot Put the Juice Back into the Orange In his TEC article Process Manufacturing Software : A Primer, IT consultant Joe Strub explains the difference with this example: Once you make a can of soda, you cannot return it back to its basic components such as carbonated water, citric acid, potassium benzoate, aspartame, and other ingredients. You cannot put the Read More
AnyDoc Customer Success Story: Soudronic AG Finds a Solution for Archiving Its Supplier Documents with OCR
Soudronic AG’s incoming order confirmations were getting out of hand and finding misfiled critical documents was increasingly laborious. Before implementing OCR

hand reader  were getting out of hand and finding misfiled critical documents was increasingly laborious. Before implementing OCR for AnyDoc, documents were printed and filed in binders, together with supporting documentation. With AnyDoc’s optical character recognition solution, Soudronic can retrieve its documents more quickly, and its labor and storage costs have been reduced. Read More
Coupa Expands Supplier Network via Alibaba.com
Coupa, a provider finance cloud solutions, announces a strategic partnership with Alibaba.com, the leader in cross-border wholesale trade. Read about the

hand reader  other countries and source merchandise from abroad.   On the other hand, Coupa is a bullish provider of user-friendly cloud applications for finance, including sourcing, procurement, expense management, and accounts payable. More than 400 corporate customers headquartered in more than 40 countries use the Coupa suite ( read TEC report ).   In addition to the more than 1,000,000 suppliers currently using Coupa, the agreement provides Coupa customers with a simple way to find and source from suppliers on Read More

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