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Global Trade Hits Home at MegaResistCap-Part IV: Blinded Me with Science
At the end of part III of this series, the software selection team at MegaResistCap had turned in their software selection votes to the company’s executive

hiring justification  a new “social media–enabled” hiring system. But, that’s another story . . . System Implementation Benefits The implementation of the additional functionality into the company’s ERP system landscape went smoothly. MegaResistCap had chosen a solution that the vendor promised could be easily extended, and to everyone’s delight, this proved to be the case. The full suite of system extensions for supply chain management (SCM) and global trade management (GTM) took less than 4 months. The system Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » hiring justification

Warehouse Management Systems by the Numbers
When it comes to warehouse management systems (WMS), the stats are both shocking and thought-provoking. And although you don't see these stats in the marketing

hiring justification  technologies, raising capital, or hiring the right people. Today's most serious business challenge is a scarcity of customers. The key to your organization's success lies in knowing how to handle scarcity no matter when or where it appears. In today's environment, your customers have too many supplier options and too little money. Your customers won't continue to patronize an organization that cannot send them what they want when they want it at a competitive price. You cannot do that efficiently without Read More
Implications and Attitudes As the Andersen's Split under the ICC Ruling: Consulting To Go for a Name Change
Andersen Consulting has had a running battle with Arthur Andersen and Andersen Worldwide over Arthur Andersen's encroachment on the management and technology

hiring justification  However, Arthur Andersen is hiring recruits with a composition something like 65% new / raw technologists (programmers, network engineers etc.), and 35% in the business development area (mostly experienced personnel). It has catching up to do in the marketplace if it hopes to be a serious player against Andersen Consulting. Andersen Consulting, in turn, intends to hire 16,000 over the next year. Andersen Consulting, on the other hand, with more of a focus on the mid and high-end markets, has obvious Read More
ROI: Are You Ready to Walk The Walk?
ROI marketing is just starting to become mainstream. ROI selling is already out there, further advanced in adoption because of its perceived relevance to the

hiring justification  ROI sales program A: Hiring a good ROI consulting firm will enable you to present its findings as impartial and professionally competent. In many cases, the firm will write a report stating its findings making it clear it stands by its reputation for unbiased work. Some internally developed ROI calculators typically generate hard-to-believe cost justifications. Understandably, a prospect may simply brush them off as unrealistic, eroding your credibility instead of reinforcing it. A really good ROI Read More
Driving the Business Forward with Human Capital Management: Five Key Points to Consider before You Invest
For human resources (HR) leaders to contribute to the business successfully, they need HR solutions with the right capabilities. Global business has affected no

hiring justification  more than HR. Recruiting, hiring developing, and retaining global workers is more complicated in a global economy. In this white paper, you'll learn about five key points to consider when evaluating HR solutions. Read More
Securing Top Talent: Finding and Retaining Highly Skilled Technology Professionals
Today, highly skilled technology professionals should not only be able to handle day-to-day technology needs, but also understand their company’s business to

hiring justification  nurture such talent by hiring for cultural fit, exposing people to the broader business and, above all, breaking down silos. Find out how. Read More
Justification of ERP Investments Part Three: Costs of Implementing an ERP System
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation costs can be divided into one-time costs and ongoing annual costs. Both types of costs can be segmented into

hiring justification  Enterprise resource planning,enterprise resource planning software,enterprise resource planning implementation,successful erp,survey erp,tool erp,top erp,top erp software,top erp systems,top erp vendors,un erp,web based erp,web erp,what is erp,benefits of erp Read More
New Crowdsourced Hiring Platform from Career22
The recruitment and staffing software company, Career22 announced the launch of an online staffing platform that takes advantage of crowdsourcing. The company's

hiring justification  Crowdsourced Hiring Platform from Career22 The recruitment and staffing software company, Career22 announced the launch of an online staffing platform  that takes advantage of crowdsourcing. The company's aim is to assist employers with finding and pre-qualifying job candidates. Career22’s solution relies on industry experts who assist with the development of proficiency exams that candidates must complete as part of the pre-qualifying process. The exams will test the necessary skills required by a Read More
Would You Hire a Hacker? What Would Your Mother Say?
The hacker group the L0pht, has become the Research and Development division behind Battery Venture's new security startup @Stake. Corporate America and

hiring justification  When it comes to hiring consultants, what is typically most important to IT decision makers is the deliverables that can be achieved, and the timeframe in which it takes to produce them. Before hiring any security consultancy, make sure you understand what deliverables you are looking for before signing any purchase orders or contracts. Are you looking for an Architecture Plan, a Service Level Description, or a Network Vulnerability Assessment? If you have any doubts about a security consultancy's Read More
Leading South African Retailer Drastically Improves Hiring With SumTotal
Because of government-mandated hiring complexities, Edcon had difficulty in identifying high performers, and it was growing too quickly to make the necessary

hiring justification  African Retailer Drastically Improves Hiring With SumTotal Because of government-mandated hiring complexities, Edcon had difficulty in identifying high performers, and it was growing too quickly to make the necessary changes to hire the right candidates from such a small talent pool. Edcon selected SumTotal’s integrated talent management platform for hiring and competency management and plans to deploy additional integrated components, including performance, goals, and succession. Read More
Virtual Interview Software: Under the Hood with InterviewIQ
A phone interview is one of the most effective ways of assessing an applicant’s communication skills early in the hiring process. It’s often better than the in

hiring justification  skills early in the hiring process. It’s often better than the in-person interview because the candidate tends to be more at ease than with a face-to-face interview. However, phone interviews can be time-consuming and costly for the hiring company. US-based virtual interviewing software company HireIQ uses a different approach with its InterviewIQ  solution [see TEC’s competitor rating analysis of HireIQ ], by allowing the candidate to be interviewed over the phone—without actually having to speak Read More
Workday to Tackle Talent Acquisition
One of the major announcements at the recently held Workday Rising 2012 conference was that Workday will develop its own talent acquisition suite from scratch

hiring justification  the complete solution for hiring teams, seamlessly unified with core human capital management (HCM), from the initial planning stages all the way through new hire onboarding. Workday plans to base this unification on what it already has in its other solutions, such as the following: A business process framework (BPF)—a built-in and mandatory workflow engine in all software design Built-in analytics Built-in collaboration tools A simple, fresh, and mobile user experience (UX) Its own integration layer (f Read More
Axon Solutions, Inc
Axon is a global leader in the delivery of business transformation programs for large organizations that use SAP as their strategic platform. Axon designed

hiring justification  on the principle of hiring the best consultants in the market and is focused exclusively around implementing SAP software. With the acquisition of Zytalis in late 2006, Axon Global is now the largest firm in the world dedicated exclusively to SAP implementation and support. The Zytalis client list includes numerous companies from the Fortune 500 and also includes many companies in the fast growing Mid Market segment. Zytalis clients are found in High Tech, Complex Manufacturing and Service Based business Read More
Intuit and LinkedIn Team Up to Help Small Businesses Find Talent
Per Intuit’s most recent Small Business Employment Index, the employment rate is gradually improving. Intuit and LinkedIn have agreed to host the first “Hire

hiring justification  businesses make the right hiring decisions by offering the tools small businesses need at a discounted price. Let's hope the event is successful and Intuit and LinkedIn decide to take it to other cities and regions. Read More
ProStaff is a Web-based HRMS solution designed to help organizations manage human resources (HR) processes such as hiring, training, careers, compensation

hiring justification  (HR) processes such as hiring, training, careers, compensation, and performance management. ProStaff helps companies keep all personnel-related data in a single database, which can help them make accurate workforce decisions. Read More

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