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Who Could Object to Faster, More Responsive Supply Chains?
Today, global manufacturers have all but abandoned traditional vertical supply chain management to adopt the more flexible horizontal and virtual supply chain

horizontal scaning  service. Today’s SCM Trends: Horizontal and Virtual Supply Chains Vertical integration generally went out of vogue as corporations expanded and as global supply chains became over-extended. Indeed, lately it has become quite difficult for any complex corporation to bring together the expertise needed to excel in all elements and countless activities of the supply chain. Therefore, most modern corporations have turned to outsourcing those aspects of their business in which they believe themselves to be Read More
Document Management for the Health Care Industry
Document management (DM) for health care and hospitals manages the storage, display, faxing, and scanning of paper and electronic documents.
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Documents related to » horizontal scaning

Professional Services Are Catching-up With CRM
The CRM market is shifting. Instead of looking for an all-purpose and horizontal oriented CRM application, customers are seeking a more specialized and industry

horizontal scaning  for an all-purpose and horizontal oriented CRM application, customers are seeking a more specialized and industry specific tool. From the larger organization to the smallest customers, CRM buyers are expecting their applications to follow their business model with limited need for customization. As the overall services market is projected to grow significantly by 2006, vendors have a propensity to cater this niche more than ever. Illinois-based Interface Software , one of the few CRM application Read More
Retalix Strives for Leadership in Retail Food Segment
Retalix, a supply chain software provider is positioning itself to be a segment pack leader through vendor positioning, vertical differentiation, and horizontal

horizontal scaning  KPIs,via dashboards and scorecards Horizontal Influences In addition to vertical differentiation, a vendor must also address horizontal influences in order to establish itself as a pack leader. Integration and platform technology Retalix is approaching integration and platform technology through its Retalix InSync platform development strategy. The goals and characteristics of the SOA development project are to deliver Transparent Web services Java (J2EE) development standards Database independence ( Read More
Ramco Enterprise Asset Management Series
Ramco Enterprise Series is a set of nine enterprise products that span both horizontal business processes and vertical industry requirements. The solutions

horizontal scaning  products that span both horizontal business processes and vertical industry requirements. The solutions enable customers to match their applications to their unique industry and business processes and to change their applications on-demand in response to both proactive innovation and reactive market conditions. Ramco supports its Enterprise Series with implementation resources and web-integrated services. Read More
TIBCO Spotfire 5 Brings the Power of Discovery to Big Data
TIBCO seems to be apt at acquiring specialist or niche tools and then making them mainstream and horizontal (for multiple industries), and embeddable for

horizontal scaning  making them mainstream and horizontal (for multiple industries), and embeddable for partners. One great example is Spotfire, which was a great interactive data visualization tool in certain industries. Spotfire 5 includes a completely re-architected in-memory engine specifically built to enable users from across the enterprise to visualize and interact with massive amounts of data. The product is in its nth generation of in-memory technology, and TIBCO loves SAP HANA's recent validation of the space Read More
Partner-friendly Oracle Update - Part 1
I certainly anticipated that the nearly 60 acquisitions by Oracle since 2005 would help the largest business software company in the world (with more than 320

horizontal scaning  was also largely a horizontal technology infrastructure (i.e., relational database and middleware ) provider rather than a trusted industry solutions adviser (and provider) at the time. To be fair, Oracle had an established presence in certain industries, but that was more coincidental (e.g., many financial service companies have bought Oracle Database or Oracle E-Business Suite ) than a deliberate attempt by Oracle to provide a vertical industry solution per se . With its techno-macho corporate culture Read More
Job Scheduling Maze in Distributed IT Landscapes - Part 1
We certainly learn new things every day, and sometimes out of pure serendipity. Namely, when I was recently asked by one of my industry contacts (working for a

horizontal scaning  necessarily for today’s heterogeneous, horizontal server environments. As a result, they have customarily been adapted (retrofitted) to today’s distributed server environments. More modern job scheduling vendors’ products like Tidal Software , UC4 , Redwood Software (especially in SAP environments ), Quartz (open source ), and of course ActiveBatch, understand the distributed server environments, and have targeted their solutions to address this requirement. Part 2 of this blog series will analyze Read More
Competitive Challenges for Vanguard
Vanguard's challenge is to continue to be nimble and responsive to the needs of its target market and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners.

