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19 Steps to Maintain an Accurate Inventory What You Must Know About Your Inventory
It takes $2,500 in new sales to make up $100 in lost inventory, assuming a 4 percent return. Keeping an orderly warehouse with up-to-date processes and informed

how do you write an executive brief  the product well enough. How then are they able to receive it, pick it, pack it, and ship it, but not well enough to count it? They will fumble up the count. If you can't trust your warehouse personnel on this one day, why do you trust them the other 364? Step 14: Audit the counts. I see very few companies that audit their counts. Your people need to know that entire sections need to be recounted if too many mistakes are being made. This is the one time when non-warehouse people can be of service in the Read More...
HR System for Banks, Financial Institutions
A multinational bank turned to TEC for help selecting a fully integrated human resources (HR) solution. Find out how the selection project played out.
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Documents related to » how do you write an executive brief

Thinking Radically: Interview with Gary Cokins
One of the things I love about my job is the opportunity I have to speak with great people. In this installment of Thinking Radically, I speak with Gary Cokins,

how do you write an executive brief  and train users on how to more effectively apply BI and analytics. JG. Finally, what's your favorite type of book and your favorite place on earth? I do not read fiction, though I am an avid fan of the cinema. I get my business and leadership knowledge from reading articles. Books on politics capture my attention. I am an advocate of equality, which implies that unjust inequalities disturb me. The most recent book I read was Robert Reich’s Aftershock , which describes the 2008 economic global meltdown Read More...
SAP Support of the Health Care Supply Chain’s Ongoing Effort to Ensure Patient Safety and Drive Business Value
Electronic product code information services (EPCIS) is a standard mechanism for inter-company collaboration and data sharing, which can enable health care

how do you write an executive brief  a profound influence on how companies execute their supply chain business processes. There are two main elements: Serial Number Management: For serialization to work, every number applied to an item, case or pallet be unique. This means that companies applying serial numbers must keep track of what numbers have been already used, and must allocate numbers to various manufacturing plants and distribution centers in non-overlapping number ranges. A related requirement is that numbers be formatted according Read More...
CPR on BPR: Practical Guidelines for Successful Business Process Analysis
Part 2 of a series on Business Process Reengineering: Long Live Business Process Reengineering. In this Part, we discuss some practical steps for actually

how do you write an executive brief  our major business processes? How do these processes interface with customer and supplier processes? What are our strategic, value-adding processes? Which processes should we reengineer within three months, six months, one year, and subsequently? What organizations and jobs are involved in the processes? What pieces of work are done by each job? What policies apply to the performance of the processes? In which piece of work does each policy apply? What technology is used in the processes? In which piece Read More...
Employee Performance Management: Making It a Reality in Your Organization
Over 90 percent of human resources (HR) professionals rate employee performance management (EPM) as a top priority. Yet considerably fewer have EPM systems

how do you write an executive brief  viable is the company? How many EPM customers EPM specifically has it served? Do check the references provided; a frank and friendly conversation with someone already using the vendor's solution can yield priceless insights, especially when it comes to support and customization. Finally, there are other considerations to be factored in to the decision: Application hosting is this to be done at the customer site, or the vendor's? Either way, the pros and cons must be weighed carefully. In-house hosting Read More...
Data Storage in the Cloud--Can You Afford Not To?
In Data Storage in the Cloud Can You Afford Not To?

how do you write an executive brief  flexibility and scalability Learn how you can solve your data storage problems securely, reliably, and cost-efficiently. Download your PDF copy of Data Storage in the Cloud—Can You Afford Not To? today.   For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: +1 514-954-3665, ext.367. Special Offer Files 2011 Read More...
Selecting an ERP Solution: a Guide
Looking for the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) package for your small to medium business (SMB) can be a daunting task. A fair amount of information is

how do you write an executive brief  the platform you choose. How many users do you believe will be on the system? Licensing fees can be based on named users (the number of unique users that will use the system) or concurrent users (the maximum number of users on the system at one time). At this stage, you need only an estimated number of named and concurrent users. Define your business. Are you make-to-order? Make-to-stock? Mixed mode? Process? You need to look only at a package that fits your business model. What is your budget? There are Read More...
Ventyx, an ABB Company
Ventyx provides enterprise asset management and business software solutions to asset-intensive industries. For more than 30 years, it has served customers

how do you write an executive brief  Asset Management,CMMS,EAM,ellipse mincom,ellipse tutorial mincom,Enterprise Asset Management,ERP,Facilities Maintenance,Fleet Maintenance,future trend mincom,how to create scripts on ellipse mincom,Maintenance Management,mims ellipse mincom,mims mincom,mincom,mincom ellipse,mincom ellipse architecture,mincom ellipse documentation,mincom ellipse tutorial,mincom reality,mincom scm selection,mincom software,mincom test tool rank,Plant Maintenance,Work Management Read More...
An Introduction to QlikView 6
QlikTech develops and provides a complete suite of powerful business intelligence and data analysis software called QlikView (pronounced click-view). QlikView’s

how do you write an executive brief  features,QlikTech,QlikView,interface,database
ERP Selection: 6 Best Practices You Need to Know
ERP Selection: 6 Best Practices You Need to Know. Here are six best practices to help make your ERP search a success.

how do you write an executive brief  get time-honored advice on how to make the right ERP choice. Let the experts lead you on the path to a winning ERP selection project. Download your PDF copy of 6 Best Practices for Selecting ERP Software today!   For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: +1 514-954-3665, ext.367. Special Offer Files 2011 Read More...
It Is 5:00 PM-Do You Know Where Your Assets Are?
What if you could track the location of mobile assets and provide the information to your accountants, without global positioning system (GPS) devices, radio

how do you write an executive brief  identification (RFID), or satellites? How about by capturing asset ID numbers and locations with camera cell phones? Find out how this system works and how it can be implemented in public companies—for more compliant tracking of mobile assets. Read More...
PSA -- Still An Evolving Market
What started out as a set of applications to better manage customers' projects, astutely allocate staff and monitor their utilization rates has become an

how do you write an executive brief  with source code change. However, the flexibility to tailor the system on the fly without code change ramifications remains crucial. Moreover, the legacy systems that PSA replaces often either do not exist or are manual practices; therefore we expect minimal data conversion. All the afore-mentioned suggests that PSA implementations should be much shorter and generally less traumatic than ERP. On the other hand, professional service organizations tend to have an unstructured work style that would Read More...
Understanding CMS Security: An In-depth Third-party Evaluation
Do you know what you need in a hosted content management system (CMS)? Have you pinpointed the security features and characteristics that are essential to

how do you write an executive brief  best practices? Find out how a hosted CMS can take care of everything from user management to Web browser, Web server, database, and application security—and let you focus on your own business and content development. Read More...
What Screen-scraping Vendors Don't Want You to Know
This white paper focuses on a side of screen-scraping that vendors won't talk about. It details four drawbacks to screen-scraping that you won't discover until

how do you write an executive brief  modernization,screen-scraping,application modernization Read More...
Executive Report: the New CFO Challenge
In the report a complete view of the enterprise, by CFO research services, you can see how tracking financial data as well as operational indicator...

how do you write an executive brief  Services, you can see how tracking financial data as well as operational indicators (marketing, sales, HR, and R&D) can provide your company with more accurate forecasting, and help you plan for what's ahead. Some of the benefits of integrating planning include more accurate, evidence-based forecasts that take less time to prepare higher accountability to divisional managers increased workforce efficiency greater collaboration across the enterprise Download your report copy of A Complete View of the Read More...

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