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Analytics at the Speed of Business for Midsize Organizations
In today's global marketplace, transaction data is running 24x7x365, and midsize companies that want to leverage that information must be able to analyze it in

high speed analytics  solutions based on its High Performance Analytics Appliance (HANA). Read More...
Engineer-to-order (ETO) ERP System for Electronics and High-tech Components Manufacturing
A U.S.-based manufacturer of high-tech components turned to TEC for help selecting an Engineer-to-order (ETO) enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.
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Documents related to » high speed analytics

Collaborative Analytics: Sharing and Harvesting Analytic Insights Across the Business
Sadly, a division exists between business analysts and IT@they often perform separate data-related duties. There are benefits for companies that unite business

high speed analytics  Rating mechanisms: procedures with high popularity and ratings among the business community become prime candidates for harvesting Group Creation and Management: based on security, organizational and other criteria to limit access to sensitive information and/or procedures At the group level, collaborative deployment is usually based on trusted social networks and is often limited to the sharing of the outputs of analyses. Within the usually small group of power business analysts in any company, certain Read More...
Supply Chain Network Visibility and Analytics
The complexity of the global economy is a powerful motivation for companies to look for new ways to increase efficiency and productivity. That’s why companies

high speed analytics  direct expenses, such as high costs for rush transportation, and indirect costs, including management time and effort. In terms of lost sales, greater visibility can prevent the loss of customers who turn to competitors because the product they want is out of stock. In a case like this, customer satisfaction can also be affected, with customers not necessarily leaving for the competition, but settling instead for a substitute choice that doesn´t fully address their needs. Greater visibility into manual Read More...
Continuous Data Quality Management: The Cornerstone of Zero-Latency Business Analytics
No matter how well an enterprise implements a CRM, ERP, SCM, Business Intelligence, or Data Warehouse project, poor data quality can destroy its utility and

high speed analytics  information is based upon high quality data, the result will simply be poor decisions—made quickly. This concludes Part One of a two-part article on the importance of data quality management. Part Two will discuss the author's experience in solving this problem. About the Author Greg Leman is the CEO of Metagenix, Inc. Metagenix, Inc. ( www.metagenix.com ) is a developer of data quality tools. The company builds solutions that allow organizations to monitor data quality throughout the enterprise. The Read More...
In-Memory Analytics: A Multi-Dimensional Study
The primary bottleneck to high-performance multidimensional analysis has been slow hard drive speed—the time it takes for data to be transferred from disk

high speed analytics  to benefit from a high performance in-memory solution. Most vendors offer migration paths from their current solutions to newer in-memory solutions and organizations must examine these paths in terms of their overall impact. Self-service or personal BI can be a powerful addition to an organization’s platform, enabling users to accomplish high-performance analysis on data that is near real-time or conduct what-if analyses at the speed of thought. To evaluate and compare specific functional Read More...
Strategy Analytics
Strategy Analytics provides business consulting, research, and analysis. The firm publishes reports and evaluates technologies, markets, and companies.

high speed analytics  
Pricing for BI and Analytics
In recent years, the business intelligence (BI) and analytics space has been changing at an incredible rate, not only in terms of functionality but also in the

high speed analytics  targeting data and conducting high-volume data analysis. Kognitio stands to benefit from this pricing schema by attracting customers for whom this structure is more suitable, especially those with very particular sets of data management requirements. Realigning Pricing with Functionality These two announcements might be opening the door to a new type of vendor–user relationship, where BI software costs are focused more on efficiency than on product branding. One can only hope that this transparency of Read More...
International Institute for Analytics
The International Institute for Analytics (IIA) provides advisory services, annual research subscriptions, analytics research councils, and executive

high speed analytics  
How one high-tech firm listens to its high-tech clients
Read how NOW Solutions and its customers have benefited from thirteen years of feedback from Teledyne Brown Engineering, a major contributor to America's most

high speed analytics  one high-tech firm listens to its high-tech clients Read how NOW Solutions and its customers have benefited from thirteen years of feedback from Teledyne Brown Engineering, a major contributor to America's most significant space, defense, environmental and homeland security programs. As one of our consultants puts it, They're not afraid to push the system. Read More...
How Analytics Can Drive Communications Service Providers to Gain a Competitive Edge
Analytics has moved from the specialty of a dedicated few to a necessity for groups of business professionals to do their job. This white paper considers the

high speed analytics  business intelligence software,microsoft business intelligence,telecommunications companies,software business intelligence,web analytics,business intelligence tools,adwords,google analytics,business intelligence jobs,business intelligence companies,business intelligence consulting,what is business intelligence,qlikview,business intelligence development studio,business intelligence tool Read More...
Analytics Software Suite
The complete suite of Angoss desktop and client-server software products @ with big data and text analytics capabilities @ delivers recommendations for

high speed analytics  
Dashboard & Analytics
OMI Dashboard & Analytics Solution offers best practice talent management measurement practices, along with a new generation of views, insights, and metrics

high speed analytics  
Business Analytics: Benchmarking the Analysis of Data to Gain Insight
Organizations are maturing only slowly in their use of analytics despite the fact that they view them as valuable and important. This research indicates that

high speed analytics  IBM, business metrics, business analytics, predictive analytics, business performance management Read More...
Voice of the Customer Analytics
Verint Voice of the Customer Analytics solutions provide a solution set to centralize customer feedback across channels, interpret it in the context of

high speed analytics  
Rosslyn Analytics Partners with Differentia Consulting
Under the terms of the newly announced partnership with Rosslyn Analytics, Differentia Consulting, one of the United Kingdom’s largest technology consultancies

high speed analytics  

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