horizontal scaning  line from the renowned horizontal BI vendor; and The vendor also enables the connection of other data sources to its BI solution, given a number of like alliances. With or without the blessing of the enterprise application partner, Vanguard's direct sales and marketing investment and proven success in working with customers must continue as its entry into the market. The competition will likely come even from the lower-end of the market, as major BI vendors, including Business Objects , Actuate , and Read More
“Act Vertical” vs. “Go Extinct” Retailers - Part 1
In over a decade of covering the enterprise application space, I’ve repeatedly lauded and advised vertical focus (i.e., someone’s proven expertise in some

horizontal scaning  supply chain operations, and horizontal chains are now the way of the world and, therefore, the major focus of supply chain theory and practice. The Big Three (currently languishing) United States (US) auto companies (which now own significant stakes in, or are owned by, foreign automakers) have all divested themselves of their in-house component suppliers. Ford Motor Company was no exception to this trend since it underwent a radical transformation of its supply chain at the turn of the 21st Read More
Meridian Systems’ “Catch Up” Challenge in the Capital Infrastructure Industry - Part 1
Claiming the “Catch us if you can” movie mantra, the quiet Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM) leader Meridian Systems, based in Folsom, California (US

horizontal scaning  through a partnership with Horizontal LLC , a leader in implementing BIM methodology.   Horizontal Glue Server  is a Web-based BIM solution that allows bi-directional data flow between BIM models and Meridian ILM solutions.  Support of BIM, combined with the complete PBO spectrum, OBA interface, and aggressive anywhere/anytime/any device SOA deployment have combined to give Meridian the advantage in staking out the ILM space. This holistic approach  seems to be lost on much of the rest of the Read More
i2’s Aspect Acquisition Not Overpriced
In March, i2 Technologies announced it would acquire Aspect Development Corporation and a smaller vendor, Supplybase, Inc. Though the record offer price – $8.6

horizontal scaning  services none Second quarter Horizontal Marketplace Focus Open for Business FreightMatrix.com Logistics providers and the services source for shippers participating in vertical TradeMatrix marketplaces Second quarter Supplybase is by far the smaller of the two acquisitions, but the potential of its technology for development and strategic sourcing of custom parts make it a huge bargain for i2. Custom parts represent the most strategic component of procurement for large, complicated designs. Market Impact Read More
How Is Business Process Management Applicable to Financial Services?
Business process management (BPM) allows financial services companies to manage internal processes and to increase efficiency and accuracy. Organizations

horizontal scaning  Nonetheless, despite BPM's seemingly horizontal applicability across industries and enterprises, many organizations might benefit from industry-specific, or vertical, BPM solutions. This article focuses on such solutions within the financial services (FS) industry. Core BPM Components BPM is made up of a wide range of components. Most of these components are industry-independent and can integrate with different legacy systems. The core components include the process designer, the actual process engine, Read More
Oracle Corporation: Flying High for Being Jack-of-All-Trades and Master of Some
Database and enterprise application vendor Oracle has streamlined itself, overcome the hardships of the past and seems prepared and eager for the future. We

horizontal scaning  functionality is still very horizontal except for in its traditionally strong verticals like telecommunications, U.S. federal government, and energy. Oracle did, notwithstanding, deliver a number of business models for its CRM product in the hope of streamlining the implementation process. These particular Oracle Business Models (OBM) are focused on what Oracle regards as four core customer facing activities, namely: Customer Interaction Management, Customer Service Management, Sales Management and Read More
To Gain Market Share in the Mid-Market, SAP Leaves No Stone Unturned
The star above small and medium businesses (SMB) has never been so bright. CRM solution vendors are courting this market segment extensively. This is the

horizontal scaning  offering in a three-layer horizontal packaging. The first layer supported by SAP represents the technical packaging. Then SAP, together with its horizontal partners, provides the sales and delivery packaging elements. The last layer is the services bundling supported by the horizontal and channel partners. SAP pre-configures the industry specific solution within the desired horizontal (i.e. CRM) module relying on their existing best practices knowledge base and the principles of rapid, low cost Read More
Bigfoot CMMS by Smartware Group CMMS/EAM Certification Report
Bigfoot CMMS by Smartware Group Inc. is now TEC certified as a computerized maintenance management/enterprise asset management (CMMS/EAM) solution. Bigfoot CMMS

horizontal scaning  an easy-to-use and powerful horizontal solution to meet the CMMS/EAM needs of manufacturing-related industries and other industries that need to control their assets and efficiently manage the work associated with those fixed assets. For product analysis, comparison with the industry average CMMS/EAM solution, and in-depth analyst commentary on the product and its place in the CMMS/EAM market, download the Bigfoot CMMS certification report now. Read More

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