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Moxie Software-Promoting Social and Multichannel Customer Service
Moxie Software hopes to instill, well, the “moxie to be social” mantra in its customers. Its software suite ensures that the proverbial “voice of the customer

helpdesk php  (CRM) solutions such as helpdesk, order fulfillment system (OFS), and enterprise resource planning (ERP). The company built a world-class collaboration platform that was informed by IDEO , an innovation and design firm, which connects collaboration with traditional knowledge. Delivering the next-generation knowledge platform and providing best-in-class multichannel customer service and sales solutions is the core of Moxie. Moxie Product Marketer Adds More Flavor To zoom in into some of the aforementioned Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » helpdesk php

Smart Enterprise Single Sign-on (ESSO)
The increasing number of passwords actually decrease productivity and present a security risk when people get frustrated and write their passwords on a sticky

helpdesk php  the user and the helpdesk at the same time. 2.2. The Password Dilemma Combining a username with a password (single-factor authentication) is still the most common method of user authentication for businesses. Although it is no longer suitable to withstand the sophisticated attacks from external hackers nor to fulfill the stringent security requirements for sensitive company data - many businesses are reluctant to give up this seemingly simple authentication method in favor of a more powerful and Read More...
Quote-to-order: One Big, Lean Machine Adds High Tech to Its Mix
BigMachines differentiates itself in the quote-to-order (Q2O) sphere due to its solutions’ lean end-to-end, inquiry-to-order focus. Although there are other

helpdesk php  access for customers a helpdesk with new voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) system integrated with a CRM system to ensure that BigMachines' support agents have relevant customer information at their fingertips a customer knowledge base to provide access to a comprehensive solutions database online, 24/7, 365 days a year online customer collaboration tools to share ideas within the customer community and directly with BigMachines staff dashboards and metrics-reporting tools to track and monitor helpdesk Read More...
Call Center Buyer’s Guide
A call center can be so much more to your enterprise than a costly necessity. By carefully selecting an on-premise contact center solution, your company can

helpdesk php  equipment | call center helpdesk | call center inbound | call center industry | call center learning solutions | call center management | call center management solution | call center monitoring | call center operator | call center outbound | call center outsourcing | call center performance | call center phone solutions | call center products | call center recording solutions | call center report | call center representative | call center software solution | call center solution | call center solutions Read More...
Abas Business Solutions (PRC) Ltd.
The core competence of the ABAS Software AG is the development of flexible ERP and eBusiness software for medium-sized companies with up to 1,000 employees

helpdesk php  customization, users training and helpdesk.
Co-sourcing Helps Companies to Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiencies
In the ever-changing economy, organizations looking to cut costs and drive innovation are turning to co-sourcing as a cost-effective and less risky alternative

helpdesk php  Whether you need a helpdesk professional to support your field team, a project management expert to develop the implementation plan or skilled resources to manage the network & storage concerns, Allied has the professional experience to meet your needs. Our specialised professionals use processes and methods aligned with your business practices. You keep control of the entire process, leveraging our ability and support to complete Information Technology initiatives. For almost two decades, Allied Read More...
i2 Paints Broad Strokes at eDay
i2 receives a great deal of criticism for delivering less than it sells, but remains the one SCM vendor most capable to realize its vision.

helpdesk php  from implementation consultants and helpdesk support personnel. Most vendors have committees that review current applications, bug reports, market trends, customer requests, etc., and decide which features to include and which new applications to pursue. As talented as the people in these groups may be, the ideas that reach development are nevertheless many times removed from the point where the applications will be used - the real world. User Recommendations Marketing people are adept at taking Read More...
Dassault Systèmes Introduces EXALEAD OneCall for Astute Customer Interactions
There is certainly no dearth of software packages for multichannel customer service and helpdesk. Think of Oracle’s vast offering (based on the acquisitions of

helpdesk php  multichannel customer service and helpdesk. Think of Oracle ’s vast offering (based on the acquisitions of Siebel , RightNow , InQuira , and Endeca ), salesforce.com ’s Service Cloud , Pegasystems , KANA Software , Moxie Software , etc. As consumers become ever more informed about the purchasing options available to them, the volume and complexity of questions are increasing. These questions can also come from multiple channels, and the data to help answer them can be found via many different systems Read More...
Who Alleges The PRM Market Consolidation?
Many surveys have purported that there are twice as many manufacturers that cannot integrate their ordering systems with those of their partners and

helpdesk php  after-sale services and support, helpdesk functions, and both use the portal model for displaying information, as most links with users are through a web-browser or a thin client extranet setup. Organizations that sell their products/services through complex networks of partners (e.g., dealers, affiliates, VARs, resellers) are indeed leveraging Web-based solutions to better service and sell via these channel partners, owing to the increased technophobia and aversion to the IT going downstream the Read More...
Do You Need a Content Management System?
Understanding what content management means is the first step to determine how a solution will suit your company. Because of the abundance of information both

helpdesk php  enterprise content management,content management systems,intranet content management,php content management,content management software,content management solutions,content management solution,web content mangaement,content management cms,open source content management,ecm content management,content management system,content management server,site content management,content management tools Read More...
Legacy Single Sign-On: Novell, Evidian, IBM, PassGo, or Computer Associates?
As the complexity of enterprise systems increases, users are often forced to remember more and more passwords. As the demand on users increases, many users

helpdesk php  a full 30% of helpdesk calls were password related. The report went on to suggest that each password reset cost the average company about $32. At first, $32 for a password reset seems like an excessively high figure. However, when you consider the amount of money that the company is paying the helpdesk staff and the person who needs their password, you can see how much money can be wasted on non-productive time. The time that the user spends trying to guess their password, phoning the helpdesk, and Read More...
Earthlink Leads the Way in DSL Security
DSL providers speed up their customers' Internet access, however, at the same time they also expose these customers to enormous security risk. Earthlink has

helpdesk php  put their well-known customer helpdesk technicians to the test. We expect to see a lot of other ISPs follow suit and team up with some of the other personal firewall vendors. Various other personal firewalls on the market include: Black ICE Defender, Netscreen-10, SonicWall 10, Zone Alarm, Comsocks, and CyberArmor. Read More...
The Internet is having an identity crisis. Long regarded as a powerful tool for cost reduction and service enhancement, the Internet is falling short of its

helpdesk php  deterring password sharing,user authentication,on password-based,authentication strategies,authenticated key exchange,password authentication stronger,fortify user authentication Read More...
Choosing a Key Management Solution
The modern enterprise deploys a variety of server platforms, operating systems, and programming languages. A major barrier to deploying encryption has been the

helpdesk php  a Key Management Solution Patrick Townsend Security Solutions provides encryption and encryption key management for all Enterprise platforms. Our Data at Rest and Key Management solutions support all platforms in the Enterprise, including Windows, Linux, UNIX, System z and System i. Our Data in Motion products reside on the System i platform and securely move data between all platforms. Source: Patrick Townsend Security Solutions Resources Related to Choosing a Key Management Solution : Key Read More...
United Messaging to Provide Enhanced ASP Messaging Services
Through a combination of enhancement offerings such as anti-spam, anti-virus and enhanced fault tolerance, look to see United Messaging to maintain its foothold

helpdesk php  Messaging also offers 24x7 helpdesk and monitoring, and provides software, hardware and training where necessary. User Recommendations One of the most highly visible, mission critical outsourcing applications is electronic messaging, which makes up the backbone of many corporate organizations. When evaluating your ASP, verify that it offers built in protection from viruses, spamming and denial of service attacks. Verify that support is 24x7 and that monitoring is enabled to prevent unnecessary downtime. Read More...

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