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What's Your Global Market Price?
Thoughts on global trade, outsourcing, and your pay--how we can stop the downward pressure on wages and salaries.

hard cat price  nations are having a hard time with this concept. But let's take it a bit closer to home. Home Depot announces the creation of ten thousand jobs—great news—with starting salaries at $7.00 to $20.00 an hour. The same basic price for workers in India and China—except that they are doing manufacturing to computer programming at those prices. If you make $14, 560 a year from Wal-Mart or Home Depot, you are considered at the poverty level in the US. Yet this salary is a bonanza in many other parts of Read More
Configure Price Quote (CPQ)
Configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solutions (sometimes known as quote-to-order, or Q2O, systems) help drive sales effectiveness by supporting configuration and pricing activities and the generat...
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Documents related to » hard cat price

Rimini Street: The End of Full-price Software Maintenance Is Here!
In a recent press release, Rimini Street boldly declared the end of full-price software maintenance. The vocal and upbeat third-party software maintenance

hard cat price  , and it is hard to predict the outcome of these. While some prospective Rimini Street customers might have been deterred by this, the lawsuit has not really stopped Rimini Street’s momentum (based on its upbeat results). For its part, SAP’s recent price increase for its annual standard support and maintenance customers (to 19 percent from 18 percent) has raised many eyebrows. SAP claims that the increase is warranted by a number of recent value-add features, but some market observers’ believe that Read More
IT Vendor Management in Hard Economic Times
During a recession, successful businesses change their approach to managing information technology (IT) sourcing. The challenge is to become more efficient and

hard cat price  Vendor Management in Hard Economic Times Vendor Management and Strategic Sourcing is a vital part of operations for most organization that do not have the resources and / or capabilities internally to meet their strategic imperatives. Estrella Partners has resources that have been in the consultative field for decades. Source: Estrella Partners Group, LLC Resources Related to IT Vendor Management in Hard Economic Times : Vendor Management System (VMS) (Wikipedia) IT Vendor Management in Hard Economic Read More
PeopleSoft Remains Rock-Hard And Economy Proof
PeopleSoft again exceeded Wall Street estimates in another stellar quarterly performance, with more than 100 new customers and with more than half the deals for

hard cat price  Remains Rock-Hard And Economy Proof PeopleSoft Remains Rock-Hard And Economy Proof P.J. Jakovljevic - November 15, 2001 Event Summary On October 18, PeopleSoft (NASDAQ: PSFT), one of the leading business applications providers, announced record income from recurring operations for the third quarter ended September 30, 2001. Income from recurring operations increased by 113% to a record of $50 million, up from $23 million in the same quarter of 2000. Total revenue increased 15% over the third Read More
The Incredibly Shrinking Platform--and Price!
The transformation to a new supply chain technology market wave is already occurring. That’s good news for some and bad for others. This article describes the

hard cat price  suggest you take a hard look at this. Many of your organizations use Salesforce.com, Hoovers, technologyevaluaton.com, etc. But most of the senior folks never touch these systems. So, software presidents, I suggest you do so. For me, who spent the first part of my career designing, building, buying, and implementing systems, and spending hundreds of millions in the process, it is mind-boggling! No doubt, there are limitations, but it is interesting to watch these organizations reach for more and more Read More
Web Publishing Is Quietly Succeeding
If your web site is poorly designed, your sales force will have a hard time selling it. As in any business venture, the keys to online success involve attention

hard cat price  force will have a hard time selling it. As in any business venture, the keys to online success involve attention to quality and setting clear goals. Would it surprise you to find out that successful Web publishing has everything to do with business focus, not technology issues? Not sure where to start? Read about key concepts that can transform your company’s online activities. Read More
Recent Developments in One Price Management Provider's Business
A quality product offering doesn't guarantee success for any up-and-coming vendor, especially in a market requiring more awareness and depending on

hard cat price  of course, there are hard and soft costs associated with business process improvement and change management education about the space, critical success factors to deploying pricing technologies. The combination of all these factors is, for the time being, deterring the most risk-averse purse string holders, leaving them working off of hunch, manual spreadsheets, and multiple silos of data indefinitely. But for the rest of the potential market (early adopters and mainstream), the cost of status quo Read More
IBM's Four-CPU Wintel-Based Rack Servers High Performance, High Cost
IBM's four-CPU servers, the Netfinity 5500 M20 and 7000 M10, yield top notch web-focused benchmark figures, but also very high price/performance figures for

hard cat price  1.6 or four 1.0 hard disk drives significantly less than that offered in competitors' units. Even the larger units, such as Compaq's ProLiant 7000, provide more disk capability - 21 x 1.0 drives in a 14U-high chassis. (This equates to 5X disks vs. 1.3X height.) We question the wisdom of providing so little storage capacity in a unit so large. Price/Performance: The 7000's cost, measured in $/tpmC, is about 50% more than that of Dell and Compaq for similar tpmC scores. This translates into a price tag Read More
The Rise of Price Management
New analytical software tools have recently emerged to combine and condense a wealth of information that should give the salesperson a more definitive

hard cat price  price management,pricing processes,pricing optimization,price enforcement,price policy,price waterfall,pricing rationale,ERP,SCM Read More
Not Yet Sold on SaaS ERP in Manufacturing? Take a Hard Look at Plex Online - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series explained Plex Systems’ ebullience and growth despite a hostile and depressed environment, especially in the discrete manufacturing

hard cat price  in Manufacturing? Take a Hard Look at Plex Online - Part 3 Part 1 of this blog series  explained Plex Systems ’ ebullience and growth despite a hostile and depressed environment, especially in the discrete manufacturing sector. While the  software as a service (SaaS)  model is now mainstream in many functional areas of business, the  article concurred with Frank Scavo’s recent assertion that, for the time being, there is only one true SaaS enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for Read More
Fast-path Implementations - Are They Good or Bad?
Over the last few years the market has seen a plethora of fixed-scope and fixed-price applications, pre-packaged vertical solutions with industry templates

hard cat price  a few combinations of hardware and software. So, you have to ask the question - Is this approach good or bad for the user? Like most business decisions, this is an issue of trade-offs. No single answer works for all companies. You have to make a list of plus and the minus points associated with the decision and see which side wins. Fast-path - The Plus Side  The vendor will guarantee both the cost of the implementation and the schedule. In a world of budgetary uncertainty, these are very big pluses. Read More

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