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AMD Server Plans De-Railed
HotRail has discontinued development of the chipset AMD planned to use to break into the multiprocessor server market.

HOTRAIL: to build multiprocessor servers. HotRail has said it will refocus its efforts on the networking sector. Using HotRail s chipset with its own Athlon processors, AMD was expected to break into the multiprocessor (up to eight CPUs) server market for the first time, later this year. AMD is continuing to work toward getting a chipset that will allow it to ship a dual-processor server later this year. AMD division planning manager Byran Longmire said AMD plans to come out with its own two-way chipset later

Intel Tries to Give it Away - AMD Says No Way
Intel Corp. has disclosed a problem involving its 820 and 840 chip sets that has spurred the company to scrap plans for three motherboards it had on its server road map.

HOTRAIL: whether Poseidon (now called HotRail) will become reality, and thus give Intel some multiprocessor competition. User Recommendations Although we don t normally suggest users delve into the innards of a server when making a purchasing decision, we feel it important that they do so this time. As mentioned above, both Compaq and Dell are taking steps to ensure that this problem does not reach the customer, the question should still be asked, whether of Compaq/Dell, or the other, more reticent Intel server

AMD Earnings Beat the Street! Intel Earnings Beat the Street?
Both Intel and AMD announced earnings that handily beat Wall Street estimates – on the surface. Do the numbers symbolize a new trend in the CPU market?

HOTRAIL: When/if AMD gets the HotRail chipset working (which will allow AMD s CPUs to work in a multi-processor environment), Intel will have another 12-24 months of relative peace in that market. (Making a quality multiprocessor system is naturally more complex than a uni , and we expect it to take AMD that long to figure out and fix all the issues / complexities / problems.) Intel still owns the corporate desktop, but AMD is making inroads there as well. Finally: we believe at least some of the great sales

Will Intel Take a Loss on Each CPU, but Make It Up in Volume?
There are reports that Dell may buy AMD’s Spitfire chip. If the reports are true, then look for competition to produce lower prices.

HOTRAIL: can finally produce the HotRail chipset (which will make AMD multiprocessor servers possible), and make it work credibly, Intel will be in real trouble. User Recommendations Assuming the reports are true, and assuming AMD makes good on its commitment, this is good news for the consumer. If Dell sticks with Intel, it will probably be the result of price reductions. If Dell goes with AMD, the CPU will most likely be less expensive than current Celerons. No matter who the vendor, we expect the result to be

#2 Dell Tries Harder, Compaq Hurts
Dell Computer Corporation is the #2 Intel server manufacturer in the world. Can they beat Compaq and make it to #1?

HOTRAIL: AMD ever releases its Poseidon/HotRail chip set - designed to support multiprocessing - this would provide Dell some leverage. Vendor Predictions Dell will continue to increase sales and revenue over the next five years. We expect Dell to close the Compaq/Dell market share gaps for both US and worldwide markets (75% probability). We do not expect Dell to pass Compaq in the server market, although we believe they will throw a good scare into Houston. Now that Compaq appears finally to have figured out

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