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Why don’t the Potential Benefits of Spend Analysis Come Easily?

historic newspaper archives  evaluate large volumes of historic data. As a result, traditional BI solutions have been associated with OLAP cubes,  data warehouses (DWs) ,  data marts (DMs) , and other centralized and aggregated data stores. Needless to say, these massive data stores are pre-defined and have rigid (static)  database schemas , without much room for new data fields and amendments on-the-fly.  OLAP cubes  might be able to overcome relational databases’ inability to provide near instantaneous analysis and display Read More...
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for the Health Care Industry
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) assists physicians and other clinicians document patient care for current visits and provides access to patient clinical history. Sometimes may be referred to as co...
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Documents related to » historic newspaper archives

chinadotcom In The
Mid-market process ERP vendor Ross Systems is being acquired by its Chinese distributor, chinadotcom. Unlike some recent acquisitions that are based on the

historic newspaper archives  nice complement to Ross' historic strength in North America and in Europe. The acquisition also comes at a time when many companies are acquiring distressed software vendors in order to acquire their customer base. These so called roll-up acquisitions are typically characterized by subsequent large cuts in product investment in order to rapidly increase profitability. CDC Software claims the exact opposite intention in Ross' case. Instead of reducing the investment in Ross products, it intends to Read More...
Invensys Production Solutions - Can Historic Strengths And The 'Protean Boost' Overcome Its Liabilities? Part Two: Liabilities, Strategy, and User Recommendations
Invensys must communicate its successes and strategy to the marketplace, and must aggressively invest in customer satisfaction, marketing, and sales. IPS must

historic newspaper archives  Production Solutions - Can Historic Strengths And The 'Protean Boost' Overcome Its Liabilities? Part Two: Liabilities, Strategy, and User Recommendations Event Summary Recently, after a lengthy and painstaking soul-searching exercise, Invensys plc , the global automation and controls group with headquarters in the UK, created a new group within its Production Management Division (PMD) called Invensys Production Solutions (IPS) ( www.invensysproductionsolutions.com ). The group will include the PRISM and Read More...
Oracle Further Orchestrates Its SOA Forays Part Three: Strategy Shifts
Oracle has long moved in the direction of blurring the line between applications and infrastructure. It has leveraged the system of record elements in

historic newspaper archives  Further Orchestrates Its SOA Forays Part Three: Strategy Shifts Oracle Strategy Shifts Several years ago, Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL) positioned itself as the enterprise solution that was easy to integrate with partner products. Then, in early 2000, Oracle shifted focus and portrayed itself as a complete, all purpose business suite that didn't need third-party, best-of-breed products. Having been criticized for its bipolarity, and after realizing its mistake, Oracle published thousands of Read More...
Productivity for Software Estimators
Presently, software estimation is considered to be an art rather than a science. At the heart of this perception is the lack of understanding of the concept of

historic newspaper archives  more reliable, is from historic data from time sheets. Most of the time sheet software available and being used in the industry is oriented toward payroll and billing. It does not capture data at the micro-level so that it can be used to arrive at the productivity data. Most time sheets capture data at two or three levels in addition to date and time. A project is always at the first level, and the second and third levels can be occupied by module and component, component and activity, or a similar Read More...
Fujitsu Poised to (Inter)Stage Glovia's Comeback Part Four: Challenges and User Recommendations
Glovia has managed to maintain its existing customers' satisfaction level while successfully re-inventing itself. As a result, it has maintained a presence

historic newspaper archives  also plagued by its historic dependence and association with hardware sales, particularly mainframes. Thus it might be a difficult task to convince non-Japanese customers about its global services and software providing capabilities. The fact is that Fujitsu has software revenues greater than the more prominent respective leading vendors in their software sectors. For example, Fujitsu can claim greater revenues than the business reporting leader Crystal Decisions ; the development frameworks leader BEA Read More...
Won’t Get Fooled Again: The 5 Worst Buzzwords in the CRM Industry Today
Going through our article archives, I stumbled across Glen Petersen’s excellent article A Lexicon for CRM Success.Petersen takes aim at key buzzwords in the

historic newspaper archives  
Captured by Data
The benefits case for enterprise asset management (EAM) has been used to justify huge sums in EAM investment. But to understand this reasoning, it is necessary

historic newspaper archives  day-to-day basis. Potential and historic failure modes, rates of failure, actual maintenance performed (not what the system says, but what is really done), why a certain task was put into place in the first place, and the operational practices and the reasons for them, are all elements of information that are not easily found in data, but in knowledge. This is one of the overlooked side-benefits of applying the RCM process—that of capturing knowledge, not merely data. As the workforce continues to age, Read More...
Newton County Selects Financials and HR System
Newton County’s local newspaper meticulously recites all the issues the county is currently experiencing and describes the range of business processes that it

historic newspaper archives  County Selects Financials and HR System Newton County’s local newspaper meticulously recites all the issues the county is currently experiencing and describes the range of business processes that it aims to simplify and alleviate with a new financials and human resources (HR) system. Newton County (Georgia) decided to replace its archaic financial system with a modern application; the Board of Commissioners has approved the purchase of software from Tyler Technologies, a well-known developer of Read More...
U.S. vs. Microsoft: Another Day of Reckoning
Settlement talks between the U.S. Department of Justice and Microsoft broke down, leading to a historic ruling against the software giant. A breakup of

historic newspaper archives  microsoft,windows,Federal antitrust laws,microsoft law violation,microsoft antitrust laws Read More...
Ask the Experts: Data Purging and System Migration
One reader recently wrote in with this question:

historic newspaper archives  active tables to online historical backups on a monthly basis. Since historical data is essentially invariant for long periods, it does not require being re-backed up if it had no changes. The backup facility may also make a second copy to non-rewritable storage. In the process of creating archives, an accompanying step is often taken to create summary data into a data-warehousing product for business intelligence studies. Summary data allows a look at a product’s sales figures for a given time period, Read More...
Unlikely Acquisition Has Insiders Scratching Their Heads
The announcement in September 2006 that Illinois Tool Works Inc. had made an offer to acquire all of Click Commerce's common stock made many market insiders

historic newspaper archives  See Invensys Production Solutions—Can Historic Strengths And The Protean Boost Overcome Its Liabilities? . Coming back to ITW and Click Commerce: while product overlap and redundancies are no issue here, there is still the challenge of integrating the companies. At this stage, ITW maintains that its key strategy is to integrate only those elements that are absolutely necessary, and to instead try to preserve the culture and autonomy that has made Click Commerce special. Still, the two companies' Read More...
Ability 585 ERP Is Now TEC Certified
In a recent live demo session with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software vendor Ability, I had the chance to get an in-depth look at Ability 585 ERP. It’s

historic newspaper archives  
Grape Escape 2010: Of Cloud & Angels, Fun & Games, and “In Vino Veritas” - Part 1
Every June over past several years, after the high season for traveling to major vendor events subsides, and before everyone takes their summer vacations, a

historic newspaper archives  in Boston)  to the historic election of President Obama. As I still vividly remember,  they served the exact food and wine from Obama’s inauguration dinner , while the attendees were tweeting menu items and in some cases pictures of the served food. This year was theater and Oscar related – hence  the Calderwood Pavilion Huntington theatre  setting,  the New York City singer songwriter Doug Nervik, and the wines that were the same that had been “private labeled” for the Oscars this year. Read More...
The Ghost in the Machine: Where Has Process Automation Left the Consumer?
Business process automation is all very well and good. After all, nothing succeeds like success, especially automated success. But what is the effect of

historic newspaper archives  an old literary, media, historical, and industrial truth: form is content. And when you've reached the point of automating the form, to a certain degree you've automated the content. Now, consumers are in no danger of becoming fully-automated buying machines (and here, it's actually worth pointing out that consumerism is not simply a crude form of materialism—in one end and out the other—but that it actually transforms the consumer). But there is a subtle automation of consumer expectations. As a Read More...

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